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The VMP is intended as a peaceful gathering place for many needs and countless populations of the average person. I envision it as being an intermediary for other Hero Engine projects as a sort of neutral zone where special in-game merchandise can be viewed or purchased. It is also a common place for tutorials that explain your game's mechanics.

Sony used to have a concept called “Playstation Home” on PS3 consoles where people could visit the bar on Mos Eisley Space Port from Star Wars or even the shanty town featured in Resident Evil 5. It was a place to talk games while in a game-like environment. You could buy outfits, too.

This was a great place that the competition didn't have.

General Discussion / Game pitch
« on: Oct 30, 19, 01:40:48 PM »
Lately I have been thinking how I am not really very good at being a dishwasher. Don't get me wrong but my health isn't getting any better and when I have a bad day I can't work. That lets people down. I don't make excuses about why I feel bad either. I do however spend much of my free time with computers. With my spare money & spare time I was interested in creating games as a producer / designer. I have no real technical skills but I am very social with many people who are.

I should stick with what I am good at, not dwell on what I'm bad at. One project I was working on was what I called a Virtual Meeting Place. It is based off a game engine called Hero Engine which was used to create the Star Wars: The Old Republic and Elder Scrolls Online. An MMO is a game that is used to play with or against nearly thousands or millions of other players over the computer network. It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. Anyhow, recently i have seen commercials by the casino which fixated on online sports gambling.

Then it hit me, why not an MMO based on Gambling of all things. Like how legend has Caesar would decide if a man lived or died in the Collisiem. He would thumbs up or thumbs down. Now what if there was a game designed somewhat like a sport which had a heavy player vs player orientation. The winner of the fight doesn't matter. But what if the audience got to bet on who survived?

I haven't come up with a name for it yet. But I have a friend in the Middle East who is working on a game which is unfinished and needs to be translated in English.

I don't know why I'm pitching these ideas to you. I heard you were a VP or something of the casino. Maybe you know someone who is in marketing who can take the ball running from this point?

Scripting & Programming / Point N Click 2D or Lazy QTE.
« on: Aug 15, 19, 06:09:07 AM »
I have over a dozen reference photos. I want to make a presentation using them somewhat similar to Shadowgate. Using these commands you can teleport around the 3D landscape looking at holograms. There might even be animated scenes where NPCs in 3D are set against the backgrounds.

This is as always, an extension of my Virtual Meeting Place concept. Hoping to quickly finish this one as I have been considering options and asking for help for five years or so.... :(   This won't be the only usage of this concept. I will look forward to charging organizations a nominal fee to host VMPs for their organizations in a consistent 3D world.

I decided many years ago i wanted to adapt some older rules from tabletop to be used as a computer game's rules. I settled on Dominion Rules. www.dominionrules.org 

Other than posting all of the verbatem rules into a bunch of dos, I have no idea what else to do. I could come up with modifications i guess but documenting everything and compiling into a GDD is quite beyond just me to do alone.

I'm also not very skilled as a dev even after all these years.

Game Dev and Gaming / Hero Engine Groupings
« on: Feb 22, 19, 12:40:03 PM »
FB Post

"I am doing a Hero Engine project. It is meant to teach literacy for adults. I am digging an avant garde vibe to it..... like an atypical Harvey Pikar type of adventure game with few words in it at first as we follow some repenting fool as he travels from squalor to salvation."


Hey, anyone want to learn how to Program or help contribute to an ongoing game development project?
I have access to a free community online with a message board, a website, a wiki, tutorials on YT, and a specialized game engine. This is all centered around Hero Engine which is uses proprietary computer language of its own called "Hero Script Language" (HSL).
We need artists of all kinds. From drawing to writing to music to whatever. Photography.... History Buffs... any kinda hobbyist.

Normally Hero Engine costs $100 per year for two seats. BUT I have a lifetime promotional account which you can join for free. Just volunteer your time and your patience and willingness to act as a team.
Please like, share, comment! Share with all your friends and have them share with theirs, please.

General Discussion / Hero's Journey post morten.
« on: Jan 25, 19, 02:39:35 PM »

In 2010, Idea Fabrik bought the engine, its tech, and hired several of Simutronics staff. Today, the Hero Engine is still available as a development tool, although it doesn’t seem as though many studios are looking to use it.

Game Dev and Gaming / Classic JRPG Parody.
« on: Dec 04, 18, 03:50:43 AM »
I had this other idea of a parody of the early Dragon Quest or Final Fantsy games
like the player is standing outside town and he's one hundred feet tall...... the villagers panic only ot have him and his party warp into town signifigantly shorter than everyone else once he steps on town;.....
or the NPCs do scripted dialog and movements when arond the Player Character but will act and speak normallly when he is not present in the general area.

I have a .hgm model but it isn't fully textured. I have visual references to show what it looks like. Thanks.

Developer Introductions / Statup Questions
« on: Oct 02, 18, 08:18:02 PM »
Trying to think things over ahead of time. I do get that custom PCs are best. But how about workstations and thin clients?  I need to understand these alterantitve setups. And wondering about connectivity. What's a good business solution towards that? Comcast for business?

Dell Workstation.

My project's goals.

General Discussion / [RESOLVED] Can't login. NEW THREAD
« on: Sep 23, 18, 03:57:04 PM »
US EAST  21, can't open account page.

Anyone want to make a game but haven't got a good foundation yet for what kinda game they want to make? Did you join Hero Engine as an individual and not have your own Game Design Documents in place?

Me and a defunct team made a GDD which can be used as a template for your game. I'm not hiring staff or managing anything right now. My GDD and other documents are up for grabs. I am more of a story writer than a game developer.

I have a novella series universe called "Dove & Crow Saga" which is licensable.  I also have my story lore for "Death Never Accepts" (working title, will need to make your own) and GDD for "Born2Reign" as well as some random SCIFI stories. There's my teen coming of age story/ play "My First Detention from Dell House" and "the Baker Brothers VS Space."

Many projects I cannot get off the ground myself. PM if you'd like to have me work for you or be part of my team.

No purchase necessary. Skype me MORFICTION or discord morty19067#2740.

Off Topic / Groups for my project.
« on: Aug 02, 17, 04:57:10 PM »


IF you build it , they will come. :D

Off Topic / GMRayne! Are you on the Skype or Discord channels?
« on: Jul 26, 17, 02:16:55 PM »

Lots of the behind the scenes activities happen there. I guess.

Game Dev and Gaming / Final Fantasy XIV failure retrrospective.
« on: Jul 21, 17, 12:24:03 PM »

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