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Thanks a bunch email sent :)

Animation / Mesh cannot be found error. Skeleton issue in Maya?
« on: May 08, 14, 08:34:08 PM »
So I've been trying to figure this out for awhile and our asset is coming up invisible and HeroEngine is printing the error " [my file path]/ meshes cannot be found

Keep in mind we've successfully imported animations before in the engine. It's just that we have a different guy setting up the rigs and animations. And something is going on with his animations versus our other guy whose animations work just fine.

What I have tested and realized was NOT the problem is:

1. I've double checked the file path, it works fine.
2. double checked the .dds texture works fine on other models
3. Checked the size, the size is fine.
4. The animations itself is not the problem I have tried exporting without any animation, even as a static mesh... still invisible and same error with only the polygons selected (export selected) same error
5. Yes we've also removed all the handlers etc. before we exported.
6. This is not a character we're trying to export. It's just a sheep with it's head bobbing up and down, it's not an npc. We just need to test out a moving animations.

What I've narrowed down what the issue is:

We're using Maya, I realized that the model only shows up if I delete the rigging on it entirely in the file.
Even if I try to export as a
- static mesh (visible)
- static mesh (selected)

with the skeleton off to the side or hidden. As long as the skeleton is in the file even if I don't select it to be exported. The meshes on the model cannot be found

it gives the same error, and imports invisible in the engine. I have had to completely delete the skeleton and only then did the model show up in the engine.

SOoo.... Is there something involved in the rigging process that we need to keep in mind for HeroEngine? Is something maybe locked? Is there an option turned on that is interfering with the process? If anyone can give us any kinds of leads on what's going on it will be appreciated.

So an update on what's been going on. Here is our 5th Pre-Alpha video

We have an inventory pretty much done. You can drag and drop items from
the inventory into the hotbar. You can move around all the UI elements to
customize it however you want, which is neat.


TOWN (In progress)




These are not in engine. We're putting a hold on the cel-shading bit because the custom shaders are wonky.
So we'll see how they turn out in engine. The NPCs so far are rigged and ready to be animated :)

Next step is

1. Put our character animations in engine. :D They have been exported into the repository and ready to be scripted in.

2. Then set up the controls for the farming so a character can hoe,water, and  plant a seed on a square plot.

And then with that our goals for our pre-alpha should be set. :D If we have time we may do more.
meanwhile while coding is being done we're working on modeling and building up as much as the town as possible.

Art & Art Pipeline / Toon shader? How?
« on: Mar 28, 14, 09:21:56 AM »
Ok I know this has been asked before and I've been pointed to the social sim reference before.
But that's not the type of toonshader I'm looking for.  I'm not looking for:

I want an actual toon shader, like this, something bright and vivid. And the shadows aren't a soft gradient they are solid.

I followed the instructions for adding a custom shading, and I made a .fx file and putting it into the custom shader, but I get back some errors. Anyone can help me?

Our 4th pre-alpha video
We have our inventory pretty much

Check out our demo video here

You can

1. Inventory pops up and exits by tapping the Ďií key

2. We have slots for icons to be stored and we can easily extend it to as small or big as we want, with the scroll bar to the side adjusting to it.

The icons show up

The icons can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the inventory

5. The items are stackable, and if a stack reaches itís limit then a new stack starts in another slot (NOTE: The max limit is not going to be 4 in the game itís just for testing purposes)

If you drag an item on top of another theyíll switch places

The item spec oracle has been set up so we can easily add new items, chose icons for them, add descriptions and set a stack limit.

Thanks Aww_Boss.

Ok here is our 3rd pre-alpha video. I try to make a video every week to show what we've done. Most of the stuff is back-end things, but we got a functioning inventory, just need to get the icons to show up.


what are you talking about, the character totally fits. Lol
Thanks guys :) Yeah I'm on the HE skype chat. You'll
be hearing from me and occasionally my programmer
Malik asking questions. Thanks for the support, we're
doing our best.

Well um.. didn't get any comments or feedback ^_^; But uh.. here is a new video I did documenting our progress




Pumpkin Online is a farming/dating MMORPG inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing.  Our Core features are:

- Open character customization that allows for non-binary characters and being able to chose any feature you want without being hindered by gender.

- A variety of activities such as farming, fishing and mining to keep players busy.

- A privately instanced farm that can be customization both the interior and exterior.

- Building relationships with NPCs on a more complex level than the average mmorpg which can lead up to dating or marriage.

- A variety of quests.

How are we different from the average MMORPGs

- We're not combat based, we're inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon and want to create a game that is more laid back and chill as opposed to skill and level grinding.

- We're trying to add a more diversity by having a variety of NPCs from different races, sexual orientations and even 'disabled' characters.

-  Same-sex dating with players and NPCs are acknowledged by the game.

- We want to create  interesting and well developed NPCs you can build relationships with as opposed to them just being in town to simply sell you things and give you quests.

NEWS 10/3/2014

Sorry we don't update this thread a lot we've just been super busy and a bunch of this stuff was outdated. A couple of new things we're changing, first being giving the models a new look. We're currently in pre-production and then project should be in development full swing next year in January. We've been trimming down and tightening up our design doc so we have a tighter scope as well as crunching numbers for forumlas for the systems we plan to have.
Special thanks to: Avigraphics, KeeperMatt, and Jrome for getting us this far.


Click the links to view them in sketchfab. You can rotate them around and zoom in to get a closer look.

View These models in Sketchfab

View these models in Sketchfab






To check out our progress and more media and details check out these links :3

Pumpkin Online Website





Youtube Channel

Steam Concepts

Thanks for checking :)

I thought it wouldn't hurt to try, but I'm looking for a programmer to get some functions running for my game in the alpha state. It's a Harvest Moon inspired farming game. The essentials that I would like coded are:

1. Creating private instancing areas, and then public areas
2. Being able to water, plow and grow a thing.
3. Set up inventory, and GUI (not all the GUI will be functioning)

Keep in mind I'm not requesting to program in the entire game, just a game slice. It's paying work with no immediate deadlines if you are juggling other projects and work. And I have someone who will catch you up to speed with the best ways to implement those things if you need assistance. We have models, we have character animations all we need is functionality.  If you are interested and want more info shoot me an email at:

Here is the project website if you want to check it. Thanks a bunch  :-[

Developer Introductions / Re: Any other girl devs out there?
« on: Jan 30, 14, 12:11:39 PM »
Thanks a bunch guys :) I made a request in the thread.

General Discussion / Re: Hero Engine Developer Skype Group Chat
« on: Jan 30, 14, 09:01:03 AM »
Hello Amanda directed me here ^_^ I'm new at HE and I would to learn more and get to know you guys, and I would like to join the HE skype

Skype name: Sakurakur
(from the US)

Developer Introductions / Any other girl devs out there?
« on: Jan 29, 14, 08:11:45 PM »
Hey guys I'm a newbie here. I studied game design at SCAD graduating two years ago and I'm trying to break into the game industry by working on my own personal projects. I do a little bit of some things, modelling, texturing, very very lite coding. I like getting my hands into a little of everything out of curiousity Hero Engine being my latest project. Anyways, anyone else on here who is a girl like me so I don't feel alone? Give me a holla B)
Thanks hope everyone is nice because I'll be posting tons of newbie questions.


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