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Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Path Online
« on: Nov 15, 19, 10:01:08 AM »
Hi Guys, we are also now up on IndieDB and will be doing our best to post monthly updates their. If you have 5 minutes I'd love for you to checkout our page.

Developer Hero Projects / Website / Facebook
« on: Nov 09, 19, 12:52:12 PM »
We have launched a quite basic new website, with blog etc.. To keep up to date with information as well. Shop function is currently not available.


Also a facebook page for anyone who wanted to follow along with our antics.

Developer Hero Projects / Game Mechanics
« on: Nov 09, 19, 06:11:02 AM »
Reserved for Game Mechanics.

Developer Hero Projects / 3D Art / World Design
« on: Nov 09, 19, 06:10:45 AM »
Reserved for 3D Art / World Design

Developer Hero Projects / Concept Art
« on: Nov 09, 19, 06:10:24 AM »
Reserved for Concept Art

Concept Art - The Isle of Kruk

North of the Island, Ruins area

Concept Art - View into The Far South


Leaving The Town of Tin

Rivertown - Sketch / Speed Concept

Some Enemy Character / NPC Concepts

Developer Hero Projects / Story and Lore - RESERVED
« on: Nov 09, 19, 06:10:04 AM »
Reserved for Story and Lore Info.

Brief Introduction:
The King of Rhyndlyr is a man known as 'Elysian Greatmace', once a traveller / adventurer and now an all-powerful master of the three-paths. He has ruled over the Kingdom for a decade but has recently vanished from all public sight. As the story continues for the player they will be roped into investigating the Disappearance of Elysian Greatmace, and how it has coincided with the appearance of the dark creatures. As the game plays on glimpses of Elysians story will appear in the form of left messages, diary pages etc.. which the player will be pursue as a part of some of the main quest and story line. This key-story line will also reveal a great deal of the background history of Rhyndlyr and the whole game world. Here you will have a glimpse into it as this story is developed and written. The tale is actually being written by two writers but is regularly updated, I'll do my best to keep the scribd document updated whenever I can to release a few good pages of content at a time.

The Story of Elysian Greatmace -

Below are brief write-ups for the various areas of Rhyndlyr through which the character will travel through.

The Kingdom of Rhyndlyr

The Isle of Kruk  (Levels 1-6):

The starting point for the player’s adventure. The Isle of Kruk is a small river island in the mid-south of Rhyndlyr. It is home to a small rural town from which the main character has lived since their birth. The character is working as a hand on a local farm. When the character appears there has been an attack on the bridge the last night and one of the farm owner the player works for has been seriously injured. The farmer still hasn’t woken up and now the town is alight with chatter of dark things roaming the woods in the North of the Island and in the forests across the bridge.

There is a ruinous area in the North of the Island where people no longer roam. This area has now been corrupted. There is a fog surrounding the area and dark creatures roam freely unperturbed by the daylight.
The centre of the Island is home to the main portion of the town. A Tavern, a blacksmiths, general store, several residential properties, a wind mill and one wooden guard house built to the northern side of the town looking in the direction of the north of the Isle.

The South/East of the Island is wooded and is uncorrupted. Here wild animals still roam freely and there is a light, summery sense to the area. There is some few scattered houses but the area is mostly wild.

The Town of ‘Tin’ (Level 5-10)
After completing introductory stages on The Isle of Kruk the player will be asked to go to the local town of Tin to inform them of the corruption on the Island and its origin. The player will then move onto a quest line based from this town and the surrounding woodland which will involve them exploring the surrounding area and pursuing some quests on the edge of the Far-South.

The Town of Tin itself is considerably larger than the rural town on the Isle of Kruk. It contains numerous shops, smiths, stores and a larger street market. There is a church in the town which sits behind the market. There is also three schools, it is here that the player will have the opportunity to progress in their skills / abilities of their chosen profession. There is a small school and training area with archery targets and combat manikins for ‘The Path of The Arm’ the school of fighting. An Apothecary which houses a Mage and Doctor which will develop ‘The Path of The Mind’, and a guard station with local Guard Captain, the building draped with the Emblem of Rhyndlyr and a guard room. Here players will pursue ‘The Path of The Shield’. Around the edge of the town are rudimentary wooden barricades and fencing giving it some defence from external threats. The entries and exits to the town are through large wooden gates which are kept open but guarded.

There is one mud path into the town to the south east coming from the far south and the Isle of Kruk, later linking onto the main road to the capital. To the north there is a mud path leading to a Bridge and towards the town of Haxton. Surrounding the town is thick green forest of deciduous trees (broad giant oak trees) with a large, open under-canopy. Within the forest there are numerous bandit camps, feral animals and towards the southern edge some wandering corrupted creatures creeping up from The Far South towards the town.

The Capital (Levels 10-15)

The capital is a sprawling metropolis, separated into four quarters by the waterways that flow through the city. Three of the quarters are home to each of the paths and contain a large number of NPC’s providing quest work at various levels, class specific training and goods for sale. The fourth quarter is the Merchants quarter and is home to the Bazaar, many smaller shops, markets, traders and smiths. The whole city is contained within stone walls with a high parapet and towers strategically placed around. Entrance is through a portcullis and large wooden gates. There is only two exits. The front gates and the river-gate on the north-east side of the city. The river gate allows boats to come in from The Hoist where large cranes raise merchant ships from the waters and lower them onto the top-river leading into the city to deliver their goods to market.

The Docks –
Three large jetties which protrude into the river beside the capital and outside its gates. Here ships too large to use the hoist offload goods from across the world. There is a large tent-encampment on the beach where the captains oversee their goods being offloaded. From here an adventurer might be able to find transport to lands afar. There are a lot of dockhands and labourers around the beach and as well as boxed goods stacked up and scattered around. The beach is of a dark sand and as you look back towards the capital the walls sit atop tall cliffs.

