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Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Basic mob spawner
« on: Jan 02, 20, 03:50:20 PM »
sorry for long time off.

In order for the "build" to work in code below TMP_Mobs needs to be defined as a guicontrol in the DOM.

Code: [Select]
shared function Start()
  var win = getMobsClass()
  if win <> None
    DestroyNode( win )
  win = CreateNodeFromPrototype("TMP_Mobs")
  win.build = true

One way to do that is by:

Adding the parent TMP_Window to the class TMP_Mobs, will allow the use of win.build to work.  (as long as you have already made the TMP_Window)

To call Start from E_playerAccountClassMethods, the code needs to compile.  Without that working the function is not seen by other scripts.

One way to get that to compile is to comment out the last 2 lines
//  win.build =true
//  MiscUtils:centerWindow(win)

this will allow the compile.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Idiot Newb Question... :/
« on: Nov 01, 19, 01:49:05 PM »
For compiling the script used in the engine, the script editor they have in engine is best.

I used a masm editor for compiling assembly language code.

You might have seen this compiler, that this site explains about http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/introduction/
Though once you learn C++, you would still need to learn how to script as its kind of different, and why some programmers don't want to learn it.

The engine has many parts that make a game. Working on your own and getting code to do things can take weeks just for learning the basics, like getting more than a few sentences to show on the screen.  Things like graphics, and sounds, and loading and saving data.

Learning about games, there is a lot of information on the internet.  Though sometimes learning 1st hand and getting together with a group that is making a game can help. There might be a few groups that have room for someone new and wanting to see how it happens.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Introducing: StarfallV2
« on: Oct 20, 19, 10:58:15 AM »
Dont give up, games are not easy, and an MMO is 1 of the hardest to make. But joining a team and learning can help get new people started.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Idiot Newb Question... :/
« on: Oct 20, 19, 10:53:25 AM »
I was also interested in making games for the computer when I was young and I bought my first computer. It was a Commodore 64. I tried inputting a program i saw in a magazine, without a clue on what I was doing as a teenager. This is what interested me in learning the field of programming. In high school I took my first class - Basic, and loved how it made things happen, even if it was just a simple terminal.

In college (1981) I took more advanced class on Basic, but saw it was not going to get me very far. I then took many different languages looking for 1 that could help. I took assembly to learn how the language told the computer what to do, line by line it was the most detailed. Finally I took a C+ class, and saw that  was the easiest to program and see results. In my 20s I was helping my brother make video games like Golden Axe, a 2d side scroller.

It can take months learning how to program, and years to master the language. On and off I have spent about 35+ years, and I am still learning more in the using the engine to make one of the most advanced type of games there is - an MMO. How much you want to learn before starting can determine how long it will take to make your game.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Trying to add a parent class error
« on: Sep 01, 19, 05:34:36 PM »
In more detail,

 If you are adding or removing a class, make sure the class search area is clear OR have that class in the search area. With a field, when adding or removing a field from a class, make sure the field search area is clear, or the field shows in the list.

It looks thru that list, no matter how large or small it is, to see if the field or class in there in the DOM, rather than checking the DOM itself.

Yes, sorry, the DOM was changed to need that Search Text Area empty, after the original text scripts were created. I believe the new video series shows it getting cleared.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Point N Click 2D or Lazy QTE.
« on: Aug 29, 19, 08:02:12 PM »
There are a few diff ways to make a point and click, here is 1 of those ways.

On the GUI, have a map (with maybe names of rooms). You can click on the name of the area and using a teleport be sent to that place. If the place is in the same area, it can be instant port. If the place is in another area, it will take a sec or 2. During long travel the character will freeze during that sec, while the new area loads in. Some games use a load screen between these, but it does not need 1. With this type, you would most likely transport to a specified coordinates in that room.

A 2nd way might be teleporting to a location in the same area, using a map to world location system. This way you wont need an ending location, but can travel to any spot you click on. The exactness depends on the size of the map, and how accurate it is.

