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Developer Introductions / Hello ladies and gents!
« on: Apr 02, 12, 06:51:46 AM »
Hello everyone!

I'm a danish lad currently studying computer science.

This is actually my first engine to work on seriously, and I'm trying to implement it's ideas and model into a project I plan to launch when I get my degree.

Hopefully the community is awesome and I hope the Engine will flourish :)

A little background info:

My interest in computers started in '98 when I was introduced to Ultima Online by a cousin, this relationship is still ongoing as I can celebrate being seim-addicted since '98 ;) - In any case this lead me to be interested in games, and eventually upon the release of Sphere and later RunUO my interest in coding evolved. After joining the staffing crew of the freeserver I played on I decided after 4 years of not-so-fun graphic design freelancing to begin the journey of game development.

My interests are heavily rooted in community-driven MMO's. I love the oldschool ideas around community-driven gameplay, open worlds, free looting, alignments and the like. I hope that I can somehow find a way to implement those ideas into the casual-style setting every mmo gamer of the 21st century grew up upon (it boomed with WoW tbh)

Anyways, I'm turning this into a mindless wall of text!

HAI! :3

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