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Off Topic / My blogs.
« on: May 04, 17, 08:38:51 AM »

Still dont' run. I try  the launcher and nothing happens. It looks like the white box goes to the uppler left of screen but it doesn't start the program.

Windows 10 Home.

General Discussion / Re: Granny3d
« on: Apr 13, 17, 02:02:22 PM »
If I did get Granny 3D seperately from Radgame Tools, would they run on Hero Engine? Like I think the new format is .gr2. But I could be wrong.

It won't run on my PC. Windows 32bit install. What was the place to get the Direct X 9 install? I found one but it said I had the wrong version of windows.

General Discussion / Granny3d
« on: Apr 05, 17, 08:31:44 AM »
What is the integration of "Granny3D"? In the past I played (long time ago) UO Third Age. It had .grn models in the game install folder. There was a third party "Granny Viewer" to look at them. Granny3D is from Radgametools. Is the part licensed already part of the engine?

Developer Job Board / Creative Consultation
« on: Mar 18, 17, 09:32:46 PM »
I"ve been saying I can Write for a long time. I am offering my services as a creative consultant. I can help review your GDD or Assets and give honest, non-cynical feedback. I rarely just say I don't like something because it 'Just sucks."

General Discussion / Re: PR Intro
« on: Mar 18, 17, 09:15:13 PM »
Hey, that's GREAT news!

Hey, sounds up my alley. I'm a writer. I would love to adapt some of my young adult fiction into a game. I am from Pennsylvania in USA.

It embarassses me to admit some of my favorite games are now really retro and in some cases infaomus.
Games like Who Framed Roger Rabbit for NES, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for NES, Deja VU, the Uninvited,
Shadowrun for SNES, Maniac Mansion, King's Quest V.

Each one had some unique GUIs. Lots of them were point and click.

I wish I knew what I was doing.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Virtal Meeting Place.
« on: Dec 05, 16, 06:40:39 AM »
This is a very interesting idea and one that i hope comes to fruition. Keep us updated :)

Hey, I try. So many games, so many influences.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Haven
« on: Nov 09, 16, 05:36:36 PM »
IP names aren't as difficult as you think to dream up.

Warhammer was taken so Blizzard made Warcraft. Simple.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Virtal Meeting Place.
« on: Nov 09, 16, 05:34:01 PM »
Very nice Mor! Keep up the good work! I am definitely looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks! Its kinda hard to dredge up this stuff these days.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Virtal Meeting Place.
« on: Nov 09, 16, 05:09:06 PM »
Here's some interface concepts....

Shadowrun SNES conversation chooser with keywords.

SCUMM command structure parser for Maniac Mansion.

I'm a big fan of Shadowrun on SNES. It was designed nearly like a PC game but on Super Nintendo. :D
The best part was speaking to NPCs you learn various code words. This was kinda more intuitive than the scheme used in BioWare's RPGs in the future.

Maniac Mansion I wasn't so good at compared  to Shadowgate on NES. It had an inclusive interface using point and click. Another inspiration is Shenmue. But anyway, in the PnC mode you tell your character how to interact with the world around them. I won't stick with PnC for movement  relying on the PC to walk to a place they are told to walk to because I hate that. I would have arrow keys or UO style movement using the mouse.

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