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General Discussion / Re: EU WEST 20 down again?
« on: Jul 09, 13, 07:59:20 AM »
cant seem to connect after getting disconnected  - anyone else have this issue?

Confirmed. Unable to connect.

This did not happen that often in the past; was something changed?

Developer Hero Projects / Re: MMO - Pirates' Nest
« on: Jun 30, 13, 05:39:35 AM »
We have developed our first Creature King which dwells in the depths of Canoti Island, waiting for you to devour you completely!

From the concept art by André Borges

To the final form by Emerson Rosa

Stay tuned for our first video in which we will show an introduction to Pirates' Nest where all aforementioned creatures and animals are on display! :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Polygons for zone?
« on: Jun 30, 13, 05:35:45 AM »
The water as Amanda stated might be an issue, though also several other factors should be checked with the tools that HE provides for analyzing areas:

 - Number of drawcalls
 - Number of vertices [Engine renders vertices, not poly's]
 - Reflective water*
 - Some weird errors that drop FPS in the console

* With the water, there is something fishy going on [word-pun completely intended]: During certain circumstances, reflective water gives a much better performance than just oceans. We are talking differences between 90 and 140 fps. I am not sure if it has something to do with lighting or heightmaps, but sometimes when the reflective water has nothing but the sky to re-render on its surface, performance is increased by a rough 50%.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Loading Fonts from the Repository
« on: Jun 30, 13, 05:30:48 AM »

It has been discussed before with Font usages. You would need to use a different method, and don't forget to use the extention .ttf [Else, the engine thinks it's a font installed on the client machine].


Developer Hero Projects / Re: MMO - Pirates' Nest
« on: Jun 28, 13, 08:09:33 AM »
Our newest dynamic character, fully functional in HeroEngine. You know what to expect with this 15ft tall guy, uhh... Minotaur?

General Discussion / Re: I have no idea what I am doing.
« on: Jun 26, 13, 08:43:48 AM »
First of all: Welcome to the community! :)

With regards to your statements, you should already know what making games is difficult, but making online multiplayer games is even more so. HeroEngine makes it easier for you, but not simpler. It will always remain a daunting task.

I would first start of on the main wiki-page, and that you learn about the tools first (Area Manager, Properties Window, Console, Chat, Render Panel, ...) and start building your own areas.

There are also a number of GUI tutorials on the wiki, but if you really want to get into it, I suggest AFTER you read the wiki-tutorials to dig into the tutorials posted by users.

If you do not have previous programming experience, and although HeroEngine was designed and somewhat built for users without serious coding knowledge, it's actually not so much so. Making online games does require several years of experience before you can make the jump.

What can you do best? Start of with there and show it to the public, maybe you will get some more people along the way :)

Developer Hero Projects / Re: MMO - Pirates' Nest
« on: Jun 25, 13, 05:32:34 AM »
We're doing good on characters now, so it was time to model our first God in the game. Prometheus is still on earth, and waiting for you to be his Hercules (and save him).

From a quick concept...

To the finalized form...

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: lets talk 1024 x 1024
« on: Jun 23, 13, 04:18:39 AM »
I think you are misunderstanding here.

If you want to use an atlas of 1024, go right ahead. To "render" a 1024*1024 texture, you don't need a 1 gig gfx card.

The advantage with that atlas (your single texture, on which every texture resides of a complete scene) is that you just have 1 drawcall.

I also used RC a few years ago, how is sired doing?

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: SpeedTree Question
« on: Jun 22, 13, 05:26:17 AM »
How do you mean that "the leaf bilboards grow"? Could you elaborate with some images perhaps?

Did you resize the tree, and the billboards are bigger than the actual mesh? If you don't want this transition to happen so early, you can adjust the LOD scale from the value "1" to something higher, depending on your environment. Try a value of 2 or 3.

You can also check for LOD distance in the modeller as well as in the compiler.

Once YOU are in a release-state, they will give you the API, not sooner :)

There is some custom code behind the scenes, so it's not standard either. You will just have to develop your game first before you can think of this.

Or buy the full source, setup your own cloud, install everything, pay the usage, and maintain your own systems; then you can have your early access custom user-accounts.

How we did it was as follows (Just call me Dwight :) )

I created an environmental setting, which took about 3 - 4 hours to make, and I did not save anything in between. After, I saved it as a Global Scheme named "GlobalScheme.ges". I applied it to the active room only.

In the meanwhile, Jerome was working on the day/night cycle. He assured me that there was no scripting involved with loading certain schemes.

The problem persisted for quite a long time, and each time a user logged into the area, 1 user saw a black sky (the Area scheme was overwritten with a default one), whereas someone else at that exact time saw the global scheme. This only happened in the region in which the global scheme was created. Other areas are also registered to the system area, and do not have this issue with overwriting its environmental schemes.

No one was tweaking the global scheme at all. It was only being used by areas, nothing else. To restore it, we applied the Global scheme over and over again. (At least 10-12 times, before we gave in)

The way I did it was to create a new character first. Resize the console to roughly the max size, and prt scr to get the complete error message in the Console to fix it.

Luckily, I was fast enough to delete the character in the area, so did not have to delete it :) Make sure you also remove all uninstanced assets from the Asset window, else the error will persist, even if you delete the character.

Do you receieve an idle.gr2 error? That crashed our world before too upon area logon.

On the starting island of our Pirate faction, Jerome and myself found out something weird that resembles your issue greatly:

I logged in and a global environmentscheme "globalscheme.ges" was loaded correctly with all the proper settings. However after a while, the scheme got "erased" and replaced again with a standard scheme. This only happens in the first area where this environmental scheme was also created.

Cooper, could you give us some more insights than aforementioned? I did not want to report this, as maybe our scripts could be interfering with loading a global scheme, but I have been told that this was not possible, as nothing like it was set through code.

As long as you are in development, those options are made unavailable.

Later upon release, your can have email / username / w.e registrations for your own databases that you will link to IF's.

You can always purchase source for 75k, and create your own cluster on a cloud.

If you want to add people as testers, you can add them to your world right now if you have enough seats.

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