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General Discussion / Re: Logitech G Series Possible Bug
« on: Oct 22, 15, 02:02:04 PM »
This is actually a known defect with the Logitech G Series.  I have this problem with various games, off and on, with my Logitech, and it's not the games themselves (nor is it consistent in what games) it's the Logitech Software and some type of bug with onboard memory in the device.

Just thought I'd share and update for ya.

General Discussion / Re: Hero Engine Evolution
« on: Oct 22, 15, 01:26:42 PM »
Greetings All,

As some of you may, or may not know, I spent nearly a year and a half developing Oblivion in HeroEngine.  It was with great pain I chose to abandon all of our work, and move over to Unreal.  This transpired in the distant past, and was caused primarily by the continual unmet promises, and general lack of communication from the IF Staff and our development team.  The constant spin, and hype that was thrown out by someone I will leave unnamed reminded me too much of my days at SOE and my extreme dislike for the 'politics' of Development.

That being said, in recent times I was informed there had been a shakeup at IF, that new things were coming down the pipe, and there were new (tested, tried, trustworthy) people heading up the chain of operations.  I was, both dubious and hesitant at first to take a look at HE.  Afterall, I had experienced nothing but negativity in my time associating with it.  I am, quite pleased however to reaffirm Prometheus in my statement that the latest patches, improvements, and the now (dramatic) increase in communication is something I really like.

I was on the fence, until earlier today when I had the opportunity to really sit down, read some of the forums and see where HeroEngine was 'going' so to speak.  In my opinion, HE will end up the definitive MMORPG engine, in the near future and continuing on.  So it is with great pleasure, that I reveal to you all that Oblivion will be switching back (Indecision much) to HeroEngine development beginning in January.  This is not a decision myself, my executive staff, or my employees came to easily, but it is however one we've thought out fully, and I saw no better opportunity to state this than in response to Prometheus' own thoughts that quite parallel my own.

It is my belief with the current leadership at IF in place, the quick pacing of updates and the quality of the updates that are coming down the pipeline, that we can (all of us, yes, I mean you, person reading this) create successful, beautiful, fantastic game experiences for our players, and ourselves.  As a lifetime license holder (You jelly bro?) I am quite glad at the investment we made in the past, and I now feel that it was not a futile, or idiotic effort (as I did some months ago, or a year ago when we halted development in HE).

Thank's for your time guys, and thanks for your time and effort IF.  You guys are great.

General Discussion / Re: Cooper -- new feature request
« on: Jun 05, 14, 05:07:09 PM »
I don't see how this would be relevant, as any of the licensee's are not in any way knowledgeable on the development flow or process to add any relevant or valuable input into the design flow.  I believe it's best to allow the HE teams affairs to remain their own, and allow us to continue on our own workflow.  Quartz has proven that the bugs and problems reported are rectified and fixed, all in their own time.  I don't think Cooper and Herb have the time to sit and be consistently answering your requests on the forum, nor be dictated to the order of their workflow.

I suppose a more logical question would be, would you expect Epic to allow you to dictate creation direction on Unreal Engine 4?  No.  Just because Cooper, Herb and others take the time to respond to posts, and read the forums, and we are a smaller community, renders their design flow and process no more inert than say Epic or CRYTek.

This is not a molded to suit your needs service, HE serves its intended purpose and is expandable to include the various things you desire.  What features exactly would you be asking them to create for you, if I may pry?  As currently it does everything it needs or is asked to, leaving the customization and gameplay to *you* the Developer.  Anything more 'feature' wise would simply be adding MMORPG feature sets and systems into the blank engine, which is not particularly useful.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Dark Relic Prelude
« on: Aug 06, 13, 04:05:07 AM »
In my myriad of years in the game development world, there is no one I have come to respect and admire more, than Sarrene Grant.  I highly respect your product, and it looks fantastic.  The various thing you've shown me in the past six months are amazing, and this looks just as good.

Congratulations on your success, past, present and future Sarrene, and best wishes to Dark Relic from Oblivion Entertainment.

Your Friend,

General Discussion / Re: Edit Named Package Groups
« on: Aug 05, 13, 01:42:23 AM »

Developer Job Board / Oblivion Entertainment Hiring
« on: May 09, 13, 03:04:17 PM »
Greetings everyone and thank you for your interest.

