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Hello. I have the next code when I click the button:
Code: [Select]
is "btnLogout"
      confirm as NodeRef of Class _ConfirmDialog = $ALERT._ConfirmDialog("confirmExit", "Выход", "Выйти из игры?")
      confirm._confirmDialogOwner = me
      args.handled = true

And havwe the method on this GUI class:
Code: [Select]
method HE_ConfirmDialogAccepted()
  SendCommand( "/exit" )

method HE_ConfirmDialogDeclined()
  // Nothing to do here but let the dialog close.

But the i click any button i get this message in Error console:
Code: [Select]
!ERROR!System:GUIXMLChomper::ChompControlAttributeDynamicly: Invalid script "*None*". Field "_confirmdialogreturnscript" Prototype "_confirmDialog"

So what i do wrong?

Design & World Building / [] Localization Table Editor
« on: Jan 07, 13, 06:29:14 AM »

I want to fill the "Localization Table Editor" but when I open it, it always Empty. Ig I try To add text, nothing happend. What I do wrong?

Ok. I try this.

Can you answer how can i remove my created GUI Prototype. I remover the linked class. But I can't found how to remove GUI Window.

You need to add ObsListener as a parent in your GUI class in the DOM.

I Add, but get the same error.

The parent class for my My GUI class is _GUIBaseWindow such as _GUICSSCharacterSelection from this class i copy my code.

Hello to All.

I'm new to HE.
So I create my impl of CSS.

I create new GUI window and class for it.
Code: [Select]
public function Open( args as LookupList indexed by String of String ) as NodeRef of Class GUIControl
// typically args["names"] will contain a list of character names to populate the control
//  additional information may be included depending on game specific implementations
  css as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = CreateNodeFromPrototype( "GUI_DM_CharacterSelectionWindow" )
  css.build = true
  css.centerControlOver( 0 )

  //names as List of String
  //unmarshal names from args["names"]
  //css._cssPopulateNamesList( names )

  //var loginButton = css._cssGetLoginButton()
  //SetKeyboardFocus( loginButton )
  var listener = $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM.createNodeListener( css, false )
  addAssociation( css, "base_hard_association", listener )
  $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM.addListener( listener )
  return css

method _OnButtonMouseClick(button as NodeRef of Class _GUIButton, args references Class GUIMouseEvent)
  when button.name
    is "loginCharacter"
      // Tell the server to load normally or into a clean test area
//      $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSRequestSetLoadInCleanTestArea( me._cssIsCleanChecked(), None )
//      var listener = $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM.createNodeListener( me, false )
//      $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSRequestSelectCharacter( me._cssGetSelectedCharacterName(), listener )
//      // Until chat buffering is set to false, no chat messages will be displayed in the
//      //   chat panel or your game specific chat
//      $BASECLIENT._setChatBuffering( false )
    is "createCharacter"
//      arguments as LookupList indexed by String of String
//      var listener = $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM.createNodeListener( me, false )
//      $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSRequestCreateCharacter( arguments, listener )
    is "deleteCharacter"
//      if me._cssGetSelectedCharacterName() = ""
//        $ALERT._CleanModalAlert( "No character is selected." )
//      else
//        var listener = $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM.createNodeListener( me, false )
//        $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM.addListener( listener )
//        me._cssShowDeleteCharacterWarning( me._cssGetSelectedCharacterName() )
//      .
    is "cancelDelete"
//      DestroyNode( button.rootParent() )
    is "deleteConfirm"
//      $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSConfirmDeleteCharacter()
//      DestroyNode( button.rootParent() )
      ScriptError( "Unknown button: " + button.name + "." )

method EventRaised( obs as NodeRef of Class ObsSubject, data as NodeRef )
// NOTE The data passed in is "owned" by the observer pattern and will be deleted at
//        when the notifications are complete.  No listener should try to persist this
//        data node rather it should copy the data if it needs it beyond script execution.
  where data
    is kindof eventObject
      when data.eventType
//          DestroyNode( me )
//          destroyNode( me )
//          me._cssPopulateNamesList( $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSGetCharacterList() )
//          me._cssPopulateNamesList( $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSGetCharacterList() )
//          println("Got delete confirmation event")
//          $CHARACTERSELECTIONSYSTEM._CSSRequestDeleteCharacter( me._cssGetSelectedCharacterName(), None )
          println("Got event: " + data.eventType + " but I don't know what to do now?")
      ScriptError( "unknown data node type, no clue how to handle this" )

And when window open i get the next error:
Code: [Select]
Client Script Error
SCRIPT ERROR: In function ScriptError: Something created a listener for 1000000027 but that node's classes did not implement the method "EventRaised" nor the Shared Function "EventRaisedNotify"?
01/05/2013 20:21:35
Call trace:
  Script obsListenerNodeClassMethods line 80 me[id=1000000035 invalid]
  Script obsSubjectClassMethods line 209 me[id=1000000014 class=_characterSelection,DM_CharacterSelectionSystem]
  Script _characterSelectionClassMethods line 73 me[1000000014]
  Script _characterSelectionClassMethods line 79 me[1000000014]
  Script _characterSelectionClassMethods line 50 me[0]

But my class have this method EventRaised see abovwe for code.

I invoke this window by code:
Code: [Select]
method HE_CSSInvokeGUI( args as LookupList indexed by String of String ) as Boolean
// Used to invoke the character selection gui.  The args passed in are the args that where passed
//   to the client system node by the _CSSInvokeGUI method on the server node which could be extended/overridden
//   by implementing the HE_CSSInvokeGUI method on the server and adding whatever data is needed to a remote call that
//   the override makes to the client system node.
// return true to indicate you handled everything ie popped up your game-specific gui
  //css as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = createNodeFromPrototype("GUI_DM_CharacterSelectionWindow")
  css as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = GUI_DM_CharacterSelectionWindowClassMethods:Open( args )
  return true

What i do wrong. And also "_OnButtonMouseClick" never invoke - why?

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