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I'm curious what the largest land mass Hero has handled to date.
1 square mile? 100 square miles?

I'm talking completely in Hero, not a customized version of the 75k source code by a multi million dollar corp.

Developer Introductions / Electric Crow Games, LLC
« on: Jan 13, 13, 01:28:16 AM »
We are a newly founded independent development group currently working on a Medieval Sandbox MMORPG called Greed Monger.

Hello everyone,
 Electric Crow Games, LLC is a new indie game development group currently working on the development of Greed Monger, a sandbox MMORPG that found a great deal of success on Kickstarter and currently has a team of modelers and programmers who are working daily to bring the game to fruition, be they without pay up to salaried positions.

We were originally building the game using the Unity Engine, however, for several reasons we have decided to migrate to Hero and have our fingers crossed that this was the right move.

Though we have a solid team in place, some aspects of development could be moving along faster and as such we are looking for some additional developers.

We are looking for help in World Building, 3D Asset Migration (Taking assets (over 14 GB) from Unity into Hero) and some misc tasks.

We are looking for dedicated developers who want to be part of something exciting and not just looking for a quick and easy check. Everyone who works on Greed Monger, be it free help or paid help works hard. There is a great deal to get done and there is always something next.

If you are interested in learning more about Greed Monger, you will find many articles on many of the major MMO sites. If you are interested in being considered as an addition to the team, please add me on Skype ( jasonappleton77) to discuss your experience, expectations and how you might fit with the rest of the group.


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