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Developer Job Board / Manatee Studios - AfterMath
« on: Aug 04, 12, 08:19:41 AM »

Find our intro post here:

All positions are volunteer only.

We are currently looking for quite a few positions, but highest on the priority list right now, are programmers.

We need programmers to get this up and off the ground, so we can start to get things in order, and running the way it should.  We're starting almost from the ground up again, having lost team leads after the move to Hero Engine, so new assets are on the way, but we still retain some basic requirements, like the GDD.

We need a programmer to step into the project, take charge of programming, and tell the rest of the teams what the programmers need to get their ball rolling!

Programming Team Lead
Organize programs to work in tangent with one another.
Ensure basic naming command structures are adhered to.
Keep a record of basic naming command structures on the forums for easy access.
Work with other Team Leads to ensure your people have what they need.
Ensure a well oiled program in Hero Engine.

We also need basic programmers, not just a team lead.

Apply at http://www.manateestudios.com/apply

Developer Introductions / Manatee Studios: AfterMath
« on: Jul 30, 12, 11:07:18 PM »

Manatee Studios


Manatee Studios is a small, garage startup, indie game developer based outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Our project is an FPS/MMO titled AfterMath.
We are currently developing the AfterMath Foothold Demo, featuring one of the PvP minigames that will be found in AfterMath.


Platform:  PC
Engine:  Hero Engine
Game Type:  FPS MMO
Genre:  Sci-Fi
Get a copy of our AfterMath Foothold Demo GDD!
In the year 2015, a meteoroid shower pounded Earth, devastating nations worldwide, and tearing apart infrastructure.  The world was ill prepared for what happened next.  In the depths of the meteoroids were bacteria infected with what can only be called a hyper-virus.  It spread, unstoppable.  Animals, plants, fungi, bacteria...  it infected everything.  Nothing was left untouched.  It mutated too quickly.  But mutations were not limited to the virus.

As the virus spliced into the host's DNA, it carried with it DNA it had taken from previous hosts, and spliced that DNA into its new host as well.  As the host cells reproduced, they did so with the new DNA chains altered by the virus.  Mutations were rampant, and the world fell apart.

It is now the year 2045.  We have lost our world to mutation, plague, and war.  Corrupted versions of humanity now vie for power.  Monsters rage in our plains, deserts, forests, and oceans.  Our best minds have been taken from us by death and destruction.  We do what we can to survive, and cry out, that we will not be silenced!  We will live.  We will survive the AfterMath.

Open Positions
Concept Artists
User Interface Designer
3D Modelers - Low-Medium poly counts only.  All positions now open.
Texture Artists
Level Designers
Programmers - All types
Sound/Music - Need sounds more than music.
Programming Team Lead
Concept Art Team Lead
3D Team Lead

Mostly Closed Positions

Closed Positions

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