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Scripting & Programming / DualShock 4 Integration
« on: Nov 16, 13, 12:05:09 PM »
Hello everyone i was wondering is it possible to integrate the new PlayStation 4 controller into heroengine? Please Let Me Know.

Well To Start Things Off My names Bren,
I Am Looking To Start A CyberPunk 3rd Person Shooter Project Within HeroEngine. I Have Not Created Anything As Of Yet. Currently I Am Learning 3D Modelling And Level Design From A Friend, My Vision Is To Become A Game Dev So Why Not Try Something LIke This To Get Started Haha.

My Project Would Take Place 250 Years Into The Future Where Aliens Have Pushed The Human Race Into Space And They Had to Find A New Place To Reside. About 50 Years Before The Aliens Pushed Them Out The Humans Got Ahold Of Some Alien Tech Which They Have Preserved And Created Weapons,Armor,Abilities And New Technology With. Each Character Would Act As A Solider Training As 1 Of 5 Classes, Advent,Infiltrator.(All I Am Naming) The Game Would Mainly Take Place In Battleground Type Scenarios Which Take Place In Different Planet Environments. Game Modes Like Team DeathMatch,Deathmatch, Catpure The Flag, Capture And Hold And As Well As Some Player Versus AI Game Modes As Well. There Would Be Attachments For Your Weapons As Well As Element Enhancments Which Determine The Death Of Your Enemy As Well As The After Effect Of A Shot With That Element On It For Eg: You Get Shot With A Bullet From A Plasma Rifle With Green Element, Your Poisoned For A Few Seconds. Etc.

Right Now I Have Nothing Done With This Project. Just Trying To Get It Started.

I am Looking For:

3D Modellers
Level Designers
Concept Artists

Please Email Me At AbraxisCode@gmail.com Or Add Me On Either Or In The List Below.

Skype: EternalSt0rm

Design & World Building / Glowing Terraion Texture
« on: Apr 03, 13, 11:48:58 PM »
Hey does anybody know if its possible to make a glowing terrain texture?

Hello, My Project is a 3rd person sci fi shooter. I am Looking for a Coder and a 2D Artist. To Get Things Going With The Project. If interested please contact me on here or my skype.


Ive Been Working On A Game Idea And Some Sketches For A Lobby Style Arena PvP Game. Looking For Some People To Work On A Basic Demo For It. I Can Do Basic Level Design For Arena's. If You'd Like To Help Out Please Email eterniongames@hotmail.ca or add me on skype DJDarkisst. Thanks !! :D

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