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Scripting & Programming / replication type
« on: Apr 04, 19, 04:02:53 PM »
I'm trying to replicate a lookuplist from server to client. It seems to work partially, as in

it will replicate:

  lookuplist indexed by integer of string             // where values are stored in a string:   "name price"

but will not replicate:

  lookuplist indexed by integer of class auction    // where values are stored in a class:   data.name   data.price

Using the string, I need to Tokenize the string before checking the value, I think the "class" would be faster in this case.  Using the class, the size of list replicates, but the values are all blank.

It does not seem to even recognize list of string

  lookuplist indexed by integer of list of string     // where values are in a list:  data[1]   data[2]

Off Topic / Skype Crash?
« on: Feb 19, 19, 07:55:18 PM »
My Skype keeps disconnecting as soon as it starts up.
Not able to find discord.

edit: just came back, seemed it was temporary.

General Discussion / Re: Using the engine as an artist.
« on: Feb 07, 19, 01:38:15 PM »
On the scripting side here are some tutorials that might help in getting started.

General Discussion / Re: How to make the moon and the planet?
« on: Jan 29, 19, 12:58:26 PM »
Though I have not yet done it, I believe it is possible with HeroEngine. There is a whitebox tool that will make a sphere, where you can then apply a texture to that sphere, they can also be made at different sizes to represent each of the 2 images in the picture.

Here is something that might be a little similar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnjKqNPfFv8
It shows a planet, a sphere with texture. More will be needed to make it have an atmosphere.

General Discussion / Re: Hero's Journey post morten.
« on: Jan 25, 19, 10:41:47 PM »
I hear they are adding to it and upgrading it, since that was posted.

I am currently getting this one Spammed:

ERROR:GUI:Only DXT3 and A8R8G8B8 (e.g.: PNG) texture formats are supported for GUI alpha testing for mouse clicks. Texture: /gui/inventory_icons_3_v2.dds

this is seen with "mouse over" of some of the old GUI textures used in the gui, we get with new world.

Here's a few that might help. They follow in order from learning the basics, to more advanced.


This happens when we are making the character in the select area. It started after adding in some anim files, but in missing a few of them the error started spamming. Once the anim files were added, the spam stopped.

Another message that spams in the console window

ERROR:System:CharacterNode::Update: !mySpec.isReady()

General Discussion / Re: Can't login. NEW THREAD
« on: Sep 23, 18, 04:03:59 PM »
ThazsWorld shows as DOWN.

HaV world is UP.

Ref worlds show as UP.

Developer Job Board / Re: We are paying for HSL consultation
« on: Sep 23, 18, 02:00:20 PM »
There are a few tutorials in the HE forums also, https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,1719.0.html  The existing ones can get you started, and of the added ones can show how to do some things.

I like to teach, but I also believe knowledge should be free.

Off Topic / Re: Can't Log On since Yesterday's Maintenence
« on: Aug 16, 18, 12:29:39 PM »
Getting the same message here also.

It might be that US East server 21 is currently being worked on? (with new upgrades / updates)

Neat. They look like an upgrade to art I worked with back in 1990s, for a 2D game for EA.

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: The Existing Tutorials
« on: Jun 26, 18, 07:01:57 PM »
Making a few HSL video tutorials: (Going to make a game from scratch covering as many game features as I learn them)

Starting Your Project - READ THIS
   by Prometheus2012

GUI Tips and Tricks
   by PN-Dwight

My New Video Series
3DS Max Export Services adding in your art to the engine
   by Mr_Conflicts

Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects
Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 1800 Tracks
Building a Library of Images for Everyone
   by Eric_Matyas

full list Thaz HE videos

1) base button (12:09)
2) base window (13:21)
3) exit window (21:44)
4) mob spawner (15:38)
5) window docker (8:28)
6) target range (21:28)
7) loading bar (19:27)
8 ) minimap (16:47)
9) character selection system (25:18)
     9a) charInfo tutorial (19:13)
     9b) select chars tutorial (35:17)
10) resize, scrollable, slider guis (12:08)
11) chat window (22:48)
    11a) chat commands  (12:19)
12) char statusbar (28:51)
13) saving window info (19:43)
    13a) saving window info2 (12:07)
14) social window (34:03)
    14a) social window sorting (27:16)

15) name plate (36:18)
16) 1st person camera (15:57)
17) abilitybar (32:49)
18) ability window (35:45)
19) hotkeys (10:10)

20) Spec setup (33:23)
    20a) NPC specs (1:09:49)
        20a1) click NPCs (5:16)
    20b) Item specs (40:41)
       20b1) spec Icon chooser (30:50)

21) bank window (40:39)

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Mini map & World map in window
« on: Jun 02, 18, 12:09:20 PM »
Ok, lets try taking another approach to editing/changing a script. Close the Client Scripts window, on the top of the editor Click on HeroScript tab, then on HeroScriptEditor. This is the main editor for all scripts. Not only will it allow you to open other script, but it will let you search for already made scripts.

The 2nd button, shows "Open Existing Script or XML File". Click that button and select client or server. Lets start with clicking Client Script. This opens a window showing all the (client) scripts that are in the editor. In the search area (at bottom) type in  utils.  This will show you all the files that have utils as part of the name for the script. You should see MiscUtils as 1 of the scripts, since 1 of the errors you had said the file already exists.  Double click the name or select it from the list (to high lite it), then click ok (button at bottom).

There are some features which can be useful in the script editor. These are the titles for each category that shows - Name, LastModified, Modified By, Owner. Clicking these will show the sorted list by that category.

     Name is the name of file, it can be show forward or reverse order.

     LastModified lets you know when the script was last changed. If you click it 1 time it will show the last script changed on bottom, and next click will change the order to show you what was last changed in your script list.

     Modified By tells you who changed the script last, if you changed it last it will show your email in the category for that script.

     Owner tells you who created the script. The first script were made by the HE (hero engine) devs.

At the bottom of this window are check boxes which will help you find things.  The Mine box will show you only the ones you made.  The Deleted will show any scripts that were deleted (though nothing is ever totally deleted, just removed from the lists, in case you need to get that script back). The Show Engine will add all the engine script to the list. While you can open and look at these, it is not wise to change any of those, as something might break in doing so.

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