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Art & Art Pipeline / Tutorials on wiki correct?
« on: Oct 10, 16, 09:13:53 PM »
I have a temp version of MAX 2015 and I'm testing out making a simple model by the WIKI.


I don't find the dialog that is displayed there on the WIKI.

Only thing I see is option to export a HGM.

The material hero does not display in editor.

every time I try export the program crashes.

getting frustrated so need some advice please.

/begin rant

I stopped working on KoW a couple years ago. I was using Bigworlds engine and had some nice stuff going but the engine maker sold out and the indie got the shaft. I discontinued my website and started working with UE4 as hobby. I put up some videos of things I got done and was more or less just tinkering around with the engine.

Back in November of last year my wife had a stroke. It left her needing 24/7 nursing care. I was and still am deeply depressed and trying to get out of it. A couple months ago I though maybe working on KoW again would help me beat the depression so I decided to come back to HE.

I spent a couple nights looking at the engine and haven't touched it since. I just can't bring myself to work on it anymore. I honestly am so confused now. Going back a couple years I was able to get into HEscript and had somewhat understanding of the databases but now I am so confused and distracted by other things I don't think I will accomplish anything so the engine sits.

I think I am just to stressed out anymore.

How does one beat this nightmare?

/end rant

Developer Introductions / Hello anyone here?
« on: Jul 13, 16, 05:07:52 PM »
I sent a communication through the site about my account email change. Waited now 3 days and no one is responding. HELLO! Can I rattle your cage?

I said I wasn't going to ever post here but this is starting to irritate me.


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