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Great!  Thank You WorldWideZ :) !

Excellent, Thank You WorldWideZ :) !

I see the 'Rebuild HotSpot Interface' in the Utilities Interface (under the Commands tab), and the 'Create NPC' in the Character Specific Registration dia. box (under, Tools > Character Specification Registry).

Great tips, I appreciate it.

I tried the 'Create NPC' on the character that did work / add to my area before, but selecting on the character (that is showing in the list of characters in the Character Specification Registration) and then selecting on the 'Create NPC' was unresponsive, no messages from the Console Window,  <--I'm pretty sure I need to restart the Hero Engine.  I'll try that again after I restart.

The other default characters in the Character Specification Registration, did appear and worked great :) .

The default 'Character_Sample' worked, but threw a ton of error messages in the Console Window, which I'm sure is my fault, as I downloaded the 'Character_Sample,' and then uploaded it again to the Server Repository to replace the Character_Sample.

Is there a way to reset the Server Repository?  Putting it back to it's default files and directory configuration?

Thanks again WorldWideZ, I sincerely appreciate your time and help  :D !

Hi All,

Hero Engine has been great, my Thanks to all involved in creating it, working/helping with it, and supporting it  :) !

My newbie question/issue, and my apologies, I did search on this, but I'm guessing it's something very basic that I've missed / not found an answer to;

I've had success a number of times using the Hero Character Tools exporting out of 3ds Max 2013 64bit, creating a very basic, default character (less than 66 bones, simple mesh, no normal maps, etc.).  I've been able to log in, Enter an Area I've created (and after uploading the character into the Server Repository),
enter into the Chat Command window;

 ' /henpc add spec Timmy /Character/Timmy/'


 '/henpc create Timmy'

The character will appear in the Area (moving around on what I think is a default AI path), I'll be able to possess the character, the character scale is correct, the textures are displaying correctly, the 'Idle' animation is working correctly, -no additional animations have been added, static character, additional instances of the character appear in the Area when added,  -cool  8) .

I will log-out, then later log back in (maybe 6-8 hours) to the same Area, and enter the same Chat Commands.  The Console Window will show no result, no dia. window in the game area will appear to indicate that the character has been added, and there will be no appearance of the added character in the game area.  The character(s) that were added into the area earlier are still present in the game area. 

I will log-out / exit the Hero Engine, then log back in, -sometimes I will get the same no response / no results with the Console Window & Area, other times it will work, and the character will be added to the area.

I've tried to figure out what may cause the no response / character not being added to the area, and so far it seems to work when;

*I re-name / re-create the character (renaming all textures, maps, the mesh, etc.), use the Character Tools > Create Character Files, and upload the new character ( <--but, this does not always work.  Sometimes the new character does not get added, and I'll see no error messages / no responses in the Console window).

*If I delete all of the character files I've added in the Server Repository (leaving the character folder, but deleting the files in them, making the text turn red), then upload just one character (replacing the single character directory), restarting the Hero Engine, using the Chat Commands and adding the character (<-- again, as above, this does not always work).

Is this possibly due to lag?  Maybe the Server / Hero Engine is running slow, or going through an update / maintenance?

When I log-in > awaken world > enter area, sometimes it will load quickly, other times it will take much longer.  When it takes longer to log-in, the no response / character not getting added, seems to occur the most.

The last time I logged-in, the Console Window showed these errors;

15:38:12: !ERROR!System:Rigid meshes not supported!  Asset: ears.gr2, Mesh: ears
15:38:12: !ERROR!System:Rigid meshes not supported!  Asset: hairbase_mop.gr2, Mesh: hairbase_mop

I see "ears.gr," in the Server Repository HE > Character > Dynamic_2 > human > Female.
And "hairbase_mop.gr2" I see in the Server Repository HE > Character > Dynamic_2 > human > shared geometry > hair.

I have not done anything with those directories, but I have added other static characters in the HE > Character directory ('Male,' 'NPC,' 'Sam,' etc. ).

My thanks to anyone in advance on help with this issue, I sincerely appreciate it  :) .

-Josh Purple

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Base Animation Script Files
« on: Sep 23, 13, 10:30:37 AM »
Track masks are for when you want to combine animations , and can be weighted just like bones . the same animations are then applied to the model as when using AnimAllBody

examples might be UpperBody , LowerBody . using these masks i could have a walk animation and a static attack animation combined together to make a walk attack.
Thank You WorldWideZ  :) ,  I appreciate it!

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Base Animation Script Files
« on: Sep 22, 13, 11:15:06 PM »
Excellent, Thank You keeperofstars :) .

And please forgive my newbie questions;

I've had success using the Hero Character Tools exporting from Max,
where I left the Track Masks Editor at default (no channels added).
In your .AAS file I see,
Code: [Select]
Will I need to add any channels with the Track Masks Editor
(walk, run, swim, etc. ), or, I'm guessing, all of these animations will run through the default  AnimAllBody channel?

So these are set-up to run with a default Hero Character Tool export,
along with creating and exporting out the animations for the character,
-without needing to use the Track Masks Editor, or the Animation Tools
(where I'm just using one animation sequence in each Max file to start).

Thanks again, I appreciate it & your scripts looks great  :D !

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