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Hey Edward,

Long time no see!   Glad to see you made it back home to HeroEngine!

Developer Introductions / Re: Rowell, formally HJ-Rowell
« on: Sep 14, 11, 02:06:57 PM »
Central Lowlands was also one of mine.  I spent 6 months on that bably.  The best part was making all the hidden niches with little snippets of daily life going on.  I remember going in there a week before I left and seeing it teeming with life (even though that life wanted to eat me).   Never did know who added all the critters in there, but now I do.  Thanks for that.  It was refreshing to see someplace I worked so long on filled with nasties.  ;)

Developer Introductions / Rowell, formally HJ-Rowell
« on: Sep 13, 11, 01:04:59 PM »
Greetings all,

Where to start, where to start?  I guess my past is probably a good place.  In the beginning, primoridial dust collected through gravitational forces to form the sun, and the planets, and the galaxy.....no, wait, that's too far back.

I've pretty much been a gamer/game maker, ever since Jr. High School.  My first game was published in one of those Apple Magazines where the source code was printed in the magazine, and the reader had to type it in.  My first programs were stored on cassettes, and my first computer had a whopping 2K of memory.   Things have definitely changed a lot since then (and for the better).

My first MMO's were Ultima Online and EverQuest (which I helped beta test each), and either tried or beta tested just about every MMO since.  Some were great, some not so great, but each had a uniqueness to them, each had a signature from the developers that let you know they put their all into it.

My first forray into multi-user gaming was through Neverwinter Nights (by Bioware).  Over the course of 5 years, I developed a game-world consisting of over 300 areas, player housing, crafting systems, guild systems, and much more.  The ease of using the NWN toolset really got me hooked in developing game systems, areas, plotlines and quests for the users.  I found it emensely more fun to build the game than it was to play the game.

In 2005, I joined on with Simutronics as an offsite World Builder, using the HeroEngine.  For 3 years, I worked diligently with a great group of people; both offsite and onsite.  The "Fantasy Lowlands" sample area that you see in HeroEngine now is an area that myself and 2 other worldbuilders designed and built (very proud of that dang area).  We created breath taking areas, great NPC's, awesome storylines and histories.  Unfortunately, in 2008, the offsite folks were let go.  And the rest is history.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see the direction that the new company has directed HeroEngine.  I've collected several of my offsite GM cohorts, and together we are banding to create an MMO of impeccible design, tall in stature, long in vision, wide in girth...no wait, why does that sound like a line from a scifi-fantasy film?   Anyways, I've gather a rag-tag fugitive fleet of world builders, scripters and artists to get a vision to materialize.

It's great to be back working with HeroEngine.  It truly is an awesome tool.

(formally  Assistant Senior World Builder HJ-Rowell)

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