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Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Bones in static object?
« on: Jan 22, 12, 04:57:23 AM »
I'd like to use bones to define spots on my models (for example, when player attacks a building, it will start to burn - where the fire particle appears should be defined by artist in 3ds max). Is there a way to do so? Only thing I found that supports bones are the characters, which have several disadvantages (must be in characters folder, skining, etc). Is there a simple way to add pivot points to your assets in HE?


I've got a node on the server which exists on my connected client too. From a method (it is not untrusted so I cannot do 'reply') in server script I call 'call clientReplicas me.test()' but the test never gets called in client script. How does it work, please?

Hi there, back with another technical question :)

I have a server class that replicates to a client class. I create a node from this class on server like in the Replication tutorial on wiki, it replicates to the client just fine. However, I need that node to be persistent, so I create it like that in EDIT instance, associate it with area root (GetRootNode() external) and sure, it gets saved and I can find it via my scripted tools. However, the CLIENT node is not created automatically when I enter the area, which I need of course.

I assume I could hard-associate the client node with some well known node on the client and it would get loaded when I enter the area, is it so? If yes, what node should I use, because the GetRootNode() function is not available in client scripts. Or is there another solution to this?

Currently I have a chat command that calls the _GetReplicationGroup of all server nodes with my association and that gets the nodes replicated to clients, but it is supposed to be just a temporary hack :)

Thanks for any ideas

I am working on the very first HSL tutorial (http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Your_First_HSL_Script) and I managed to complete it successfully. However, when I close and reopen HeroBlade, the cube has no longer the class applied to it by /mnac! What do I need to do to keep the client class on node?

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