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Art & Art Pipeline / Re: animated object
« on: Dec 13, 11, 10:30:13 AM »
I think I will start some basic video tutorials soon that might help with setting everything up. There are a lot of questions with really simple things (though I agree that the wiki can be quite UNinformative).

I will just do some basic importing of different kinds of assets (not characters) and also setting up your HE folder structure etc.

I will leave the rest up to Raven to do (whom I haven't seen in a while here)

Developer Job Board / Re: Vengeance Online
« on: Dec 11, 11, 03:04:39 PM »
So many people making the jump from RC to HeroEngine. Please make sure that you know what you are doing... Realm Crafter Professional doesn't even come close to the complexity of HeroEngine. It took me another year and a half, with Esenthel Engine in between, to finally make the leap to HeroEngine.

I'm "dwight" on the RC forums.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: How many polys for a model?
« on: Dec 11, 11, 03:02:45 PM »
Make a scene analysis with the tools that you have and check for potential optimizations. As soon as you start lagging in a scene, there is something wrong (if you have a normal computer)

You cannot simply say "300 polys for this, 502 polys for that". Try to optimize as much as possible.
Basically try to make the polys as low as possible with the model looking ugly.

Make everything as low as possible WITHOUT affecting how the model looks. It's not only the polygons that make the model. There are a great variety of techniques that an artist can use.

MMORPG players "most of the time" have a decent computer, and the thread mentioned by Christopher is indeed a good place to start.

Optimize where possible. And what you don't see, doesn't have to exist :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Filename Invalid
« on: Dec 11, 11, 01:06:29 PM »

That might be of help if you already setup the correct path on your local machine.

Short version:

Create a folder in your C:/ drive and call it "HE".
Make sure that that folder has the same structure as the repository (so the HE folder on your local should have the same folders and its structure like on the repository).

C:/HE/staticassets on your local machine is the same as HE/staticassets on the repository.

Make sure that you do NOT have spaces or symbols in your filepath nor filenames nor in the heromaterial. Once you set this up correctly, go the the thread I posted and follow those steps.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: flashing textures
« on: Dec 10, 11, 12:27:18 PM »
Most likely, you are exporting it correctly and incorrectly at the same time. In addition, I would like to add that "go about applying the texture in the repository" doesn't make sense in any way.

Try it with these steps:
1. Save the .max file and the .dds file in the folder to which the exported model should go. (e.g. C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/)
2. Open 3DS MAX and open the .max file inside the folder (e.g C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/bridge01.max)
3. Create a HeroMaterial with the .dds file in the "bridges" folder (location : C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/bridge01.dds)
4. Export the model to: C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/ and call it for example bridge01

Safety check: C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/ should contain now 3 files before uploading from your pc to the repo:
1. bridge01.max
2. bridge01.dds
3. bridge01.hgm (the exported model)

Open the repository browser, and I assume you set it up correctly:
1. Login, etc.
2. Drag the "bridges" folder to the "staticassets" folder in the repository
3. Wait a couple of miliseconds, depending on your upload-speed.


Final check in the repository:
In the repository folder HE/staticassets/bridges the following files should now show:
1. bridge01.max
2. bridge01.dds
3. bridge01.hgm (the exported model)
4. bridge01_exact_mesh.nxl (or something...)
5. bridge01.phys (the physics file)

If that isn't the case, go back to the beginning of this post, and repeat the steps again.

Finally, open up HeroBlade:
1. Login, etc.
2. Click the button "Library"
3. Right click somewhere where you wish to add the "bridge01" model and click "Add item" or something similar.
4. in the new screen, go to: HE -> staticassets -> bridge01 -> and click on "Bridge01.hgm".

Your item has now been added to your game succefully and all members can acces it now in that library once you save it.

On request, I can make a very detailed tutorial on how to do it step by step.

Lastly: Why did it go wrong in the first place?
Answer: Upon exporting, relative paths are stored in the .hgm file, meaning that if you would place the texture somewhere else after exporting and putting it in the engine, there will be an error. The relative path starts from "HE" onwards from your local machine, which is also the reason why the paths on your machine should be the same as on the cloud, and the main folder should be called "HE".

Hope this helped.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: How many polys for a model?
« on: Dec 10, 11, 12:12:57 PM »
Make a scene analysis with the tools that you have and check for potential optimizations. As soon as you start lagging in a scene, there is something wrong (if you have a normal computer)

You cannot simply say "300 polys for this, 502 polys for that". Try to optimize as much as possible.

Off Topic / Re: Flintlock Pistols!
« on: Dec 08, 11, 11:08:22 PM »
Good day to you :)

They are named quite similarly. I do not organize the model into one texture. So I have a few names per model. For the base part I usually have main_d then maybe supports_d then roof_d. Stuff like that, what could I do to make it so I can still do that and not have this issue?

All the texture names should be totally unique. I also posted something a long time ago explaining this as well. There may be no spaces in the texture names, and ALL texture names must be unique HE materials.

Believe me, it wasn't fun to fix. If objects share the same SINGLE material, then the name doesn't have to be unique (I think, not tested yet.. -> Cooper?)

Off Topic / Re: New design?
« on: Dec 02, 11, 02:08:05 AM »
The complete website is being redesigned and the change will happen on monday.

Like on Facebook and you will know this "inside" information!!! :)

I played the free account to the max. The things you can do are great, but its still heavy underdeveloped when you look at the possibilities of the 21st century.

Off Topic / Re: only 5% heroengine related but fun anyways
« on: Nov 28, 11, 07:55:07 AM »
Which reminds me, we need an offtopic forum.

And call it "Nightshadows' Lair"

Developer Job Board / Re: [MMO] Pirates' Nest - Recruitment
« on: Nov 25, 11, 12:28:57 AM »
Updated main post (again) : When it rains, it pours..

24 - 11 - 2011  : Davide has joined the team as a web developer and economist

25 - 11 - 2011  : The.. interrogation of Dion has started!

Developer Job Board / Re: [MMO] Pirates' Nest - Recruitment
« on: Nov 24, 11, 12:44:59 AM »
Updated Updates post and Main post with the addition of 2 new team members!

Again, I wish to welcome Bensch and DevNull to the team!

Developer Hero Projects / Re: MMO - Pirates' Nest
« on: Nov 22, 11, 02:20:30 AM »
Are you a HSL scripter with an imaginitive mind who besides scripting is also interested in shaping the game in general? :)

Just for fun, I gave the same texture name to different objects; it caused a REALLY MESSY behaviour... Though if the objects use the same texture, you could use the same texture-name (I think, Cooper?).

Granny is a pain when it comes to spaces. You_can_use_underscores-or-minusses? :-)
I should really start reading about texturing if I were you, especially to the different types of textures that an object can hold, and how to easily make them in photoshop!

nVidia texture tools are a great help in creating normal maps in PS!

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