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Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Static Import Model Distortion
« on: Mar 10, 13, 12:08:09 PM »
There shouldn't be any other data in the file. Everything is shown and I have deleted history, froze transformations, and optimized the file. I have had no training in maya, so I am unsure what you mean by modifiers. To create the object I used the create polygon. I then used the extrude face tool for the rope. For the bridge planks I used animate attach to motion path, then animation snapshot to map it along a curve. Lastly I mirrored the geometry of half the bridge, created uv's using automatic mapping, exported selected objects into mudbox, then re imported all of them into a maya file with correct texture paths and combined them into one object. Hope this answers your question.

Art & Art Pipeline / Static Import Model Distortion
« on: Mar 10, 13, 03:43:05 AM »
I have created a model form scratch myself. I used the hero exporter from maya to get it as a static object. It looks great in the hero viewer. I import it into the game and its all distorted. No errors in the console that I can see. I have repeated the process several times and now am at a loss.

How do you solve the water issue? I am having the same troubles. I even have a previously made water object that does not revert after logout, but all my new bodies of water revert.

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