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Perhaps if you show us some of the skills that you have instead of being the "idea person" ?

People don't join with other people just for ideas :(

In addition to the things said (skimming over the posts), a classless system can also greatly increase game-time overall, if the learning is linked. (I know some things about a lot, but only know a lot about some things, and it would be harder for me to learn completely new things)

It would thus become easy to learn a bit about everything, but it would take many more hours of gameplay to learn everything to the max. In my/our project, there is learning by doing, and your character "learns" by how many times he used something, which is not influenced by character level (although there is a small correlation between the two). Once the character learns more about the different abilities that he can have, combinations between the abilities can be learned (thus: max_ability1 + max_ability2 = new_move ==> Max fire + max wind = fire-tornado; or more common "str + sword_skill = dual wielding")

Disadvantages are of course that people, once maxed out all skills, may look quite identical with skills;  there thus has to be a system with RL-player-skills (like button-mashing, or actual aiming, intelligence) with which people can differentiate themselves. However, it takes a much longer time now to max out all of your abilities, skills and professions.

Conclusively, a classless system has quite the advantages with regards to game-time and player interest, but a disadvantage to complexity and realism (realism = complexity = lots of calculations => Optimizations.)

Developer Job Board / Re: Greetings!
« on: Mar 24, 12, 07:06:16 AM »
Hello Johnson!

First of all, a very warm welcome to this community is in place! :)

Our programming department is quite low on people (I am the only one programming at the moment, but my primary task is 3D assets), and I would love to see if you have the interest, motivation and skills in joining the development team of "Pirates' Nest". I have  sent you a PM with my personal contact details, even though they can be found on these forums as well :)

A bit about us, and the members of the team:

A bit about the project:

As you can see, it's quite a demanding game, and it will put artists and "coders" pretty much to the test, and forces them to go to their limits with the complexity of some systems; I must thus warn you, programming positions in SnowCloud Entertainment are not for the faint-hearted :(

I would love to hear from you soon so we can have a nice voice-chat on Skype!

Awaiting your response, I remain,

Dwight Gijzen
Project manager / developer / self-proclaimed artist

GUI Creation / Re: How to use GUI scrollbar in inventory
« on: Mar 21, 12, 08:01:11 AM »
I am having this problem as well with my chatwindow; There simply won't appear a scrollbar in any way I tried it.

Scripting & Programming / [SOLVED] [GUI] Prototype problem
« on: Mar 19, 12, 01:41:54 PM »
Dear community,

I am having problems editing a GUI file with the GUIEditor through the organizer panel. Once I try to open the GUI element from the organizer panel, the following error occurs:

No prototype with that name exists!

This error is basically forcing me to do all the edits manually in that specific GUI window (inventory) from the code editor (xml editing is a pain in tha butt).

Any help would be greatly appreciated on the matter, as always :)

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: I now found out where the problem was, and I actually don't need that specific GUI. It was just a leftover! :(

Another 3D modelling position has been filled! One of his personal contacts is a professional artist, and has shown interest in this project.

In addition, we are still looking for HSL programmers, who can stand an interview not for the faint-hearted :)

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Crowdfunding for Indie Game Devs
« on: Mar 15, 12, 02:44:44 PM »
Reading through the entire terms, your company name came up a couple of times :)

What differentiates you from Kickstarter for example? What are you motives?

General Discussion / Re: Making Character Statistics.
« on: Mar 15, 12, 11:55:03 AM »
You could follow the "Press 'I' to open up an inventory window" tutorial posted here on the forums.

From there on, you can track the labels you created, and give them specific texts (and other fancy things). Of course, being updated with Lightweightevents. :)

GUI Creation / Re: Need help removing Placed GUI element
« on: Mar 13, 12, 04:11:12 PM »
You sure the prototype is not created by scripts? You basically remove it, but the script just places it back?

I am having difficulties removing some as well, they keep coming back :s

Scripting & Programming / Re: Adding Abilities,
« on: Mar 13, 12, 04:10:07 PM »
I started to look at them a while ago, and I gave up once I saw how they were made.

Just start by looking through each script, as the abilities are intertwined with the entire system so it looks. The ability-bar is also intertwined with the system. "Mammia mia".

There are no tutorials about adding "abilities", as they are quite specific per game created, to the extent of my knowledge.

GUI Creation / Re: GUI Problem
« on: Mar 11, 12, 12:17:22 PM »
The problem is that you declared your node of class character but you never initialized it to anything. You need to assign a reference to whatever char's health you want to display to that variable.


Code: [Select]
method OnControlBuild()
 viewPort as Vector3 = GetViewPortSize()
  me.position.x = 216
  me.position.y = viewPort.y / 4

method healthtext()
  health as NodeRef of Class GUILabel = FindGUIControlByName(me, "healthtext")
  acct as NodeRef of Class E_playerAccount = GetAccountID()
  char as NodeRef of Class E_playerCharacter = acct.GetMyCharacter()

  health.text = "Health: "
  health.text += char.E_hitPoints
  health.text += "/"
  health.text += char.E_MaxhitPoints
  health.build = true

GUI Creation / [Resolved] GUI Problem
« on: Mar 11, 12, 10:39:38 AM »

I have created a character pop-up window along the lines of the tutorial created by Jrome90, and I got everything to work just as I wanted it to work. The script for the character pop-up is as follows:

Code: [Select]
method OnControlBuild()
 viewPort as Vector3 = GetViewPortSize()
  me.position.x = 216
  me.position.y = viewPort.y / 4


method healthtext()
  health as NodeRef of Class GUILabel = FindGUIControlByName(me, "healthtext")
  char as NodeRef of Class E_CommonCharacter
  health.text = "Health is:"
  //health.text += char.E_hitPoints
  //health.text += "/"
  //health.text += char.E_MaxhitPoints
  health.build = true

However, as soon as I uncomment the character specific attributes (health in my case), the text creation stops working and the _label goes back to the standard text I gave it.

Other information:
Parent class : _GUIBaseWindow

As always, help is very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / Re: Adding characters/creatures into hero
« on: Mar 04, 12, 04:16:00 AM »
My first mistake was that I used the ingame chat instead of the chat-window which can be found in the top menu.

With the textures:


I made progress: Cooper understood me after a few times :D

Though my question remains. Can I / Is it possible to weld together for example 4 heightmaps into a single heightmap?

Dear reader,

Is it possible to weld (not stitch) a number of heightmaps together to create a single entity out of the selected heightmaps?

Although it's not important, I was wondering if this was possible :)

Thanks in advance!

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