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Developer Job Board / Nyt - Darkness Awakens
« on: Apr 10, 12, 11:23:55 AM »
Spring 2012 - Planning
Summer 2012 – Pre-Alpha
Winter 2012 – Alpha
Spring 2013 – Closed Beta
Fall 2013 – Open Beta
Winter 2014 –Final Release

Information on the game:
•Game Title: Nyt-Darkness Awakens
•Platform: PC
•Genre: Angels/Demons
•Theme: Rebirth - Good/Evil Slipping in-between Voids
• Camera View: Third Person
•Engine: HeroCloud
•Price: F2P Item Shop
•Release Date: Q4 2014

• Team Size: 20 Developers
• Project Started: April 2012

• Only Multiplayer
• Demons

•Realistic blood & gore
•Challenges and tasks
•Character customization
•Reward system
•Crafting/creating your weaponry
•Choosing Choose your alignment until lvl 15 Then re-birthed as a demon or Guardian
• 4 unique Multiplayer Maps

Looking for

• 1x Composer
--Experienced in composing epic & unique tracks
--Able to record his own instruments for tracks

• 1x Level Designer
--Experienced in Gothic/Angelic Architechture
--Experienced Terrain, Terrain Texturing, TOD, Blending.
--Experienced in creating multiplayer based maps

• 1x 3D Environment Artist
--Experienced in modelling & texturing
--Experienced creating realistic rocks, stones, trees.

• 1x 3D Character / Animal Artist / Concept Artist
--Experienced in HighPoly Sculpting & LowPoly Modeling Characters/Animals
--Experienced in 3ds max/Maya and zbrush/mudbox
--Experienced in realistic anatomy modelling

• 1x (Maya) Animator
--Experienced in animating realistic fullbody characters and animals
--Demo Reel to show / Portfolio / Website

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