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GUI Creation / Changing Bars to Numbers
« on: Apr 22, 13, 07:35:12 AM »
I am tryng to change hit point stamina and mana bars into numbers for example 100/100. Anyone know what properties I would need to change for the sliders to convert them from standard bars to numbers I would greatly apprecate the help.

Our team is working on an MMORPG, we currently have a concept artist, experienced coder (new to HSL), a 3D artist (mostly environmental but wants to branch out), and novice game coder but experienced web hosting and design developer and business owner. We have all concept art done all ideas for release done all dungeons drawn out world map drawn out. We are recently began creating our assets in game and coding our ideas, we are lacking one major role world building (someone familiar with HE world building tools). The idea of our game is generally an open world MMO with some ideas from games like UO, WOW, and DAoC but all combined with our own unique twist and using original art, world, items, and systems. We are all working on our area of expertise as much as possible with still working in our field full time so there is no high pressure, but we do ask to put in some time each week and be able to communicate with the team (and usually a weekly meeting in Skype to go over what we have done and what we plan to work on in the upcoming week). You do not have to be the best world builder ever, you can be a moderate world builder who is willing to be part of a team and learn more as you help build the world. PM for more info or with any questions. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you building with us soon.

Is it possible to set up a skill system in HE using herocloud? The system would be similar to UO, with a list of skills that as players use they raise opposed to the class system that comes standard? If so how would I get started, what scripts would I work on first?

Developer Introductions / Round Table Arts
« on: Mar 26, 13, 12:33:02 AM »
Hello all my team and I are new here, were working on an mmorpg using herocloud for now to see where it goes. Were a small 5 man team (myself am CEO but do little bit of everything except art). If anyone has any tips or hints for our team we would appreciate them. We are not new to the business we are all new to HE though. Look forward to working with the community over the next couple years. Any questions about our game or company feel free to ask.

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