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This is Functioning as designed per Engineering.

There are two reasons we spin areas up that are two hops away when active players are detected:

1) if a player travels to an adjacent area and then immediately travels again (in the case of an 'L'-shaped series of transition, for example), there is the possibility that that second-hop area will not have time to load/spin-up in time for the player, which will present the player with a loading screen and delay any server-side processing for that area until it has spun up.

(this can have particularly nasty side-effects when we consider game systems like combat in which a player could become 'frozen' for several seconds while a new area spins up. getting rid of that possibility eliminates troublesome situations like that.)

 2) anticipating player movement by spinning up areas they could potentially move to reduces the 'spikiness' of server load by keeping relevant areas spun-up and ready to receive players while at the same time distributing area spin-ups more evenly over time; if we were to not do this, the frequency of area spin-up/spin-down would be increased and the load/delay at any given time could become unacceptable.

It is basically a heatmap based on population with three values. "Somebody is here", "Somebody is nearby (two hops away)", "Nobody is nearby". We don't recommend modifying this behavior in anyway.

General Discussion / Re: Endless Load Screen
« on: Jul 18, 15, 06:20:10 PM »
Does it also happen in the player client, or just HB?

General Discussion / Re: Endless Load Screen
« on: Jul 18, 15, 04:06:03 PM »
If you can get us a solid repro case we can check out what's happening specifically, but we've never been able to repro internally. I think we once saw a similar outcome in the Repop dev world, but there were too many other script errors at play to isolate a given case.

Design & World Building / Re: Heightmaps
« on: Jul 16, 15, 01:51:27 PM »
You'll probably get better results phrasing your question as "I want to do x, but y is happening", or "Why does x happen when I think y should happen".

General Discussion / Re: Hololens
« on: Jul 15, 15, 01:24:34 PM »
It's not currently on our roadmap. :-)

Design & World Building / Re: InheritParentVisibility
« on: Jul 15, 15, 01:23:22 PM »
I'm going to assume that inheritParentVisibility does not function...as to be honest, I've never used it once. We'll look at it, and remove the toggle if it's no longer relevant.

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