To the north of the docks cliffs continue until where they meet the sea, sheer drops from the capital above. Water tumbles noisily over two waterfalls from the river above. Caves litter the Cliffside and broken wrecks of ships litter the sands. Rocks surround the caves, waterfalls and shoreline here. The risk for sailors is high so only the most experienced captains and more manoeuvrable ships use the hoists.

Capital – External
The external of the capital is surrounded by high stone walls, red roofing runs along their tops and towers jut out frequently showing the design is not just aesthetic but practical. The Capital is an incredibly strong military position controlling access further into Rhyndlyr. There is a well worn but cobbled road leading up to the gates. The road is sandwiched between the docks to the east and broad yellow farmland to the west. Several windmills stand visible amongst the fields as well as a farm further to the west. The road leads up to large wooden gates and a portcullis. The gates are often open but guarded at all times. The capital itself is surrounded by thinly spread woods which stand between the walls and the cliffs down to the sea. Boulders of hard grey stone are loosely strewn across the land.

The Hoist – External
To the north east of the Capital outside of the walls sits The Hoist. Here two large cranes with complicated pulleys are responsible for lifting merchant vessels from the river below up the cliffs and onto the top river. This is the method by which goods are bought in to be traded. There is a large encampment of tents at the cliff top where many of the workers shelter from bad weather. Merchants pay for the service and it certainly isn’t cheap but it saves a day of offloading at the beach and hauling goods by arm or wagon up the hill to the road and in through the gates.

Capital - Internal
As you enter the capital through the great wooden gates there is a large statue of Elysian Greatmace the protector of the realm riding his horse carved out of the same grey stone surrounding the walls. A stable and tavern are on the immediate right and a scattering of houses surround the dirty road. Behind the statue stands a building of dark grey stone which is home to the Path of The Shield. Here those following that path can further their education in their class. To the east of the statue is more wooden structures and the path leads round to a fenced barracks where the Path of The Arm train. There are those practicing sword training and archery here as well as manikins and targets.

Walking through The Path of the Shield, you cross a stone bridge into the Merchants Quarter. Here there is a small dock beside the bridge where goods are unloaded straight to market. Many stalls and shops litter the square where traders hawk their goods.

To the north eastern side of the Merchants Quarter is another stone bridge leading to the Path of The Mind. Here a large mage tower overlooks the city with its many rooms and windows. It stands tall above the castle walls looking out over the river and the lands of Rhyndlyr. Surrounding it are Chemists and Apothecaries, Healers and mages. People walk around in long robes, here members of the Path of Mind can further pursue their education.
To the west of the City there is a large lake and small woodland. Here water springs naturally from the ground giving the city a constant supply of fresh clean water. A few wooden huts surround the waters.

Developer Hero Projects / The Path Online
« on: Nov 09, 19, 06:09:34 AM »

Hi HE Forums,

I'm starting this thread not because I have anything wonderful to show you, but essentially because I am hoping to begin some sort of record of our progress. That will be a combination of Lore, concept art, in-engine screenshots, web development etc..

I'm not one for writing a diary (except actually I'm writing our game lore in a diary format but we'll get to that later.) so I hope this will serve as a tool for allowing us to look back on where we came from and where we are now and reflect positively on what we have achieved. I will post several posts after this seperating into broad subject headings, 'Story / lore', 'Concept Art', '3D Art and World Design', 'Game Mechanics' and I will do my best to update these areas as we go.

Now, into the slightly more enjoyable topic of 'What The F*&^ are we actually making.

Game Name - The Path Online

Initial Concept -

The player is delved into a multiplayer online role playing game. They play as a fictional character who’s employer and close friend has been injured in an attack by one of the dark creatures that have been sighted. They become roped into the investigation into the darkness and what is causing it, where it is coming from and not just investigating but fighting it. As the player develops they discover their path and progress along it. Training in the Path of the Shield (Protection), the Arm (Attack) or the Mind (Healing and Magic). This will take them along a twisted journey of study, fighting and mystery as they learn more and get more and more involved in fighting off the darkness that is creeping into Rhyndlyr.

Unique Selling Points -

•   Mystery / Puzzle game, in which the character will need to think, investigate and solve problems outside of regular grinding / fighting.
•   Massively multiplayer. Support friends, colleagues and companions in growing, learning and travelling in the world.
•   Fully shape your characters journey through their path of study, learn multiple paths and join paths together for a totally unique character class.

Brief Plot Setting -

Our player begins in Rhyndlyr or ‘The River Lands’ as is known in the common tongue. A fantasy region sandwiched between the icy mountains of The Far North and the crumbling stone region in the far south. It has been for the most part a region of relative safety. The towns have grown prosperous over the last century on trade along the river-routes and fine goods coming in from around the world through the river town of Brebon and into the great Capital. Whilst things have remained good for a long time the roads have begun to grow dangerous once more. Taxes are high; boy’s go off and take the kings silver for service in wars abroad and there is growing chatter around dark things attacking folk on the roads at night.

People do not speak of these things. Not in daylight, not without ale. But they are sure they exist. Word of them has spread quickly among the people of Rhyndlyr. These are troubling times and with all the men gone off to war there are few heroes left to investigate these dark forces let alone put a stop to them.

I appreciate you taking the time to read through about us thus far, I hope you stick along with us for the journey. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them here and I'll be happy to do my best to answer them.

General Discussion / Re: Is this engine going anywhere?
« on: Nov 09, 19, 05:04:16 AM »
Best thing to do is jump on the Discord where things are still lively. They are working on shortly releasing HeroEngine 2.5x and aren't a million miles away from Hero Engine 3.0

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