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Since patch .d the lights seem to be making transparent objects behave very strangely. The light appears to be interacting with the transparent glass like object and making them brighter. Also the light emitter is still making HDR glowing objects really bright.

First pic shows scene with no light emitter.

2nd pic shows scene with an omni light emitter. Glowing and transparent objects are majorly effected by the light now.

General Discussion / Glow since patch, looks strange
« on: Apr 23, 15, 07:31:41 AM »
Ok since the Quartz.D patch, ours glows have looked mostly strange. They seem to have a black artifact around the edge rather than just blending off smoothly. You can see what i mean on this pic.

Also what happened to the glow modifier in the environment light section. Hope we are getting an upgraded replacement for this tool as it was pretty handy.

Art & Art Pipeline / Broken GUI XML changes...boy ill say!
« on: Apr 22, 15, 09:38:11 AM »
Breaking GUI Editor / GUI XML Changes

Some existing GUI XML files may have been missing texture coordinates, or may have had incorrect texture coordinates for some textures. This is seen as incorrect rendering of textured GUI elements in the new release. Opening the affected GUI in the GUI Editor, fixing the texture coordinates, and re-saving will fix the problem.

Some existing GUI controls may have been rendered without the correct textureFilter setting taken into account. A GUI control with a crisp and sharp texture should have the textureFilter set to FALSE. Setting textureFilter to TRUE will cause the GUI control with a texture to linearly filter the texture which can be used to remove jaggy lines from images used in the GUI.

Good god. We have to go over every element on every window.

Art & Art Pipeline / Are lights bugged?
« on: Apr 12, 15, 09:40:43 AM »
Ive made a light, placed it next to my object and it is not emitting light to the object. The texture contains a glow in the alpha and is set up with the glow options ticked in max hero material settings.

The light makes the glowing part of the object brighter, but doesnt effect the rest of the object. Is this working right, i cant seem to remember this happening before.

In the image, you can see the omni light on the left, next to a part of the mesh that has the glow on it, you can see on the right a normal part of the mesh with a glow, that is out of range of the light so is not being made brighter. You can see the light emitter is not effecting any other part of the mesh (the parts without the glow). Cheers.

Art & Art Pipeline / (solved) Blob spec?
« on: Apr 09, 15, 12:42:23 AM »
So no matter what i do, my models have a weird specular effect. Basically it looks like my guy is shining a torch onto the surface they are facing. Also the specular only shows at very acute angles most of the time. Light direction doesnt seem to effect this. The specular looks fine when i take the model into unity or other engines. What is it about hero engine that makes the specular just appear as a grey blob.

Ive had this problem for a long time now. Sometimes the specs do this, sometimes they work fine. My artists say things like "what the hell is that...that is not what i made, why does it look like that"

Developer Created Tutorials / Particle - Simple steam effect
« on: Mar 31, 15, 09:13:29 PM »
A simple Steam/smoke effect particle.

1: Press Create>Particle>New Particle Spec>Local

2: Select a name and a smoke/steam style texture for your new particle

3: Once created, Press Create>Particle and add the new particle emitter that you just created to your area

4:  Select the new particle and open its properties. You will see 3 tabs. The 2 that you will play around with are the "particlename".Prt and the "particlename"_p.prt tabs.

5: First open the .prt tab. Most settings can be left as default for this particle.

>Emit Frequency: 0.1 - Increase or decrease to make more sprites spawn every second (0.1 make 10 sprites of your texture appear every second)
>Emitter Radius: (0.02,0,0.02) - Increase if you want a bigger area of effect for the particle to spawn within
>Within Radius: Leave at 0 - Increase if you want the effect to be spread out over a wide area
>Alpha Override: 0.3 - This will make your particle less visible. Increase or decrease as desired

6: Ok next open the _p.prt tab. Again most settings can be left as default.

>Source Blend: SRCALPHA
>Diffuse Colour:  #0.02,0.02,0.02,1
>Lifespan: 1
>Trajectory: (0,0.050000001,0) - Can play around with this to make it blow in different direction
>Buoyancy: 1.05 - Play around with this along with trajectory and lifespan to make the particle emit in different directions and speeds
>XScale 2D: 1
>YScale 2D: 1
>Texture Number: 15 - Can play with this to get a different look

This is a somewhat basic particle, but can be extended and played around with to get a desired look.

