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Have you enabled shadow casting in the render panel for all assets?

Ah, Directional Shadows was disabled, thank you.

open properties panel, change setting for cast shadows to true :-)

Setting CastsShadows to true doesn't have an affect within HeroBlade (Tested in a play instance within a clean area), unless there's a missed setting within SpeedTree (or the compiler) itself?

Scripting & Programming / Re: _ChatSystemArea
« on: Jan 08, 13, 03:37:43 PM »
I logged into your world and don't see any errors currently.

I've just updated again and logged in, and you're correct, this is no longer the case now. I'm guessing something was changed within the last update of the social system or possibly something didn't load correctly after the update prior to this patch.

Thank you for looking into it for me!

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] _ChatSystemArea
« on: Jan 08, 13, 10:51:47 AM »
I updated to the latest version this afternoon, and upon logging in I was literally spammed with the below every second.

As the servers have now gone down for the sapphire update I figured I'd post this up on here and see if anyone else has had this and what the cause was for them, which may hopefully shave a little bit of time looking for the culprit when the servers are back up.

Code: [Select]
[hsl_error] 9223372057091033625,0: [_ChatSystemArea] SCRIPT ERROR: Node 0 not found to call method CREATEFROMSPEC
01/08/2013 16:41:22 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _ChatHandlerClassMethods line 427 me[9223372057100021545]
  Script _ChatSystemCommandSubscribeClassMethods line 17 me[id=9223372057100021560 class=_ChatSystemCommandSubscribe]
  Script _ChatHandlerClassMethods line 349 me[9223372057100021545]
starting method/function _CHATCOMMANDQUEUETIMER_TICK
starting me[id=9223372057100021545 class=_ChatHandler]
[hsl_error] 9223372057091033625,0: [_ChatSystemArea] SCRIPT ERROR: Node 0 not found to call method CREATEFROMSPEC

GUI Creation / Re: Scrollbar problem - Scrolls one line to short
« on: Oct 02, 12, 11:29:28 AM »
That also happens in HJRef, with the news panel. You have to expand the box to see the text that the scroll bar refuses to show.

Scripting & Programming / Re: <possible?> Player loaded music
« on: Sep 23, 12, 05:19:51 AM »
Use Awesomium when Sapphire is released.

Could you give any rough time-frame on when you hope that sapphire will be released?

I know that putting a timeline out there puts you guys under pressure, but I'm not asking for any kind of guarantee as I don't know what you define as 'short term'. :)

Everything is working again now.

I'll write a little bit more as to help any one else that is new or might have been stuck on something similar.

A while back I went into the E_playerAccountClassMethods and I commented out the E_AbilityBar, E_ExperienceBar and E_StatusBar from building (just commented out the X.build = true sections), the aim of that was just to clear up my screen without seeing that stuff yet.

A few moments ago I remembered this and went back into there, and uncommented them, rebooted the client and it was working again. So unless one of the HE staff have logged into it and helped me out on something, this appears to be my cause. Why this just started to affect it when I made this change a while back is unknown.

"Requested node ID (0) not found" is a common message that says the code tried to access (by referencing a field or method) a node which was None at the time.

For line 218 it is obviously the char node, so wherever before that which was supposed to be filling that node is failing.  Try tracing back along the route that it gets set by placing println outputs at certain places to see where along the line filling it is failing.

Hint: often times a node ref will become None because a valid node was assigned to that ref, but the node's classes were not compatible with the class of the ref, in which case the ref becomes None.  For the char node, is it possible you changed the class of the characters without changing the class of the noderefs to match?

The lines above that (only two) are the stock getters, I haven't touched them in any form. I also haven't changed the class of the character etc. Everything was working fine this morning and I left the client up without touching it for a couple of hours while my boiler was being serviced within my home. When I came back to it I added a method inside of the H_ACCControllerClassMethods (attempting to learn the observer stuff and add an event for when a character has stopped moving from a navpoint, using SocialRef as a reference), compiled and submitted and then everything went to hell, so I commented out those changes and resubmitted and nothing was solved.

