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Design & World Building / Re: Grass Density Discussion
« on: Sep 17, 14, 08:08:02 AM »
There's a hit with it but it isn't huge. It's all configurable. We have configuration options for the range and density. I'll run some metrics for you really quick in the same area that was shown in the video. This is in HeroBlade not in the player client, the frame rate would be higher in the client but I'd guess the ratio gained or lost would be similar. My viewport size atm in Blade is 1618x951, other settings are pretty much all cranked to max with dynamic shadows enabled.

With grass distance and density set to Max I'm at roughly: 96 fps.
With grass distance and density set to Medium I'm at roughly: 104 fps.
With grass disabled I'm at roughly: 109 fps.

There is some trick though to the dynamic details where if you do it wrong the frame rate will plummet. Stadi's grass is never laggy, but one of the other world editors a while back did an area and I was crawling to really low frame rates, it had to do with how he had set up the dynamic details. Maybe Stadi can chime in one that one, but there was a trick to that.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Sep 09, 14, 10:39:07 AM »

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Sep 05, 14, 01:09:55 PM »
A pack probably wouldn't be possible for us. Just kind of hard to manage, and some of our particle textures are third party licensed.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Sep 04, 14, 03:47:24 AM »

Another thing that seems to have disappeared is when you update a shared function with new parameters. You used to get a pop up message to resolve it by replacing the definition. That no longer comes up, you have to rename the shared function.

Thanks for the update.

So HE3 is 64 bit only?

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Jul 21, 14, 08:35:28 PM »

General Discussion / Two Current (6/8/2014) Quartz Bugs
« on: Jun 08, 14, 11:32:48 PM »
These two bugs were things that I think were supposed to be fixed in one of the hot fixes but we're still seeing them.

- Physics ghosts are still being left on the client. We have a script which hides and unhides certain objects every night to shut down stores. Pre-Quartz you could simply hide or unhide. This apparently was a bug and was fixed and the proper way to do it now would be to set the physics type to NO_PHYSICS. Our script which disables them sets them to NO_PHYSICS, and we've also tried (along with it) setting the physics shape to NO_SHAPE and the density to 0. While this does remove the physics object on the server and new clients who come into the area will have it properly disabled, it still leaves a ghost for anyone who was already there that they can not pass.

- Windows Scaling is still scaling the in-game Fonts. I believe this was expected to be fixed in the last patch but we're still seeing it happening. If for example someone has scaled their windows font size to 125% then it scales all of the in-game fonts to 125% and the GUIs look really funny.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Jun 04, 14, 02:05:24 AM »

General Discussion / Feature Request: Gamma Settings
« on: May 18, 14, 06:27:58 AM »
A gamma slider is a standard feature in most games, but I don't see any way to do it with Hero Engine currently.

By Gamma I'm referring to a brightness adjustment for end users, not the automated gamma system that existed previously. We've had a reasonable number of players complain that the world is too dark and they can't see anything, where most others do not have the problem. A client side brightness or gamma setting would resolve this.

It's broken in the blade as well. Won't render at all for me, and if you enable them it seems to crash the game on a resize.

Noticed this when trying to work on some particle effects. Randomly when unloading FX I'd crash to desktop. Sent in a crash log.

General Discussion / Re: Quartz.A speedtrees
« on: May 08, 14, 02:19:39 PM »
We're seeing the exact same thing.

General Discussion / Re: Oculus Rift for Hero Engine
« on: Apr 23, 14, 06:08:59 AM »
Especially now that facebook has bought the Rift, I think this would be a great thing to support moving forward. The Rift is a game changer, and with Carmack and Zuckerberg behind it, it's sure to get the kind of support that it needs long-term.

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