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Developer Introductions / Re: BizzGames Studios
« on: Apr 16, 13, 11:16:19 PM »
Thankyou :)

General Discussion / Re: New problem..
« on: Feb 04, 13, 08:52:19 AM »

No, those tutorials  (how to's) work. They wouldn't cause any problems. 
The news system is just a port from hjref, and the other is just modifying the existing chat system a little.

I mean, in the code i created.
Maybe it wil help to delete the scripts that could cause the probem?

General Discussion / Re: New problem..
« on: Feb 03, 13, 08:31:13 AM »
Well, i did nothing yet with the character controlling things. I did not even try! The only thing i did, was try to script in hsl, by following tutorials. I just wanted to learn it. Maybe something in those scripts is not correct, because in the two tutorials i followed from the Developer Created Tutorials,  nothing works with me.

I know i have made a big mess of everything.. How to start over, like someone earlier mentioned on the forum?

Hi, im having some trouble with the hsl script of "News".
Im getting errors caused by this:

Code: [Select]
%News.News_RecieveNewsItemUpdate(newItem)or with other ones with "%News%.

Errors at NewsClassMethods, Client Side:
Line 6      Col 21: untrusted method not found
Line 15    Col 21: untrusted method not found
Line 32    Col 21: untrusted method not found
Line 112  Col 3  : undefined identifier

Errors at NewsClassMethods, Server side
Line 20 Col 42: remote method not found
Line 38 Col 42: remote method not found

I did'nt continued the tutorial yet, im gonna do now, but this script is not working here. I think i did something wrong earlier.
Ive just became 12 years ;d


Thankyou  :) Late reaction.. Sorry!

Can you also solve the problem from line 7 col 22?

General Discussion / [Resolved] New problem..
« on: Feb 02, 13, 07:04:09 AM »
Hi Community
Again, im having some trouble with Heroblade.. (No its not karma, lol.)
I cant use all my area's.. Just one black screen. Sometimes, my character is there too, but just in a empty space. I cant walk too.

It happens also when i create a new area. I cant walk when the area is loaded good, when i try to re-enter it, just one black hole with a character in it..

I think im getting almost famous with my problems..
Have a nice day!

Developer Introductions / BizzGames Studios
« on: Feb 01, 13, 01:32:47 AM »

Hi, im a beginner and tryed this tutorial, just for learning. Im getting the following errors:

At "TMP_ChatWindowClassMethods(CLIENTSIDE)"
Line 3, col 9: Function 'CreateNodFromPrototype' not found in local script or as external function
Line 7, col 22: Field 'Chat_GetClientarea' not found in database:GOM::lookupClassDefID (801): definition not found: Chat_GetClientarea

Code from line 1 to line 13:
Code: [Select]
method AddChatMessage ( message as String, channel as String )
  msg as NodeRef of Class E_ChatLabel
  msg = CreateNodFromPrototype("E_ChatLabel")
  msg.build = true
  msg.dockMode = TOP
  var clientArea = me.Chat_GetClientarea
  add back msg to clientArea.children()
  msg.text = message
  //myLabel.E_ChatMsgTime = SYSTEM.TIME.NOW
  me.SetColorForChannel( msg, channel )

At "E_ChatHandlerClassMethods(CLIENTSIDE)"
Line 9, col 22: Method 'SetChatFocus' not found.
Line 49, col 9: Node variable does not specify a class that contains the field value
Line 54, col 25: Node variable does not specify a class that contains the field value

Code from line 8 to line 19:
Code: [Select]
method OpenChatInput(command as Boolean)
    //  if input == None
     //    input = CreateNodeFromPrototype("E_ChatInputBox" )
     //    input.build = true
     //  .
     //  input.visible = true
     //SetKeyboardFocus( input )
     //  Restrict displayed chat messages to limited,well-known channels.

Code from line 43 to 71:
Code: [Select]
method OnKeyDown( args references Class GUIKeyboardEvent )
  when args.keyCode
    is 27 //esc toets
      SetKeyBoardFocus( None )
      //me.visible = false
      me.value = ""
      args.handled = true
    is 13 //enter toets
      args.handled = true
      msg as String = me.value
      while FindString( msg, " " ) == 1 and msg.length >1
        msg = subString( msg, 2, msg.length )
      if msg.length > 0
        first as String = SubString(msg, 1, 1 )
        if first == "/"
          if msg.length > 1
            SendCommand ( msg)
          SendChat( msg, "game" )
      SetKeyboardFocus( None )

At "Input_Command(CLIENTSIDE)"
Line 26, col 27: Expected 0 function arguments but found 1
Line 29 col 26: Expected 0 function arguments but found 1.

Code from line 25 to 34:
Code: [Select]
   is "Chat"
   is "SlashChat"
     //var box = $Chat.GetChatInputBox()
     //box as NodeRef of Class E_ChatInputBox = $Chat.GetChatWindow() // Accesses the input box
     //box.value = "/"
     //SetCaret( box, 2, 2 )

Can someone help me please? Im just eleven years old (almost 12 ;D ;D), so if i made some noobish mistakes... Have a nice day! :)

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Viral Dawn
« on: Dec 27, 12, 10:49:37 AM »
Cool :3

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