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Scripting & Programming / Re: CLI command /mnac error
« on: Aug 04, 11, 03:39:18 PM »
Did you put a ham sandwich inside of your computer tower? Because that has been known to cause data corruption.

General Discussion / Re: Documentation question
« on: Aug 04, 11, 07:45:21 AM »
Hi Bear,

I think hands down we've got the best documented engine out there. Certainly there will occasionally be an outdated section. Our engineers spend a great deal of time documenting everything. The example you use is because the Facebook API isn't currently available so instead they duplicated the best practices for all types of games and then outlined the specific ways to think about social game paradigms.

If you run into other sections that you feel are outdated please post about them or feel more than free to edit them yourself. We have a number of users both updating at adding completely new sections. I tend to see that if folks can't find a section they are looking for, more often than not it's a terminology mismatch where we are using a different term than they expected, so that's certainly one thing we are paying attention to.

But I'd need specifics of where you were confused by or feel that a section was missing in order to help.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Mob Spawners
« on: Aug 03, 11, 05:13:19 PM »
This is where I just post relevant wiki entries, just in case, while we wait for more knowledgeable folks to respond, and other devs with similar questions might find answers that they overlooked in the wiki.


Design & World Building / Re: Importing Terrains
« on: Jul 30, 11, 09:36:19 AM »
I think we might be hiding it on the downloads page at the moment to limit confusing new developers with too many things. For this week, email me if you want it and I'll attach the package to your group.


General Discussion / Re: Hero's Journey Reference
« on: Jul 30, 11, 09:28:22 AM »
It's all just HJ ref. Has everything we have crammed in there.

Remember that there is push and pull though, as Jay points out. Draw calls certainly reduce performance, but depending on the size and complexity of the object, you remove the ability to LOD sections of the object by combining, but save on draw calls. So, if you have a square castle, and standing in front of it doesn't let you see 75 percent of it, you should break it into separate objects so that the LOD system can handle the 75 percent the character can't see, etc etc.

At the end of the day, it's all pretty situation specific, but you get the gist.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Problems with object materials
« on: Jul 27, 11, 11:08:23 AM »
You have a default name being used by more than one gr2.

wall_gate_yards is using the Material 02 - Default
and at least
ground_yard is also using Material 02 - Default

it isn't happening to all of your objects, either because some of them have identical settings, so can use the same material, or because different artists made the objects and named the materials something different.

Start with opening up any model that is throwing the error and changing the "02 - Default" to something unique.

General Discussion / Re: Question: Getting Started
« on: Jul 26, 11, 05:11:09 PM »
I'm going to add a sentence of wisdom for the use of all software, and hardware, and items, in the whole of the universe:

"If you have to ask whether it's okay to delete things, it is most likely advisable that you wait until you are experienced enough to answer the question yourself before deleting things."

Correct, there isn't technically a feature that fuses rivers to static bodies of water, as the textures would end of being wonky anyways. Rocks and Froth and Particle effects, oh my.

Developer Introductions / Re: Introduction
« on: Jul 24, 11, 09:33:10 AM »
Welcome to the show. I hope we can get some more introductions going on in here as we ramp things up. Maybe we'll think about a showcase / who you are section of the forum going.

General Discussion / Re: New
« on: Jul 18, 11, 05:06:00 PM »
Hi Rusy,

Chat Mapper is an organizational tool for dialogue. In order to have a a dialogue system in HeroEngine you would write it in our scripting language. You could then organize your own dialogue using any tool you like. RTF and XML are simply storage files for the organization of that text, like writing your text in a Word Document and then putting it into your game.

From Melina:

Several of our developers have been asking us for a media kit to put on their websites and to make use of in their games and videos.  With the rebrand of HeroCloud (and folding of IdeaSystem into HeroCloud) now complete we’re now ready to provide developers with our media kit.  With several games shipping soon, we’ve also developed an animated “Powered by HeroEngine” logo for developers to incorporate as a splash screen in their games.

Feel free to let us know if we’re missing anything.


Off Topic / Re: You have been Hoffed!!
« on: Jun 21, 11, 02:05:16 AM »
We should probably take that out...at some point.

Design & World Building / Re: Terrain resolution question.
« on: Jun 21, 11, 01:59:47 AM »
The tessellation is set to a recommended density for online games. I think you'll find with practice and elbow grease that you can get some great looking stuff, though it is very common in both offline and online games to use modeled objects for rock faces. I like to think that I'm such an amazing world builder that I can get away without them.  ;D

But with that said, we do make source for terrain settings available in order to tweak or import, or the simple act of scaling your objects larger will result in a relative increase in triangle density. But we do not recommend taking on any of these changes unless you specifically understand what you are getting into and how it will affect client and server performance.

The Renderer Settings are there as working options that can be wired into a player client and then saved out in the client configuration settings. For development purposes they are not wired up to save by default. We leave that to you to decide what rendering settings you want and which ones you want to set permanently and which ones you want to publish to the user to manipulate.

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