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Ah, but a seamless world in an infinite loop sounds pretty appealing, it does not have to be that big, but the idea of no "dead end" is nice. You can just end up right back where you started.

Hey guys thanks for the help and guiding words. I didnt mean put 10km by 10km by 2000m in one area. I do intent to use Seamless 2.0 and I was chunking all of my height maps down for 256m by 256m per area.

Thanks for the good advice on importing successfully from world machine.

I am still getting into the game mechanics, as its only been a few days and I am a one man show on this game at this point.

I am using world machine, I tiled the export and I'm going to try that. However my issue with the vertical scale is that if I make a heightmap with elevations of 2,000m 10km by 10km the chunks with high point lose the fine details if they are scaled down 10 times is that import scale in meters?

When I import the maps generated are ridiculously huge. even a km map is producing hundreds of 256x256 meter heightmaps which does not make sense and the vertical scale seems to be limited to 128 meters on import is there something I am missing here?

Design & World Building / Re: Using the SpeedTree Store
« on: Feb 22, 13, 08:34:00 AM »
Hahaha, well it was worth a try!

SpeedTree is still a sick program at any rate.

Design & World Building / Re: Using the SpeedTree Store
« on: Feb 21, 13, 11:55:58 PM »
Doesn't the speedtree license include the assets for the trees in the store now? SpeedTree For Games incudes a 180 species model library: http://www.speedtree.com/video-game-development.php

Is there any chance of adding this to the downloads section?  :o

This is what I ened up doing for the sky, plus some of my textures grass and a tree!

I ended up going with something that can be tiled for now, perhaps I'll come back to that later. HeroEngine is intuitive and fun as heck though I must say.

That is okay!

Anyway any ideas this is all fairly new to me.

Obviously it easyto make a sky texture with no fealure just a simple star pattern seamless. I want to use the dynamic sky and add some pzaz to the night sky with high resolution images of the milky way. I tried a few approaches so far using 2D textures, but because of the way the image wrpas I run into some issues where different corners meet each other. So question 1 is can I use a skybox as the star map instead of a 2d texture and have it still be dynamic.

Take a look at what I have thus far:

[attachment deleted by admin]

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