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Game Dev and Gaming / Writers do more than quest-writing.
« on: Feb 09, 12, 10:11:12 AM »
Personally I don't read any of the text that pops up when I take on a quest in one of these "theme park" mmos.

It's like, "Oh, look, an NPC quest giver! Yes, I accept your mission, stop talking!" then I get the basic information for the quest when it comes down to the basics on the right side of my screen. It lists the mobs I need to kill plus the number I have to kill. Then I just return to the quest giver to be given my gold and experience points. Rinse, repeat.

And since my only "skill" if you can call that which I find worth marketing out there in the world of game content is "writing" i'm asked to write quests! So if I do manage to hash out some words, they will be ignored by the player who is in the midst of grinding things out.

So that's my mind-set. If you can't think of anything else for a writer to do than doing quests while every other facet of your production is halted...

I'd much rather help with brain-storming the project's particulars in a group rather than have one or two overlords with veto power constantly doing nothing more than A.) Complain about everyone not doing their job and B.) Vetoing the people who do turn in work.

And when you do provide me with a project, don't complain I have too many questions or whatever. I can't pull material out of my arse. I need input on every small detail I can think of so those details don't derail my creative process.


Yay!!! He's got a kickstarter page!"

Like the page on Facebook or Twitter at minimum plz :D

Developer Introductions / Re: The Arcane Haven - Arcane Studios
« on: Oct 17, 11, 03:46:01 PM »
What's the premise?

Developer Hero Projects / Re: MOR's Project.
« on: Oct 08, 11, 01:59:02 PM »
Currently I am working with a friend on a new project. It's an RPG with no magic system. Heals are done with bandages and leechcraft.

Off Topic / Re: Steve Jobs: RIP
« on: Oct 06, 11, 04:42:03 AM »
Holy snikes! I didn't realize he'd had cancer. :(

Developer Hero Projects / Re: MOR's Project.
« on: Oct 03, 11, 07:29:13 AM »
Is it silly to use martians in an MMO?

Developer Job Board / Re: The Kyran Realms
« on: Sep 30, 11, 05:42:38 PM »
Hey, I'm working with the Ryuu Dragon group. Care to help?

Skype morfiction.

Developer Hero Projects / MOR's Project.
« on: Sep 27, 11, 02:27:08 PM »
I had an interesting idea as I lay in bed. What about a social game or MMO that takes place in high school?

Goals would be learning skills needed to survive the life of Acadamia while on the side you're a super hero. On an online game that is! It could be something like the Last Star Fighter where an "average" guy is recruited by a galactic fleet because he's really good at piloting a ship in an arcade game. Except in this case it's a group of super heroes. Sorta got a few ideas. Right now the graphic novel "The Pro" is buzzing through my head. Would be interesting to write something in that universe. Can't get the rights to it, so never mind.

Characters will all be chibi perhaps?

Anyway, repetitive but necessary tasks like studying or doing math or doing experiments in science class or doing pushups in phys ed are needed. It will be like Ultima Online except you don't need to be Grandmaster for items to be worth something that you build. And skills gains will be 1.0 rather than .1 every seventy years or however long it takes to build skill in that game.

The better your skills the better your grades.

Developer Introductions / Michael Owen Reeve
« on: Sep 27, 11, 07:51:19 AM »
Hi, I don't have a game studio of my own nor do I work for one.

I wish I could say I have extensive experience in pen & paper but I don't. My little D&D club started up and we got through some character building but that was all we got to do. :(

I've played hundreds of video games in the past. I am very interested in becoming a game maker or whatever you want to call it. Currently I am 33. I play Ultima Online and have dabbled in WOW & LOTRO & Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning but discovered class-limitations and race-limitations are not my style of play. So is mindless questing just to level up.

I am a writer of oodles of books through Lulu.com.


I'm not posting that to make a profit or sell books. :D There are samples to read.

Gosh, I'm not used to writing about myself. :D If I seemed too eager or blithe in the recruitment forum, forgive me. I just want to help on a project.

Anyway, I'm still heart-broken by NCsoft's closing of the space MMO Tabula Rasa. :(

I wish I could say I know what I'm doing when it comes to doing 3D models but I don't. I have a free trial of DAZ 3D and you have to pay to download clothing and stuff for your characters. The individual prices are insane!

Here's my small forum

Fourth reply!

I'm willing to help out with the lore if I might.

ICQ 105851819
YIM hurinsteadfast

Developer Job Board / Re: The Kyran Realms
« on: Sep 27, 11, 07:17:03 AM »
Hello. I'm a writer as I posted earlier. Can you write? I think we can help each other out. I think your gifts as your describe them are admirable.

ICQ 105851819
YIM hurinsteadfast

Hello! I'm interested in helping with some of the writing. I tried writing a story and started ten years ago or more! Still writing it. Slow going. Perhaps if I worked on something else I could relieve my block. :D

ICQ 105851819
YIM hurinsteadfast (I don't check the email attached to it)

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