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Scripting & Programming / Re: Roll back 24 hours
« on: Jun 17, 13, 05:43:45 PM »
Did you by any chance added a global scheme to an environment, and suddenly that scheme got unloaded and replaced with a standard one with a black sky?

You can download the p4 software for free... There is no way for you to return to a certain date specifically from within HE.

General Discussion / Re: Developer Tips sub-form?
« on: Jun 15, 13, 03:11:01 AM »
Besides that, some wiki pages also need updating, which could be posted in there and marked as [Updated: 13/06/2013] with tips and tricks of other senior developers around here.

I second this.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Maya ArtPipeline Installer???
« on: Jun 15, 13, 03:07:00 AM »
So Maya cannot load external files (In the hope that you did everything correctly with the initial setup... set all paths, etc?).

Could it be administrative issues?

Animation / Re: Swim Animation
« on: Jun 14, 13, 03:10:50 AM »
We have created new characters, and we do not have that issue :)

You should know that these characters were from 2004-ish roughly, and the engine went through some updates.

Design & World Building / Re: error creating new area server
« on: Jun 13, 13, 09:58:34 AM »
Except for the error we also had that a while back that if we create an area without a folder selected, the area sometimes does not pop up.

I have sent a report to support, and received a reply that they would look into it. Though no updates on that one.

If you want the area to show, just right-click on a folder and press "Add Existing Area". It pops up there :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Maya ArtPipeline Installer???
« on: Jun 13, 13, 05:09:58 AM »
What is your issue with the art pipeline for Maya?

Cannot load certain things?

This the original thread about the bone count for the HE - https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,4269.0.html.

Note how the lead technical artist says there that it's about the bones in use. Which directly links to the monkeytok solution I proposed to you.

Thus, make sure that the total number of active bones don't surpass this; bones only get used on dynamic characters if there is a rigged mesh attached to it. It's like the tail with the human character we see :)

As I explained Amanda as well a while back, just use different rigs with different bone-setups.

Check the monkeytok example: it uses 2 rigs. One for the flying monkeytok with wings, one without it. I applaud the technical artist who made that, as it is an amazing setup.

I wouldn't even dare crossing the 70's line, as I also explained to Amanda. Having people running around with ~90 bones per character... Mamma mia, but not impossible of course. It's your choice, and depends on your management, and if you want to include the CPU.

General Discussion / Re: Dynamic Mesh Issue since Patch.
« on: Jun 12, 13, 04:30:25 AM »
A dynamic mesh with more than 1 diffuse and normal.

Like, flowers with a diffuse and normal and also grass with a diffuse and normal in a single mesh.

Confirmed this; so here's a summary, because what has been going on here is striking more than 40 active teams in our private chat right now.

So let's boil it down:

If you apply more than 1 material ( > 1) on a dynamic mesh, the mesh will not show up. Why doesn't this work anymore, as it did with the previous releases of HE.

Mirror was designed as a room, I don't think a room could use a timeline for its color... I might be wrong here though, just a good guess.

Art & Art Pipeline / Bug in ASQ File.
« on: Jun 11, 13, 10:11:23 AM »

The ASQ file currently has a bug that if you use

Code: [Select]

it will throw an error that walk.gr2 cannot be found. But since the ASQ file can have paths in its properties, this does work however:

Code: [Select]

Because the current basic dynamic character uses gr2 animation files still, there is a high chance that the developers will not update it.

Please update the wiki page about the ASQ file :)

We would like to welcome

Matthew Thompson - Technical Artist & Engineer

to our team. Matthew will be in charge mainly with writing the Animation Agent Scripts, and finalizing its behavior with all of our newly created characters. Besides the technical artist, he will also cooperate with the engineers and thus forming a solid bridge between art and engineering!

As our technical art (Dynamic Characters, Static Characters) is taking off, we're specifically looking now for technical artists.

Our lead artists will show you the ropes you need to know for the succesful importing of animated dynamic characters with body-armor and interchangeable parts. Having knowledge of HSL is a must, as you are also required to write the AAS files of the characters.

By having just a few artists on-board, we're currently also looking for experienced environmental artists who can model simple meshes with the use of our texture-banks. You will be working closely with our concept artists André.

Lastly, to those new to this industry:
- We are still accepting 3D students in our small club (currently I have 2 students from the HE forums)
- We are also looking for people with experience in story / quest writing. You will work together with André as well to finalize environments and quests on a per island basis.

How would this process look like for a creative writer with the concept artist?

All of our Gifts ( == Abilities ) are found on different islands, and each island has its own story to tell. Usually, we start by analyzing the Gift. In this case, we will be using the "Wood" Gift.

After you've done research, you found a name that fits for an island, and has a mythological link to wood. We have choosen Canoti. The island will be called Canoti Island.

Wood is a calm element full of life... Tree's... Nordic Mythology... Artist interpretation, and voila, this is what you get:

We want to protect the environment of life, and have decided to use the moon... André thought of an idea of an altar with mirrors in the woods: as soon as the moonlight hits the alter, it redirects the lights to the roots of the big tree in the center, and the roots will open and you can enter the underground are. The concept:

Of course there has to be something scary in the end of the cave... On the last level, you can find this dragon, which you have to beat eventually, depending on how your quests go... The concept:

Now as the cave's are set, it's time to release the Nordic Mythology on the top of the island, filling it up with creatures. Based on this, André created the Fenrir and Fenrir Armor. The concept:

Do you like our way of working? Apply now for one of our open positions :)

Developer Hero Projects / Re: MMO - Pirates' Nest
« on: Jun 08, 13, 01:37:18 PM »
Sorry for keeping you waiting once again for so long, but we love to develop more than we like to show things to the public. But rest assured, we do show up once in a while...

For this update, I would like to show you our first 2 fully dynamic characters. Fully operational!

We are currently creating "Canoti Island", which is based on Nordic mythology. On this island, you would learn about the mythology, and its relation to nature. More updates on this island will follow later, as we will present a short video of it in action!

Off Topic / Re: Viewing Profiles on the board
« on: Jun 08, 13, 11:13:17 AM »
Generally, even if you do have accounts linked to something like WHMCS, it is only a few moments for forum permissions.

Being logged in you cannot view profiles. However if you are not logged in and are a guest.. you CAN!

On that note.. I also noticed I cannot view any attachments or images on the forum, unless they are linked images. Example post: https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,4620.0.html

I just posted that, however I could not see the image. When I checked while NOT logged in, I could view the image.

I think there are some major issues over all with forum uac permissions that may want to be addressed. Just my own humble thought though.


Confirmed, can view profiles when logged out and that image only when logged out....

Confirmed #3

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