Oblivion Entertainment is a small, independent company developing the online MMORPG Oblivion: Destiny's End.  Based on our long term MUD project founded in 1997.  We are currently interested in hiring in new developers and extending our staff.

Current Staff
Joshua Clay, Lead Programmer
Kelsie Fitzpatrick, Lead Developer (MUD)
Lonnie Morris, Lead Developer (MMORPG)
Alexander Glaeser, Lead Writer / Admin of "The Void" Radio

Generalized Developers
Adam Hawkins
Chris Ferreri
Jon Labbe
Justin Maxwell
Robert Wilkins
Seth Desoto

2D/3D Designers
Bridgette Kingery

Our Mission
It is our desire and intent to bring the MUD feel to the world of MMORPGS.  What MMORPGS have most been lacking in is innovation, and true roleplay.  We want to create a world in which the players forge the storyline, and your actions have an actual EFFECT on the world.  More than killing a monster that will simply respawn a few minutes later.

Additional Information
Our staff is small, but our heart is large. Our world is rich with history and story, that has been forged over the past 17 years of interaction with players and ourselves.  We will not sit here and promise money.  Essentially we offer a legally binding contract, granting our developers a portion of the company and its profits (Should the game be completed and launched).  Our current assets and properities are Oblivion: Destinys' End MMORPG, Oblivion MUD, "The Void" Radio Network and www.suescollection.com

Specific Hirings
We have opportunities for multiple generalized developers, multiple DJs for "The Void", two additional 3-D Designers as well as one webmaster.  We are a close knit team with a passion for working on our game.  Having worked on and produced MUDs as a team for a number of years, we know how to continue on through the hard, and tough.  We cannot promise we will be successful, all we can promise is that we will not quit.

If you want more information, please visit our website at http://www.oblivionent.com or contact jobs@oblivionent.com or feel free to contact myself via Skype at: jclaydash

Thank you for your time and consideration, we hope you will elect to join our team!

General Discussion / Re: Minimap
« on: May 09, 13, 02:40:36 PM »
Apparently I dont understand.

I've created the following ifchecks, all of which wont compile.

if (EnableMiniMap == false)
if EnableMiniMap(false)
if EnableMiniMap == false
if EnableMiniMap(me, false)

None of it will compile.  Any advice here?  I'm putting it in the _newMinimap function that I have being called by pressing m

General Discussion / Re: No Character Models
« on: May 07, 13, 09:07:49 PM »
I had done that in the distant, distant past, not this time however.

General Discussion / Re: Minimap
« on: May 07, 13, 09:07:23 PM »
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

General Discussion / Minimap
« on: May 07, 13, 07:26:04 PM »
Anyone have any idea how to enable the built in minimap?

General Discussion / Re: No Character Models
« on: May 07, 13, 07:19:46 PM »
Yeah, no one can change the name of the folders.  Models just came back, but the folder names and what not are nope nope, and I cant seem to get the minimap to work.  Nothing had changed since Feb 23rd till Today.  I had to reinstall my HeroBlade because I could not select anything or paint terrains for some reason.  I would click on the tool and it just "nope"'d me.

General Discussion / No Character Models
« on: May 07, 13, 05:52:14 PM »
Can't see char models captain!

General Discussion / Edit Named Package Groups
« on: May 07, 13, 05:33:34 PM »
Does not do anything if I click on it, and I cannot rename areas or folders.  Any ideas?

Design & World Building / Re: Whitebox Collision
« on: Feb 23, 13, 11:00:00 AM »
I enable Physics and absolutely nothing changes on my screen, strangely enough.  The boxes at are collidable and the ones that are not do not show any outward difference, and IgnoreForPlayerCollision is False on them all.  I just cant seem to get to the bottom of it.

Ahh, was not looking at errors:
!ERROR!System:Unknown slot: npc weapon
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021716  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021719  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021720  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021721  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021722  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021737  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021739  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021740  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021741  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021742  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics
!ERROR!System:[OVERSIZED MESH NODE] 9223372057977021743  \engine\cleangame\resources\whiteboxes\cube.hgm  will not be in physics

Scripting & Programming / Re: Terrible Accident
« on: Feb 22, 13, 11:51:18 AM »
I'm good boss, sorry for the delay in response I've been down with the Norovirus since Sunday.

Don't get it.  Norovirus bad, very bad. <g>

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