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Developer Hero Projects / Anmynor by Pyxel Arts
« on: Aug 31, 11, 01:36:15 PM »
Anmynor is a PvP Arena Based game. Players control squads of customizable golems in multiplayer matches.


And they have a freaking sweet CG Video:

And an interesting inside look here:

Developer Hero Projects / Gatheryn by Mind Fuse Games
« on: Aug 31, 11, 01:21:41 PM »
Gatheryn by Mind Fuse Games made it to a public Beta, but never made it to release as is the fate of so many interesting online games. It was a puzzle based steam punk MMO.


Developer Hero Projects / Star Wars: The Old Republic
« on: Aug 31, 11, 01:13:26 PM »
If you haven't heard of this game you should check it out, and then move back to the planet Earth.


Hi HeroCloud Developers,

Just me, Cooper, checking in on you. I'm always interested in project updates, and I like to remind folks that I'm available for questions or feedback. Also, I want to remind you all that in October we have a major relaunch of our website planned, and anyone interested in being featured on it should be building a portfolio of screenshots and videos (if possible). I'm also always interested in getting access to any presentation assets you're interested in giving me so I can show them off at the various game conferences we attend throughout the world.

Also, in case you havne't been to the forums, or noticed, as a HeroCloud developer you now own licenses to SpeedTree, FMOD, Granny, Umbra, and FaceGen...and yes, there is one more we are actively in negotiations with. No, I can't tell you. No, I can't guarantee it will happen. Yes, you can probably guess what it is.

And finally, just some updates to the HeroEngine roadmap. We are currently targetting Q1 of 2012 for Mac, Linux, and iOS releases (remember this does not mean the HeroBlade Editor will be available on these platforms, this is just for end user clients), and end of October 2011 for social/facebook/asynchronous and FPS example code and wiki tutorials (You can make these games now, we just don't have examples or strong tutorials relating to them). There is obviously far more in the works, but those are the updates most developers are interested in.

As always, hit me up with any questions or concerns, and keep me updated on your progress.

-Cooper Buckingham
Product Manager
Idea Fabrik, HeroEngine, HeroCloud

Since most users of these forums already are working on a HeroEngine Project they most likely aren't the best place for recruiting, but the developers have asked for it, so here it is. Keep an up to date thread on opportunities you have available within your team and your project. Feel free to give a brief description of your project here, but provide a link to your project thread in the the other boards, instead of duplicating the information.

Also, remember, trying to recruit engineers for an unpaid project that only has writers and world builders is a very very difficult prospect. I'm reminded of the age old adage in MMOs: If you have a group with only DPS in it and are shouting "LFM, need healer and tank"; you aren't Looking for More, you're Looking for Group.  ;)

This is another experimental board we've created in response to developer feedback. Feel free to post a thread about the project you have in development. Tell us about your game, cool stuff you have planned. Show off pics, videos, concept art, examples of game systems. Get us interested in your project, or use it to solicit feedback. Update the post anytime you have new things to show us and feel free to bump with any new info for great justice.

Developer Introductions / Introduce you and your team
« on: Aug 31, 11, 11:04:41 AM »
Here is our latest experiment in community building. Post a thread for who you and your development group are. Include anything you want, bios, facebook links, your website, etc. And feel free to modify your main post to keep us up to date with any information about your company.

There is a separate board for showing off assets from your game.

It can be about anything, script, world building, art pipeline, anything. I will begin, and I will list two because I'm awesome.

Selecting an object with the dynamic selection tool and then spamming cntrl-D will allow you to place the same object over and over again wherever your mouse moves.

The plateau terrain tool can have its pitch and yaw changed by holding modifier keys and mouse wheeling. This allows you to make smooth ramps and roads that wrap along the sides of mountains and things.

News & Announcements / Licenses Included in the HeroCloud
« on: Aug 13, 11, 09:09:37 AM »
We have purchased the following licenses for all HeroCloud developers. This means you no longer need to secure your own licensing for any products in the Cloud.

SpeedTree - modeler is available on the Additional Downloads tab on the account page.

FMOD - You can now create sounds in FMOD Designer and use them in your game.  This rough guide will get you going http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/FMOD

FaceGen - It's all wired up to the cloud and ready to go. Morph targets, scaling, tinting, oh my. Dive in anywhere in the wiki relating to characters and you'll find mention of what Facegen is doing and can do: http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Facegen

RAD Game Tools - is the art and animation pipeline, and is already doing everything you need it to do.

Awesomium - for displaying web page content including HTML, JavaScript, and Flash inside your game.

From Melina:

Several of our developers have been asking us for a media kit to put on their websites and to make use of in their games and videos.  With the rebrand of HeroCloud (and folding of IdeaSystem into HeroCloud) now complete we’re now ready to provide developers with our media kit.  With several games shipping soon, we’ve also developed an animated “Powered by HeroEngine” logo for developers to incorporate as a splash screen in their games.

Feel free to let us know if we’re missing anything.


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