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Developer Job Board / Twisted Tribe Is Looking For New Members
« on: Feb 10, 13, 03:47:07 PM »

Hi fellow HeroEngine-ers,

 We call ourselves Twisted Tribe and we are an independent game development studio, currently working on our new project. Creating games is our passion and we are looking for the same kind of passionate people to join our team for a small MMO project.

We are offering unpaid, internship-like positions with a chance to become employed by us when the project goes live and receives funding.

About the project...
Tales of Origin is a spin off of our previous project Nadirim, which is browser-based MMORPG inspired by the famous One Thousand and One Nights (think djinn, magic lamps, Sinbad, etc.) and made with hand-drawn graphics. Based on the feedback of our community, we have decided to expand this world and create a 3D MMORPG experience from it.

Funding conditions with our private investors are generally the same as it was for our first game, which is to provide a product that shows value, then receive the necessary funds to proceed.

It is important to know and keep in mind, that this is a small project. We are not making the next ultimate GW2, WoW, EVE killer, at least not at first! The way we see it, we’d rather have something finished with just a handful features that people can play, than develop something for years without knowing if it’ll even been completed. This means that our production roadmap is built in a way, which supports the idea of creating something very basic, release it, then build on the top of that.

Development has been started already, with one programmer working full-time and one part-time and the “Art Department” consisting of one concept/texture artist.

About the game...
Nadirim: Tales of Origin is set before the story of Anwar, in the magical world of Nadirim. It is an MMO Playground, with focus and role-playing and PvP while leaving some room for the soloists and PvE player types. It’s set in one huge world, there are no different servers or realms.

The economy is constantly in motion and the reason behind it is war, great political scandals, real treasons and conflicts that can last a month. So reputation and political connections also really worth and mean something.

What makes Tales of Origin different from other MMO games is probably not what it has, but what it does not include:
  • No player levels
  • No classes or archetypes
  • Anybody can be attacked, from any race, faction at anytime
  • No NPC sells

Think a little EVE Online, but with a third-person camera and a unique, non-medieval, non-sci-fi theme. Add a little action-oriented combat and you'll start to see where we are going. We are looking to create a sandbox environment where (almost) everything is possible.

As said before, we are taking small steps towards these goals. Create something small but good, release it, get feedback, implement, rinse and repeat. That’s our motto for now.

If you want to know more about the game concept, let us know.

About the positions...
Once again: these positions are unpaid. When we receive our negotiated funding, we will be offering positions to people who remain on the project and contribute as permanent team members.

We are working for our future here, and possibly yours too. Besides offering the opportunity to land a job in the game industry, getting involved in the creation process and have regular access to the development, here is why you should join:
  • A chance to expand your portfolio, CV for your gaming career
  • Get experience of working in a team
  • Learning new things about game development from team members
  • You’ll be listed in the credits permanently and earn the “Honorable Twisted Tribe Member Title”  :D

If you feel that you're up to the challenge, here's what we are looking for:

HSL Programmers
We are looking for talented programmers with experience in creating games, who will work closely together with designers to create the dreamed up features.

Character Artists and 3D Artists
Currently seeking a few 3D artists for the game’s dynamic and static assets.

2D Artists
Looking for an artist who creates illustrations for the project including its website and in-game content. The tasks also include creating textures for models and environments.

Game Designers and a Writer
We are seeking game designers who have the experience and skills to turn any vision into a game mechanic or have the fantasy to create an immersive lore, write quests and stories and imagine the setting of the game.

World Builder
If you enjoy building the game environment, placing assets and designing a level, then this one is for you.

If you are interested in any of these positions or if you have something else in mind, please send me a message that includes:
- A resume that demonstrates your skills and experiences and examples of previous work
- Your availability for the project (approximately how much time you could allocate)

We hope to hear from you!

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for a character artist with HeroEngine experience who has the skills to set up and create a male and a female dynamic character for our project.

These dynamic characters will be our playable characters in the game. What we need is:
  • Basic male and female character that is fully usable in HeroEngine (rigged, textured, and can use the basic animations in the engine)
  • 3 faces per gender
  • 3 hairstyles per gender (with tintable texture)
  • 3 facial hairs for male
  • Height morph
  • Weight morph
  • Create 5 tones for skin
  • 3 tattoos for body
  • 3 tattoos for face
  • Set up the model to use the Parts System and
  • Create the starter clothes which are simple rag pants for the guy plus a top for the female and use them as parts.

If you are interested, get in touch with me for additional details, availability terms.

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