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Game Dev and Gaming / Re: The 3000 person Even Online Fight
« on: Jan 30, 13, 04:19:36 PM »
I was one system out on my Caldari toon that stays in Jita trying to get there when they did that.  I got DCed and couldnt reconnect to go try to nab loot from the dead Titans :(

So Sad.  It's a terrible solution :(

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Sapphire and beyond
« on: Jan 30, 13, 04:18:44 PM »
Make sure you point out where you think the wiki is up to date, or what you're confused about doing tutorial wise. Just saying "WANT MOAR STUFF" is not very productive. :-)

Don't do it in this thread, as this is a feature request thread, but make a post about your specific needs.


Seriously though DX11 would be enough for me.  I'll leave the bells & whistles up to everyone else :D

Made a new character, soon as I changed from Wizard pants to Generic Skirt it locked up again.  Hrm. 

Update: Pantaloons does it too :D

I used the F5 Menu to edit my character.  Using the sliders worked fine.  Now that I've selected a field in the dropdown menu i.e. Head, it greyed out, and I dont have a character model.  I'm simply a floating axe, and cannot select Head->Lower Body, etc.  Any field I select with the dropdown menu is now greyed out.

Image Relevant.

Scripting & Programming / Re: /who type command.
« on: Jan 29, 13, 09:23:03 AM »
As always you've saved me from partial idiocy.  Thanks. <g>

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] /who type command.
« on: Jan 29, 13, 09:12:48 AM »
I've not been able to find a stock version of the /who command or anything that shows me who all is logged into development or where.  Actually cant find a way to travel directly to a player.  Do I need to implement these, or am I overlooking them?  Thanks.

Merrick An'Akosh

Developer Introductions / Oblivion Entertainment
« on: Jan 27, 13, 11:26:33 AM »
Hi all.  We are Oblivion Entertainment and we are currently developing Oblivion: Destiny's End MMORPG.  Our goal is to bring the interactivity and close knit relationships between GM's and Players from MUDs to the world of MMORPGS.  Having grown sick of seeing WOW Clone after WOW Clone pop out over the last five years, we finally made the decision to transition to the MMORPG Community.

Primary points of contact are:
Myself, Lead Developer (jclay@oblivionent.com)
Kelsie Fitzpatrick, Lead Developer (MUD) (kfitzpatrick@oblivionent.com)
Lonnie Morris, Lead Developer (MMO) (lmorris@oblivionent.com)

Our website can be viewed at:

Pleasure to meet you all!

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