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Charles joined the HSL programmers.
Still looking for more to join us !

Again, I don't see that behavior, so I suspect there's something locally, but imagine if you were working in any other engine that required alocal build to update materials, and an overnight build to distribute the updates to the server based environment. :)
Good point :)

In software development, when things are version controlled, deleting a file from a repo and then uploading a file with the same name can either result in brokenness or in restoring the history, since no files are permantly deleted in the repo, adding the file back in is simply another step in the history.

Once you've made multiple material changes, deleted, restored, named a different material but made no other changes, it's possible that the repo doesn't detect a change that minuscule as the object would be identical in most ways, so the material doesn't update in engine until next load. I suspect it would update on area change, or once the material has dropped from memory.

The thumbnail in the library is an auto generated file, so if you manually deleted the button, and the model file, but then added a file with the same name, that thumb would correspond again.

None of the lag in upload happens to me, so I suspect it's still due to a local something, poor connection, fragmentation, etc, but it could be an annoying quirk in the engine, but as long as the files are updated correctly eventually I wouldn't worry about it.

Sometimes we make rapid changes to see how they react in the engine, having them not recognize the changes can be frustrating and changing asset names would contradict the code but I guess there is no way around that.
Thanks a lot for the information :)

Hmm.  I don't know of any reason why this would be the case.  How many times is "a few". How quickly are you uploading new versions?
Hi, sorry I didn't see there was a new reply on the subject.
Sometimes I'm able to overwrite 2 times but usually after overwriting the first time I can't do it anymore without it "remembering" the old file.

That also happens with game assets:
Last night I uploaded an object with different textures to different asset names and then I found out I forgot to rename the mesh and material to different names on each file.
I resaved that object, giving it a different name and a different material name each time, exporting it 3 times overall, I replaced the old files in the repository (also tried deleting them) and yet in the HE it I still get an error regarding the material definition. I can even see these assets contain the first names I gave them in Maya which didn't update after replacing them.
The library also remembers those files and even after deleting them and re uploading them as soon as I add them to the library they already have their old thumbnails as if there's some sort of cache.
I waited for the world to spin down and tried again but that didn't help, seems like I need to give those files different names for them to work.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Ominous
« on: Dec 21, 13, 06:14:10 PM »
This came out of the blue hehe. Looking like it could fill an interesting niche on art alone.
Been bugging forum members for quite some time now ;) And thanks !

Scripting & Programming / Re: Blade is crashing upon entrance
« on: Dec 20, 13, 07:24:50 PM »
We used to be able to run the blade in debug mode by double clicking the HeroEngine logo, not sure if that still works though.

Also make sure you add an account to your main administrators in the scripts, so that even if all systems are failing, those accounts are still able to login.

Wasn't able to find that debug mode, could sure come in handy

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Jumping Animation?
« on: Dec 20, 13, 04:39:37 PM »
Got it ! Thanks a lot guys :D

Scripting & Programming / Re: Blade is crashing upon entrance
« on: Dec 20, 13, 02:05:21 PM »
Ok ! We were able to get in after a world spin down and shut down some systems which made the problem go away it appears and are now trying to find out what happened to it.
Isn't there an errors log file in case of a crash that we can look at? because we can't really debug such relentless Blade crashes, no errors showing up before it happens.

Thanks :)

Scripting & Programming / Blade is crashing upon entrance
« on: Dec 20, 13, 01:05:40 PM »
Hey guys,
We created a new abilities system that seemed to work well but today the blade completely crashes as soon as we log in, before seeing any relevant errors.
Anyone has an idea on how to solve this?

Thanks :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Jumping Animation?
« on: Dec 20, 13, 11:37:50 AM »
It is likely you will want to tweak the behavior of the default controller.

In any case, if you look at the sample character, you will see that there is almost no lead into the jump. No real anticipation.  Depending on how you want the game to control and feel, it may not make sense to have that.  It can make it seem clunky for many games to take the time (and control from the player) for proper anticipation.

You can always override the jump impulse force, but if you want a different style of jumping, you will probably need to edit the controller.

Thanks for replying Bennett,
I understand the need for a very quick anticipation. With the default controller I noticed only Y is automated by the engine and that the character only jumps in place. In case we want to make it jump to different directions according to the player choice do we need to do that with different Jumping animations to all directions? Should we modify the controller to automate directions just like it does with the Y axis?

Also, we created a leap animation that doesn't affect the height so it could work with the default controller, taking the character higher in the Y axis during gameplay, however, the animation loops and he leaps many times until he reaches that height. What's the default technique to make it do the leap animation once?

Thanks a lot !

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World Wide Zed
« on: Dec 18, 13, 10:32:31 PM »
Awesome stuff !!

Off Topic / Re: Novus Inceptio - end
« on: Dec 18, 13, 08:05:09 AM »
You achieved amazing progress and it is indeed sad that you have to switch engines.
The best of luck with your project !

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Jumping Animation?
« on: Dec 17, 13, 05:49:02 PM »
Hey, sorry for re-opening this subject but we are confused about those 3 animation sequences.
I was sure the animator should control the strength of the jump and when the jump occurs because if HE does it then the sync is not accurate.
The animator should create the jumping anticipation, the leap and the peak in the air (where his legs are most bent).
But in HE it seems that the Y axis is being controlled by the engine and not by the animation, would that mean that with the default controller option we can only create a quick leap animation and HE would define the changes on the Y axis regardless? Also, does that mean the falling animation should also be done without changing the Y axis during the animation as well?

Thanks !

Got it,
thanks a lot for the info guys !

Thanks for the replies !
I haven't explained myself good enough I'm afraid.
Non of the core HE scripts is being edited or replaced but other scripts have been made according to the core scripts. The programmer created his own classes and his own scripts according to the HE core ones.
However, after HE updated at some point in the last 6 months, many of the results were broken and it's not the first time that happens.
For instance, there is a drag and drop abilities GUI which has been working fine while moving from one area to another and after HE updated the same GUI started replicating itself when moving to other areas. It appears something in the core functionality of the code has been changed.

Did any of you experience that?
Thanks :)

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