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General Discussion / new feature request
« on: Jun 05, 14, 04:19:27 PM »
Can we get a subforum where developers list of features currently being implemented, and licensees offer their input on how their implementation ought to be prioritized? For example, you could state that IF is working on adding features A, B, and C, into HeroEngine. And licensees could give feedback on which features they consider most important.

Different opinions.

"C first, then B, then A."
"No, I think B should be first, because of this reason, and that reason."
"Well, B could take a long time to develop, so maybe they should focus on A first, then B, then C."

Off Topic / Re: Is there a Hero Engine for ubuntu?
« on: Jun 05, 14, 02:33:39 PM »
Just try WineHQ on any Linux or Unix based distro. It's adequate, usually. The employees and representatives of Idea Fabrik will never acknowledge this for legal reasons, as it could come back to bite them in the ass if some (or even no) features of HE2 function under WineHQ.

I may test it out in the future, if you want. I'd expect something in return, like art assets, or 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with HSL.

Hit me up.

General Discussion / Cooper -- new feature request
« on: Jun 05, 14, 02:27:04 PM »
I have a request for a new feature: a subforum where users request new features! Is there any reason at all why you would not do this?



General Discussion / Re: Open source?
« on: Jun 02, 14, 04:23:25 PM »
You know, if you opened up just a little bit of it, maybe the community could cook up something much more powerful and convenient. Like a command line tool for converting and then uploading assets.

General Discussion / New feature to HSL Editor?
« on: Jun 02, 14, 02:29:15 PM »
The "Script Picker" window currently has fields for: "Name, LastModified, Modified By, Owner, Dist. Package".

Could we get the following instead?

"last modified"
"last modified by"
"lines of code"


General Discussion / Open source?
« on: Jun 02, 14, 01:54:03 PM »
Obviously making HE2 entirely open source would be a stupid idea. But would IF ever consider making the repository browser open source?

Scripting & Programming / Re: KeepAreaUp(...)
« on: May 29, 14, 09:12:14 PM »
And what's 2!?

Scripting & Programming / KeepAreaUp(...)
« on: May 29, 14, 06:58:16 PM »

What is the second ID for? It says 'instance' but I have searched Google, Bing, and the forums, and have no leads to go off of.

Scripting & Programming / 2 classes?
« on: May 29, 14, 09:25:28 AM »
What are IDSpace and IDSpaceRoot in the DOM? Can't find anything about them...

GUI Creation / Progress bar?
« on: May 27, 14, 06:11:05 PM »

Can someone point me in the general direction of how to implement something like this in Heroengine?

GUI Creation / Re: HJREF GUI Scripts Inaccessible
« on: May 27, 14, 01:30:33 PM »
There is no "generate XML" button, as far as I can tell...

General Discussion / 3ds max question
« on: May 27, 14, 01:01:38 PM »
Would it be possible to interact with 3ds Max externally, so that one could write a CLI tool for batch conversion of .3ds and image files, to .hgm and .dds files? Without having to open Max?

GUI Creation / Re: Unity3D GUI Assets
« on: May 20, 14, 08:19:50 AM »

Scripting & Programming / Nonsquare Windows?
« on: May 20, 14, 08:17:59 AM »
Is it possible to have a nonsquare window? Take a look at Hero's Journey's News sytem -- the news window is really a square, and you can drag and move it by clicking on totally transparent sections of the texture.

Scripting & Programming / Folders
« on: May 19, 14, 11:32:02 PM »
Is there folder organization for scripts?

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