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About the Project:
To not make this topic too long, I have already posted some information on these forums about Pirates' Nest: http://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,1109.0.html

Who are you asking to help you now?
I will update this thread at least once a month with a new post describing the positions. Please have a look at the latest post in this topic.

There are two options available with regards to payments:
1. Revenue share plan
This is for the people who have the trust in themselves that they can finalize an MORPG Project in Hero Engine. We are people with an endless drive and willpower; we hope you are too.
2. Payment
Hourly wages, negotiable.

Contact Details
Skype: d.gijzen

Interviews are held in English, German or Dutch by means of a conference call through Skype

Developer Hero Projects / Pirates' Nest
« on: Oct 16, 11, 11:18:25 AM »

The name "Pirates' Nest"
The name of the game is also the headquarters of all of the pirates. See it as the "capital of pirates".

About Pirates' Nest:
Pirates’ Nest is a MMORPG in real development as of August 2010, whereas some scrap papers with ideas on it, as well as the name, date back to 2003/2004 (My little secret project back then).

The game builds around Good and Evil: Marines versus Pirates. The words good and evil are relative: The Government is seen as good, whereas the Pirates see them as evil, simply because the Government limits the freedom of the normal citizens too much so say the Pirates. The game revolves around you, the player, who is born in this world as a Pirate or a Marine. Your goal is to fight for freedom how you see fit. In order to achieve this freedom, one can/must continue through the storyline of the pirate / marine who obtained the first Gift. In this story, you will travel around the world and see things that are not known to men as of yet and is for you to discover: underwater tribes, secret passageways, underground mazes and many other dark secrets this world carries, as well as mythological beings.

The game is very community driven. This community’s building blocks are in fact “Pirate Crews” or “Marine Crews”. On top of a Pirate Crew or Marine Crew is a Captain, who can appoint Commanders to lead other ships in the Captain’s fleet.

There are thus 2 ultimate goals in this game:

Pirate’s goal
To beat the marines and to create a free world in which all people can live free and where all do their upmost best. It is believed by pirates that this is the way the world can become a better place. There should not be a higher power to control all people! The government is scared to lose its power, and that is why they want to get rid of the Pirates!
Marine’s goal / Government goal
Pirates believe that all men should be free without too much intervention of a higher power: the Government. The Government is there to sometimes even protect the people from themselves and deal with criminals and derivatives hereof. You know and understand this, and the best choice for people is to have a strong Government that can lead them all. Every freedom is a bounded freedom. Catching and killing these pirates to get rid of them all is your task as a Marine! Duty calls!

Pirates’ Nest (PN) differs from a traditional quest-and-level up-MMO in a number of ways. This section will give a short overview of some of the differences.

Firstly, this MMO is not the traditional quest-and-level up-MMO. The quests in PN have as purpose to guide the player through the world, and partially through the storyline. The real reason for those quests in that in some cases, you get to places where the player did not think of going to in the first place (for example a marine prison if you play as a pirate). When visiting these places, a watchful eye can give you hints to abilities (God’s Gifts and Devil’s Gifts) that the average player would have a hard time with locating.

Secondly, this MMO is not based on a fantasy world, but on the duality in men: good and evil. There is a real government and there are wars just like in this world, only in PN between Marines and Pirates. The players are all human and also fight like in a human way: gunfights, swordfights, sea-battles, ... You will not find fantasy characters as mages, rogues or derivatives hereof in the entire game. Exception to this are the creatures, which are based purely on mythology, and the abilities that can let you do great things.

Thirdly, the player can have a ship that he or she can freely use as transportation over the vast oceans to other islands and or main lands. When joining a crew, a member will receive the ability to teleport on the ship, and when the ship isn’t active/at sea, around the captain. The interaction with the crew is very important, and together you stand stronger. As in Knight Online™, when having a guild and play together, the Party/Guild will receive higher bonuses in experience and in gold.

Fourthly, there are two types of abilities that a player can get: God’s Gifts and Devil’s Gifts. God’s Gifts are transformation abilities, whereas Devil’s Gifts are the more combat related abilities. These abilities can be “received” (as they are gifts) by solving puzzles, manuscript or mazes. The more difficult is the puzzle, manuscript, maze or derivatives hereof, the most likely the stronger the ability is. Some abilities will be received by doing the quests, or just by pure chance that you found a Manuscript.

A small number of Game Mechanics:
  • Realistic Weather-conditions based on the real life northern hemisphere of this earth
  • Weather influences over abilities
  • No name-tags above the player (You can find out a player's name by right clicking, opening the menu)
  • Player Achievements and Bonusses
  • Infinite Gameplay possibility
  • Honour Points
  • Quests
  • Duels and Tournaments
  • Crew voice chat (optionally available)
  • Illnesses
  • Classless system

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Dynamic loading of area's
« on: Aug 16, 11, 05:02:08 PM »
Lectori salutem!

After some research done with Hero Engine, there are a few questions that keep bugging me for quite a while and are disturbing me as well...

We are building a world that is quite like this world, and contains a lot of ocean and a lot of islands (of which some are far apart). Is it possible in HeroEngine to build all these area's in 1 world and that the area's are dynamically loaded with its assets (including other online characters) when a player comes closer to them?

I have read the ways of teleportation and how you can make it "look" like its seamless with parts you cannot see (like the maze-thing). Though that is quite hard to accomplish in a world where there is a vast ocean and you are not 100% sure where the player is at with his crew and boat to make the teleportation... And Im also worried that the player in area X cannot see the player in area Y above him before he used the "teleport" a couple of yards before him..

Is the dynamic loading of area's and its assets and characters possible?

Your help if very much appreciated and thank you for reading in advance!

Awaiting your response(s), I remain,

Dwight Gijzen

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