To make an area look like the map in the texture, you need to create a heightmap. To get it exactly like the map, would need someone else to input ideas.

Here are a few tutorials on making a basic heightmap.


General Discussion / Re: engine bug
« on: Apr 20, 19, 07:18:56 PM »
Thanks, that worked for me. Turning off the router made the difference, for me.

perhaps checking for some free courses online, in different subjects. I know there are a few on programming, might be some on making docs like a GDD.


Game Designing

Design Outline

General Discussion / Re: engine bug
« on: Apr 19, 19, 10:37:44 AM »
Tried the "ipconfig /flushdns" command in the little command prompt window, then clicked to start blade.

Same thing seems to be happening.

General Discussion / engine bug
« on: Apr 18, 19, 08:04:42 PM »
starting up the blade, I got an error, then another error popped.

a few seconds later the blade starts, and starts another, and another.

currently seeing about 20 open blades all asking to log in...

once the error is clicked off, they stop adding new ones.
then each can be removed - using cancel.

Scripting & Programming / Re: replication type
« on: Apr 08, 19, 11:14:34 PM »
Added the other fields for replication also.  Still not getting values.

E_nonPlayerCharacter            class that gets replicated

EO_AuctionItemList                field in class E_nonPlayerCharacter that gets replicated

   type= lookuplist indexed by integer of class AuctionData

AuctionData                          class with 5 fields   (all 5 set to replicate to client)

EO_AuctionItem                    spec ID of item
EO_AuctionPlayer                  name of player selling item
EO_AuctionPrice                    price item selling at
EO_AuctionHours                   amount of time its for sale
EO_AuctionTime                    start of time it started

All client side fields show no value for string, or 0 for ID / integer. List prints, showing they are there, but they are just blank.

Code: [Select]
shared function _OnReplicationFieldUpdated(updateNode as NodeRef, updateField as String)

  when toLower(updateField)
    is "eo_auctionitemlist"
      println("got updated auction list ")

// print values in auction list
function ShowAuctionList(npc as NodeRef)
  where npc is kindof E_nonplayerCharacter
    println("npc "+npc+"  size "+ npc.EO_AuctionItemList.length)
    data as Class AuctionData

    loop i from 1 to npc.EO_AuctionItemList.length
      data = npc.EO_AuctionItemList[i]
      println("offset "+i+"  name "+data.EO_AuctionPlayer+"  item "+data.EO_AuctionItem)

Server Side
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: npc 9223372131270022109  size 10
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 1  name Test1  item 22
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 2  name Test2  item 26
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 3  name Test3  item 11
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 4  name Test4  item 3
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 5  name Test5  item 15
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 6  name Test6  item 19
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 7  name Test7  item 6
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 8  name Test8  item 2
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 9  name Test9  item 16
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: offset 10  name Test10  item 10
[hsl_debug] 9223372086796021574,3: SCRIPT[E_nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods]: updating NPC auctionList Auctioneer  size 10

Client Side
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:got updated auction list
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:npc 9223372131270022109  size 10
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 1  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 2  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 3  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 4  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 5  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 6  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 7  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 8  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 9  name   item 0
22:57:16: SCRIPT:[E_nonplayerCharacterClassMethods]:offset 10  name   item 0

Scripting & Programming / Re: replication type
« on: Apr 06, 19, 01:43:59 PM »
Hmm, I know I had the main list set that way. I will check and see if the others are also set, and if not will try adding them.

Scripting & Programming / Re: replication type
« on: Apr 04, 19, 05:21:10 PM »
Yes, before running the tests using replication, I had copied fields and classes from server to client side.

When originally making the system, I had sent the lookuplist directly from server to client and displayed the info in the GUI. It was using the class and fields at this point on both client and server.

Then I added the replication which works with the integer of string, and then tried integer of class, but it was missing the data.

will try world sleep

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