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Hi there, back with another technical question :)

I have a server class that replicates to a client class. I create a node from this class on server like in the Replication tutorial on wiki, it replicates to the client just fine. However, I need that node to be persistent, so I create it like that in EDIT instance, associate it with area root (GetRootNode() external) and sure, it gets saved and I can find it via my scripted tools. However, the CLIENT node is not created automatically when I enter the area, which I need of course.

I assume I could hard-associate the client node with some well known node on the client and it would get loaded when I enter the area, is it so? If yes, what node should I use, because the GetRootNode() function is not available in client scripts. Or is there another solution to this?

Currently I have a chat command that calls the _GetReplicationGroup of all server nodes with my association and that gets the nodes replicated to clients, but it is supposed to be just a temporary hack :)

Thanks for any ideas

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Could not load .Ges Files
« on: Jan 11, 12, 04:11:52 AM »
I met this too, those files are in the ArtPipeline package you downloaded. I just put them in the directory max was asking for in the error message and everything is fine

Ok I got it :D Had to set PhysicsShape to "EXACT_MESH" and it's finally working! Thanks for help

Ok thanks for answer, I moved a bit furter - I am now creating a server node that replicates on client (as in the Replication tutorial on wiki) and once I get the geometry from prop bucket, I glom my test class (the movement on mouse over from first HSL tut) on it. I can see the class is glommed properly, but the object does not receive mouse events (yes I switched MousTargetable and so). Also, its GUID is somehow strange, just a very short number like 11240124 but usual nodes have something like 912941395134234.

Is there a way I can add geometry to existing client node? That would solve it pretty much. If this can't be done,  is there any difference between "normal" nodes and prop bucket created ones? Anything that would prevent it to catch mouse events?


Well I used \mnac which works on the server side thus the class got added to server GOM. But I need to setup it so that the class is permanently on the client GOM  ???

Isn't there some event to server script when node is created? I could GLOM the client class there I suppose..

EDIT: ok I tried the following:

  • Create server and client class of the same name
  • Set the client class as replication target of server class
  • \mnac the server class onto node

Still nothing happens when I reload the area, HEINFO displays that there is only the server class present on node. What am I doing wrong, please?

Scripting & Programming / Re: view DOM classes added by mnac
« on: Jan 06, 12, 06:21:23 AM »
Also, it might be easier or more appropriate to use the HEINFO chat command.

Just type
Code: [Select]
/heinfo node <node ID>into your chat and a window will pop up with all necessary info

I am working on the very first HSL tutorial (http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Your_First_HSL_Script) and I managed to complete it successfully. However, when I close and reopen HeroBlade, the cube has no longer the class applied to it by /mnac! What do I need to do to keep the client class on node?

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