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Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple mana system
« on: Dec 21, 12, 03:15:26 PM »
Going through some of more files in search of another subject I found a section that might not have been covered. I added them in, but still the mana bar is not moving. When I target myself using tab, I notice the mana is changing, but the change does not show as you view it.

in cmdCommands on server side

      pc.E_hitPoints = 100
      pc.E_manaPoints = 100

Central time zone in Arkansas here. Acceessing server in Europe?
(went to dinner while letting it DL.)
It completed before I got back and is up and running.
Thanks for assist.

The error first appeared after the download was complete. Since that time I have clicked the error of screen, and dont have a copy of it. (Had to go to the store, back now.)

During the afternoon and evening I usually get slow connection speeds on the interenet here, around 20k-30k/sec. Late nights around midnight, things get faster around 100k-200k/sec and after 2am its about 350k/sec.

I have tried to download it again just recently. It seems to get so far about 19%, then stops. About 2 mins later it will do a little more maybe 500-1000k, and stops again. I'm thinking the amount of people all connected to get new downloads might be flooding the local area, as the system sends a little to each connected node then goes to the next attached person. (at least that is how it feels)

(Completed) Sapphire.e Release to HeroCloud Tuesday, December 18th

I just downloaded the new update and received a mesg:
error on download update, please ontact a technician.

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple mana system
« on: Dec 17, 12, 06:02:32 AM »
I tried to do this a while back before finding this tutorial.
I mostly copied the health bar and added to the client scripts. I saw 2 steps I had not done, so got those done with this tutorial. I also added an E_regenManaTimer and set it up like the health one. Mine, however does not move.

Would that be because of the client side scripts also added in?
One thing that could be overlooked was the "set Change Callback to true". I missed that on the 1st tme, but adding it did not solve the problem.

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