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I'm having difficulties getting the lobby system working. I'm not looking to extend the lobby system that is there at the moment but simply understand the process of getting the lobby to work. I've read the Wiki entry and have had no luck.

If possible could someone outline the step-by-step process required to get a lobby system up and running when an area is loaded?

Much appreciated.

I am trying to understand how to make the lobby system appear during a play instance.

Ideally we'd like for this to happen after character selection is complete and before our level is loaded. I've read through the lobby system example here: http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Lobby_System but I am still not sure how those examples are run, and where the scripts should reside in the DOM.

If someone is able to walk through how to get the example lobby system to appear on screen, that would be incredibly helpful.


Scripting & Programming / Assigning teams through a chat command
« on: Aug 28, 13, 09:00:25 AM »
What we're trying to accomplish here is to get all the characters currently in the area and assign them a team (Team1 or Team2) when a command is given.

We currently have a class TSMS_PlayerCharacter (They Stole My Sheep is the game name), which is a child of _PlayerCharacter and contains the logic and function for setting and getting a team.

We've looked into two ways of retrieving all the players in the area, but both lead to the same problem we're having.

  • The first is to use GetPlayersInArea() which successfully returns a list of all account ID's in the area. The problem is that I'm not sure how to go from having an account ID to a reference of the character that is of type TSMS_PlayerCharacter.
  • The second is QueryNodes() which isn't ideal since it is not recommended for production. This will successfully return a list of noderefs which can be cast as kindof _PlayerCharacter but I cannot be cast as type TSMS_PlayerCharacter which has the team assignment functions.

In all, inside the overridden cmdTemplate script, we'd like to be able to get all the characters in the area, and assign their teams using the function created in our own player character class.

Thank you for your help

Greetings again,

I am in the process of making a game in which two teams battle each other for control of 3 towers in a map. That's the general overview of the game as a whole.

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around some of the systems in the engine and thus hoping for some help.

  • When placing a model / asset into the game world, what is the best way to reference that item? For example, we currently have a trigger encompassing the tower. Currently the tower is a simple arch provided by clean engine. If I want to change the colour of this item, I currently create a noderef of class HBNode (client side) and make that equal to it's GUID. Is there is more correct way of doing this? Should items such a tower reside on the server rather than the client?
  • I have noticed in the HJRef world several triggers that do not have a script set in the callback property. I've read here http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Triggers that you can have a class GLOMmed onto the trigger node but I am having trouble understanding how to do that?
  • I understand that _playerCharacter is a base class that should be extended using our own class. How exactly is this done? Should I create the class X_playerCharacter and GLOM it to _playerCharacter?
  • What script handles arrival paths? What we'd like to do is define starting locations for each team.

Appreciate any help that can be given.


I'm new to HeroEngine and currently trying to wrap my head around all of it's systems.

Currently I'm working on a small "capture the tower" prototype in which each tower is represented by a CleanEngine asset (gothic arch). Each tower is enclosed in a trigger.

What i'm trying to do is simply change the color attribute of the arch when a player enters into the trigger.

The tutorial on the wiki shows how to change the attribute based on a mouse event, but I'm unsure on how to do it through a trigger event.


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