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Developer Job Board / The Ultimate Fall
« on: Apr 01, 12, 05:17:12 PM »
Looking to build a Darkfall / Ultima Online / Shadowbane Hybrid...

Some of the gameplay Features (we're looking to implement)

Open World non-instanced Player housing thats customizable ; editing tiles , walls , and structure base.
Guild Housing thats customizable
Unique combat with mouse controlling your sword.
Magery spells going into FPS aim mode once casted complete
Open World PVP
Flying through the worlds via Glyders
Player cities
Player ran vendors
World auction system
Decapitations during combat
Survival mode (similar to FPS zombie mode only PVM)
Full loot system
Non-slot based inventory system
Skill based rather then Level based

We need world builders, programmers , audo specialists , and artists...
Please e-mail me if you're interested don't need to send portfolios or anything like that just tell me what you can do....
My e-mail is creedgaminghosting@gmail.com

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