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Probably doing something wrong here..
I've made a texture which has the Diffuse map on it and a Glow map in its Alpha Channel.
I also have the shader's Alpha Mode set to Glow and I marked the Glow effect with a V.
I saved the texture as a DXT5.
The result I'm getting is that the glowing area looks like regular paint and is even receiving shadows.
I thought that this effect should make the selected area with fake self illumination or something?

I've attached the texture file,
Thanks a lot !! :D

Hey guys,

1. I'm having an odd problem defining "Grid Snap" in Maya with the "Asset Tools".
I managed to have a tiled set object snap to 0.25, however I later on wanted to change that to 0.1 though it doesn't matter what I do, the object remains at 0.25 in HE.
I tried completely deleting the object from the HE directory, from HE's assets and from the library and then re-uploaded the object with the new settings with the Repository though it still auto snaps to 0.25 and I have to manually override it in HE.
I made sure the new file is being saved to the correct folder in the local HE directory (ArtDepot) and made sure it is being synchronized correctly in the Repository.

Also, "Edit Asset Names" sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.. in some cases I enter a name, it can be a combination of random letters and then setting settings to selection and nothing happens, the object is not being renamed.

2. I understand HE goes by real life units and that synchronizes well with Maya. However, I have no idea what is a size of 1 unit in HE while for me in maya 1 unit = 1 Meter and 0.1 of a unit is 1 decimeter.
if I want to have objects snapped in 1 meter intervals or in 1 decimeters in HE what should I be doing?

Thanks a lot for any help !

Hey guys,
I noticed that when I split my character into parts for dynamic customization (Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, Head) I can view the seams between those parts.
I tried looking on the default character to see if it's just on my character and those seams actually appear on the default character as well.
I was wondering if there is anyway to make the model seamless because it looks pretty bad.

Thanks !

Hey guys,
I'm trying to follow the dynamic character tutorial and I am very confused ???
I have a skinned, rigged & animated character and I followed the tutorial down to "Animate your character" where it redirects me to "Animating Characters Tutorial".

In Animating Characters Tutorial something is very confusing in the order of the instructions (probably just my fault).
1. First it explains about exporting Animation then it explains about how to create the animations such as the Walk & Run Animations. It explains a few basic rules for those animations and then it says "once your animations are exported" then do the following though I can't really understand how to export the animations, I'm guessing just the skeleton with the keyframes? Looking at the thumbnails it seems to be that way.
2. It explains that an Animation Sequence File needs to be created (asq) though it didn't explain I should upload what I have so far to HE and how is best to upload the animations to the repository and where to put them as a guiding idea.
3. It shows how the Animation Set looks like inside HE and only afterwards it says I should add the animations to "Animationset.dat", only then I realized I can't make an Animation Sequence File without Animationset.dat so how come it comes afterwards?
4. After I'm done with that it says I should wire the character with the animations with the Animation Agent Script which is not a tutorial but a file with general information about .AAS file instead.
5. Back in the Dynamic Characters Tutorial after the Animation part it says I should create a .dat file for the new character, the dat contains information about file locations though it doesn't explain how it reads it, for example "Model=Guard.dyc" and "Agent=Character\Gaurd\animation\lightless.aas", how come the Guard.dyc is being located in the same folder and lightless.aas is being located in a specifically written directory.
6. Eventually the Dynamic Character tutorial redirects me to a doc about creating Part files, the doc is not a tutorial but seems more like a complex scripting guide.

Anyway I wasn't able to actually bring an animated character into HE, I was wondering if I'm missing something? Maybe there's a more detailed step by step tutorial somewhere?
I imagine many of you simply got it right but I'm new to the idea (just an Artist with Artist friends trying to make a basic starter game) and I need to ease in to the whole concept  :D

Thanks a lot !

Animation / [Resolved] A good rig for Maya?
« on: May 12, 12, 05:22:06 AM »
Hey guys,
I usually use Setup Machine for characters in Maya, however, it is built in a very different fashion than rigs for computer games.. too many joints, clusters etc.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice rig setup for Maya that would do well for characters in HE?

Thanks a lot :)

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Adding static mesh to HeroEngine
« on: May 07, 12, 04:04:46 AM »
Hey guys,
I tried to follow the "Static Art Assets Tutorial" and completed it just fine..
File (hgm) and textures (dds) are in the same folder in the ArtDepot, used repository to upload it all to a similar folder, went to the Asset Library in HE and added a new item to a new library, added it to the scene, mesh is visible though its textures are not and it appears to have some kind of default DDS which is colorful and flickering but not the diffuse or the normal maps. tried perhaps getting into the properties of the mesh and change the textures there but can only change the diffuse color.
I added a picture, I hope it is visible because I am unable to attach files for some reason:

Thank you ! :)

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