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Ok, so I'm quite new to the HeroEngine here and have been working on getting an inventory going for the game. Upon pressing I, the inventory will open and here, you can open/close different bags that are part of the inventory. Well, I then decided it was time to implement the server-client side of things (since players can add more bags to their own inventory later). Upon creation of the character, the player will by default get a "main bag". This bag is created and is supposed to sync to the client. However, I'm a little lost on how I'm supposed to go about doing this and where I should be programming it into the game. When pushing I, the inventory opens, but the bags are not there and I get the error:

16:20:27: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10771): requested node ID (9223372060287021569) not found
16:20:27: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: GOM::getVariableReferenceFromNode (10771): requested node ID (9223372060287021569) not found
03/11/2014 16:20:12
Call trace:
  Script G_Inventory_GUIClassMethods line 35 me[id=1000000356 class=G_Inventory_GUI]
  Script G_Inventory_GUIClassMethods line 24 me[9223372059016021638]
  Script G_Inventory_GUIClassMethods line 10 me[9223372059016021638]
  Script Input_Command line 43 me[9223372059016021638]
starting method/function ONCMDSTOP
starting me[id=9223372059016021638 class=G_PlayerAccount,HBNode,CharacterNode,_ACCControllerOwner]

Line 35 of the G_Inventory_GUIClassMethods is:
println( "bag max: " + bag.G_MaximumNumberOfInventoryBagSlots )

This is just for me to test that it's working, but naturally, it's not. What's funny is that this is inside of a loop that loops through all the bags in the players list of bags. So at default, this is just 1 bag. Therefore, the count size of this list of bags is definitely 1, but the reference to the node that contains the actually inventory bag seems to be "vanishing", or I guess a memory leak or something.

I was told to consider the _OnReplicationFieldUpdated method inside of the character creation class... And following the previous code, I did

    is "g_inventorybags"
      $LightweightEvents.raiseLightweightEvent( updateNode, "bagsUpdated", 0 )     

Buuut I don't know where I should be doing a check for bagsUpdated. Or if that is even the "right" code I should be implementing.

So does anyone know what's going on, need more information, or perhaps can point me into some direction that may help me solve my problem?


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