Code: [Select]
20:20:08: SYSTEM:System:CleanTest (4611686018427637930) activate
20:20:09: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10757): requested node ID (0) not found
20:20:09: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10757): requested node ID (0) not found
08/24/2012 20:20:03
Call trace:
  Script E_ExperienceBarClassMethods line 59 me[id=1000000204 class=E_ExperienceBar]
  Script E_playerAccountClassMethods line 26 me[9223372056150021549]
  Script _playerAccountClassMethods line 21 me[9223372056150021549]
starting method/function _ONREPLICATIONNODEADDED
starting me[id=9223372056150021549 class=E_playerAccount]
20:20:09: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10757): requested node ID (0) not found
20:20:09: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10757): requested node ID (0) not found
08/24/2012 20:20:03
Call trace:
  Script _playerAccountClassMethods line 63 me[9223372056150021549]
starting method/function _ONREPLICATIONGROUPADDED
starting me[id=9223372056150021549 class=E_playerAccount]
20:20:09: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:GOM::setPropertyOnNode (11133): requested node ID (0) not found while setting node property "Behave"
20:20:09: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: GOM::setPropertyOnNode (11133): requested node ID (0) not found while setting node property "Behave"
08/24/2012 20:20:03
Call trace:
  Script E_equipmentPropBucketClassMethods line 35 me[1000000208]
  Script _BasePropBucketClassMethods line 53 me[1000000208]
starting method/function ASSETSPECREADY
starting me[id=1000000208 class=E_equipmentPropBucket]

I waited for the world to go to sleep, then awoke it and logged into a clean test area, this time these errors came up. I don't think I have even touched any of those. So now I'm even more confused at this.

15:55:33: !ERROR!System:GUIXMLChomper::ChompSet prototype not found: HE_ControlPanelClassAddRemovePanel.ClassList.movePanel

I've noticed that even the SocialRef has this error, so I guess that one isn't related to what I've done.

Code: [Select]
18:36:59: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10757): requested node ID (0) not found
18:36:59: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10757): requested node ID (0) not found
08/24/2012 18:36:54
Call trace:
  Script Input_Movement line 218 me[9223372056150021549]
  Script Input_Movement line 148 me[9223372056150021549]
starting method/function ONCMDSTOP
starting me[id=9223372056150021549 class=E_playerAccount,HBNode,CharacterNode,_ACCControllerOwner]
18:38:12: System:SCRIPT[Input_Movement]:onCmdStart: LeftButton
18:38:12: System:SCRIPT[Input_Movement]:[Input_Movement] onCmdStart() - LeftButton.
18:38:12: System:SCRIPT[Input_Movement]:onCmdStop: LeftButton
18:38:12: System:SCRIPT[Input_Movement]:[Input_Movement] onCmdStart() - LeftButton.
18:38:15: !ERROR!System:GUIXMLChomper::ChompSet prototype not found: HE_ControlPanelClassAddRemovePanel.ClassList.movePanel

I'm not exactly sure what has caused this, the only change that I have done (and I believe, also reversed) was to the E_ACCControllerClassMethods file. Earlier when I was playing around it was all working fine and as just stated, all changes i've added have been reversed to when it was working prior to this (to the best of my memory, they were only tiny changes anyhow).

The last line about the ChompSet is also new, I've never had that come up nor have I removed anything. I have had my world up and logged this afternoon, just haven't done much (doubt there would be any cause from this, but just figured I should note as much as possible).

Line 148: FigureOutMovement()
Line 218: if char.E_isDead

So as you can see, these lines are stock code, as well as the variable getters.

Any help would be much appreciated, especially as it doesn't let me load into the world currently.

Edit: I figured I should also mention the big red square in the top left of the screen when it fails to load.

Scripting & Programming / Re: SetIgnoreCursor(false) Not Working
« on: Aug 13, 12, 03:06:54 AM »
Code: (hsl) [Select]
bState as Boolean = GetIgnoreCursor();

SetIgnoreCursor( !bState );
SetCursorVisibility( bState );

That's how I would write it personally, I wouldn't use a conditional unless any other logic was required to go in there. As to why it may not be working, can you view the inner workings of the SetX functions used? It may offer you insight.

Off Topic / Re: If you are in the market for models........
« on: Aug 12, 12, 04:04:11 PM »
Hopefully resurrecting this thread isn't an issue, however I wondered if these would actually work within HeroEngine itself? As a quick glimpse of the page says FBX which to my understanding isn't supported yet?

Figured having an answer to this would be useful before any purchases.

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