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Developer Job Board / Re: Death Never Accepts looking for talent
« on: Aug 14, 12, 05:53:52 PM »
Yahoo! Just joined!

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Crowdfunding for Indie Game Devs
« on: Aug 14, 12, 07:17:30 AM »

Nobody has used this site yet to fund anything.... ?

Design & World Building / Re: Non earthly environ (Mars)?
« on: Aug 13, 12, 09:18:07 PM »
I created a new terrain tile. I saved it in

/World/LiveContent/TerrainMaps/Generic/Gravel_Stone/ of repo browser.

The terrain tile is a redder version of a previous tile...

This way I don't have to paint the tiles one at a time.

Off Topic / Re: Unlimited Polygons
« on: Aug 13, 12, 04:19:54 PM »
Lots of jump-cuts in that video. Guy's talking then CUT his face goes wonky then CUT his face goes wonky.

Developer Job Board / Re: 2d Artist/concept artist
« on: Aug 10, 12, 02:04:34 PM »
How much do you generally charge?

Some art is better than no art. 

Now he's working on illustrating my book. :D

I can't guarantee I will be able to write everything myself and I'd rather farm out quest writing...

But I can help polish an existing concept / provide feedback that will be constructive rather than critical.

I have plenty of free time to devote to your project and have experience playing many MMOs and RPGs.

Skype me @ morfiction.
Or reply to this post.

YIM: hurinsteadfast (please, no emails)

What little time I do have is taken up. I'm supposed to be writing for Death Never Accepts.

Intriguing. How does one contact you?

Sent an email, too. :D

Design & World Building / Re: Non earthly environ (Mars)?
« on: Aug 05, 12, 04:24:17 PM »
Thanks, Cooper.

EDIT: Okay, I managed to do the environment but I can't get the land to look red enough. Do I have to make a new terrain tile and recolor it?

I'm using either GIMP or paint.net since I don't have photoshop to do DSS files.

NM think I made one the right way.....

Developer Hero Projects / Re: La Damar de Infernale Terre
« on: Aug 05, 12, 04:14:51 PM »
Mort, every 3 weeks you post about a new game you're working on. :-) if you don't have any artists or engineers I would recommend trying to volunteer on another team.


The pen-and-paper ideas threads were about "Born to Reign" and its rules I was trying to work on. I'm sorry I didn't specify in my posts.

"Damar" is my idea. :D

I'm going to get help with the community college's art department for the two projects in the near future. I couldn't email them because the email posted on their website is broken. :(

And, well,  I did look to volunteer. I'm unskilled pretty much and nobody wants a burned out writer. :(

Judging by this thread, I strongly recommend volunteering to work on somebody else's project, or just mess around with a world until you understand the whole HE paradigm.  You'll have a hard time attracting followers if you aren't at least familiar with the tools and interface.

Oh? I have a world. I'm messing around with terrain building right now. I got pretty good at it, added some water, then I spent months not using it and now I'm completely confused about how to do certain things....

Like I know I have to soften the edges of the land near water to allow my player character to walk onto the beach but I don't have the patience to do this... :(  Then I forgot what I was doing and tried to get this tree to be on land when I noticed it was surrounded by water and was just poking outta water.

I ended up making a lot of spikes of land then deleted the tree and stuff. hehe. I'm a slow learner. Not my fault, I was in Learning Disabled classes as a youngster.

How do I set the sky to be perpetually red and also make the clouds a different color?

Developer Hero Projects / La Damar de Infernale Terre
« on: Aug 05, 12, 11:21:22 AM »
Official fb page.

It should translate to "The Destruction of Hellish Earth."

Since my last post was deleted, I'm making this one.

So far I've brainstormed for months about this concept. For some reason I thought up "Martian World Builders" for a project I was ultimately fired from. The concept for that was Earth became ruined in such a degree from another World War's aftermath involving nukes so that the Martians stepped in and reforged everything to reflect a simpler time of warfare. A more honorable one if you would. Some people became classic fantasy non-human races.

This game takes place on Mars. I'm inspired by the classic Warcraft series and also a mechanic from "Messiah" computer game. Another inspiration is Dragon Force. I haven't seen the John Carter movie nor read the books involving Mars.

Don't be looking for Marvin here!

The title is mostly French with the phonetic word for "Destruction" in Arabic. The fb web page is backwards a little because I'm not sure which word comes first. It is either "Earthly Hell" or "Hellish Earth"...?  I don't speak French or anything except English to my detriment.

As I pitched the concept to one person, the dynamic for this game is to collect resources via claiming a vein of ore or a copse of trees. It's going to be more dynamic and involved than most Capture the Flag games....

The idea also is we have specialized Martian war lords who have special astral plane powers and elemental magics. So far I haven't got a team, but am going to try and get help from the Art Department of a local community college.

Um? It's THAT incomprehensible? No replies?

Developer Job Board / Re: Born to Reign. Recruits Needed...
« on: Jul 25, 12, 07:21:15 AM »
International team, we don't sync our schedules up with each others' because someone could be sleeping while the others are awake... and one person or two might just avoid being on skype because they see no progress in the game... :D

We always have a little progress because a couple of the team members are into their full time positions and lives outside of the game. It's not their fault and I would help more often but I have troubles of my own when it comes to concentration and such.

Our website is also a tad skimpy on details because the team head wants to keep everything secret....

We also have a forum, but that's also under-done. http://www.born-to-reign.net/forums/

I'm sure if we had some fresh perspectives things would go better.

EDIT: http://www.gamedev.net/classifieds/item/859-need-rules-miester-and-possible-quest-writers/

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