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Developer Created Tutorials / Re: DragNDrop Icon system
« on: Mar 24, 13, 11:40:50 AM »
Yes Thanks again!  I think I have it working the way I need it.

I changed TMP_Icon and added.

//movIcon.tooltip = me.tooltip
//Icon.tooltip = movIcon.tooltip

and changed the add Icon to slot
//Icon.ignoreMouseEvents = false

On the TMP_Testpanel  I changed the Remove onMouseDown to

//when target.parent.name

and added

//method onMouseClick(args references Class GUIMouseEvent)
 //target as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = args.source
  //  if args.leftButton
  //   when target.tooltip
  //   is "Attack"
 //       println("Ability1: Weapon Strike")
 //       SendCommand("/ability use abWeaponStrike")
//      .

Developer Introductions / Just me Marvin
« on: Mar 22, 13, 07:09:53 PM »
  I started my Journey with Hero Engine along time ago,  playing Gemstone III as I worked  for AOL in the early 90's.  Then Simutronics announced that they were creating  Hero's Journey, and my interest shifted in anticipation of a game that had to be great.  Well it never happen and The Hero Engine became the main focus of the Company. Here I am!
  I think Gemstone spoiled me ,  I've just not found a game with the mechanics or deepness that it has.   I haven't played it in a while now. Mainly because my wife plays The Old Republic and likes me to play the game with her.  Yep, she's a long time player of Gemstone also.  When we first met she ask me how I could play a game with just words.  I said these people can build a world around you with a just paragraph.  She played once and was hooked for 15 years, and that is the kinda game that I would like to build.

 Its hard to conceive how to build a game that can make you reminisce about moments that you had it it.  It has to be relaxing, rewarding, long leveling, very social, your character has to have status, depended upon others, rewarding for helping others,  and have understandable mechanics.  That's some of the basics I think about while I try to create something here. LOL probably while I'm stuck all the time.

We'll that's me, and Glad to meet all of you. 

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: DragNDrop Icon system
« on: Mar 22, 13, 05:13:49 PM »
Wow!  Thanks for your time, and the Tutorial works perfect.  I am just lost on how to assign individuality to the icons
and once they reach the TestPanel how to target them.

            Thanks again for your time.

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