Art & Art Pipeline / (Solved) Particle System bugged?
« on: Mar 30, 15, 04:17:42 PM »
Hey guys. I created a particle in an area. I CTRL-D to copy it. When i copy the particle it doesnt seem to work right. All the settings are the same but its like the particle is inactive.

Other times i copy, the particle is active and working, but it looks much different than what i copied. Any ideas?

Art & Art Pipeline / What is SetTex?
« on: Mar 30, 15, 12:51:47 PM »
Anyone know what SetTex is and how it affects performance?

Art & Art Pipeline / Glow pop distance
« on: Mar 30, 15, 12:24:52 PM »
Currently, seems like glow effect on objects has a LOD type distance pop in range. This makes some objects that have a glow look strange until you get nearer to them. The pop is quite obvious sometimes as well. Seems like smaller glowing objects have glow no glow until you get closer to them. Larger glowing objects such as the giant buildings in the background there have glow from miles away.

Top image shows a model with a glow on it, but out of range for glow to appear. Bottom one is 1 meter closer and makes the glow effect pop in.

Is there any way of increasing this range?

As the HE is a smaller community than other engines, it means information is a bit sparse in a few areas. We can all help remedy this by taking a few minutes out of our busy development schedules to post a few tips and tricks that we have learned while working within the engine.

I know some of you are shy of sharing your "top secret methods" but if you have figured out a neat way of doing something that hasnt been documented you should at least think about making a tutorial for it.

We will all be better off with other teams being successful. Dont let others suffer in silence if you know of something that could help them out. Lets be proactive about information sharing guys.

You can go to the at the Unity or UDK forums...and there are more tutorials and video tutorials than you could possibly look through in a lifetime. These cover essentially every aspect in working within their respective engines. From creating the tiniest little gizmo, to making an entire FPS multiplayer game.

I personally vow to post some indepth tutorials on creating basic particle effects and also how to get the state system to make some basic moving doors...once i can figure out how to do them myself. Ill also be posting any other art related tips and tricks i have personally achieved.

Design & World Building / Select starting waypoint for follower
« on: Mar 22, 15, 05:44:35 PM »

I have made a path and some waypoints. Ive added a path follower. I notice on the properties for the follower that i can somehow make it start at a certain waypoint. Anyone know what data goes in here? Ive tried putting in 1,2,3 etc as i thought it might just do it that way. ive also tried putting into the GUID of a specific waypoint but that says its invalid number.

Basically im creating a path with some waypoints and several followers on 1 path. Each follower will have a car or vehicle attached to it. I cant have them all start at the same point as they would be inside each other as they all go the same speed. I also cant have them go different speeds because if they overtake each other it would look strange as they just pass right through each other.

So i would need a follower to start at say the first waypoint, the second follower to start at a waypoint further along etc. Cheers.

In the console, noticed this line. Anyone got any idea what it means?

Hi guys. Thought i would post here regarding an old tutorial series made by a developer called Raven. These videos are basic in nature, but will guide new HE users in their first steps in using the engine.


Ok guys. To make a glowing and transparent object with 1 material for things such as seethrough glass with some glowing pattern, a holographic display or a glowing transparent advert panel.

1 - Make diffuse with alpha channel.
2 - In alpha channel of diffuse, make whatever you want to be transparent have a colour ranging from almost black to almost white (See note 1).
3 - The lighter the grey alpha is, the brighter it will glow.
4 - Set up a Hero Material as usual. Select Gradient in Alpha Mode.
5 - For a bright object also tick Glow and No illumination in Shaders.

Even though you have not selected glow in Alpha Mode, the alpha channel will still pick up a glow from the shader selections. For a stronger glow you can make the alpha map closer to white than to black, but this will also affect the transparency.

Note 1: Transparency alpha colour - Black is fully transparent. White is Fully Opaque. So any greytone inbetween this will be good to go.

General Discussion / (solved) EU West 20 - EREBUS - still DOWN
« on: Mar 15, 15, 02:47:07 AM »
Our world has been down for 2 days now. Ive send support an email with no success. Please do something as we cant get anything done.

Cluster - EU West 20

World Name - EREBUS

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