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My concern posting here(I don't understand the full legality of it) is any unique ideas could be taken and i would have no legal recourse to take. Shouldn't other people be worried about any pre-production designs on the internet?

Off Topic / Re: Show us your work area?
« on: Mar 09, 12, 07:37:22 PM »
Mine kinda spills everywhere. I manage the work servers alot from home. That, my own servers, lotta business and residential, rest i do from my shop w/ my server, I'll try to get a shot of that.

The one is where I do most my work, The other two are the wall behind that spot where my trove of goodness resides.

Don't mind the mess :P after all that and family my area gets neglected a fair bit lol

trove of goodness

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 3D applications supported?
« on: Mar 09, 12, 04:57:16 PM »
There's nowhere legal anyone could point you to unfortunately. It would be nice to see other options for art assets, but unfortunately if i'm not mistaken would take quite the re-write. It's not worth much but best i can say is at least it's not the old gr2 extensions :/

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Gameplay ideas for a mmo RPG
« on: Mar 09, 12, 01:37:09 PM »
Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you, but some interesting ideas.

One way you could accomplish some of that could be with something similar to WoW's node system (not to be confused with HE's, they mostly used it for dynamically spawning veins/nodes of resources)  You could have a few different variants with some information. You could have spawn nodes with required attributes:

MigrationPath: Which number in the chain the 'herd' would be at.
SpawnDensity: Min/Max spawn numbers
Strength: Perhaps have a couple tiers of strength levels for creatures that could have other factors affect it such as killing players
MigrationCycle: Length of time/environment variables before herd moves on.

Then perhaps a spawn handler to spawn creates at these points based on information in the DB. This would also give you a unique feel to the game rather then having thousands of static placed mobs. Not really a complete idea, maybe it will help with your design though and give ideas on how to accomplish more of a dynamic feel.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Combat of Fantasy
« on: Mar 09, 12, 01:24:43 PM »
Good luck on your project, and don't let age be a limiter of your goals. :)

Back in the early days of hobbyist game developers i've seen a lot of good work in unheard of engines like BYOND.
A lot of these people who were 12-13 are now doing amazing things(were doing great stuff too though) and shows what you can do if you keep pushing forward. :)

With this conquest, is it a guild/clan/alliance kinda thing? If multiple people perhaps having the ability to hire out mercenaries with independent affiliation to aid the fights? Would add an aspect for those who don't want to be part of a group || casual players. I see to many games that force you down certain paths. Some games despite being a sandbox have a really linear feel to them.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic
« on: Mar 09, 12, 01:16:59 PM »
I have to agree with Stadi. I cancelled my subscription after experiencing the end game. Was a fun levelling game but in the end it's another WoW, Rift, GW or what have you which was fun back in 04. ;)

I do have a related question though, PLEASE tell me the loading screen issues are their problem and not HE's ;) lol sorry joking there.

Developer Job Board / Re: Need help to finish your game?
« on: Mar 08, 12, 02:47:55 PM »
To be honest, I think people would take the thread a little more seriously if you were to invest yourself in the engine and forums a little bit. You have 2 posts 3 months apart offering services that require payment. If you were to come in and help someone having no experience of the engine you can offer no insight on issues developers or artists alike may come across.

IMHO Failing to be able to understand some of these things would make it easier for you as well as better for any staff under you. Deadlines would also be easier to define in a realistic means as you have an understanding of what needs to go into a project of said scope.

Your skills are not in question, but as with different industries as is true with different rendering engines - You can't just cross over to something else and not have to learn something and expect to be in the same position/pay-grade. The lack of posts would suggest you don't frequent here often which (again just imo) would imply to me you don't know the engine well enough to be setting deadlines for teams of developers/artists.

I'm sorry I have a bad habit of being cynical, I don't mean to seem condescending or posting this in a berating manner, more so something you could improve on and perhaps getting you a better chance of making an income here. Personally I wouldn't pay some stranger money with 2 posts on a forum. Especially when one needs to do is learn better personal management skills to achieve the same result. Something like this, requires staff to be invested.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: iPisoft Motion Capture
« on: Mar 08, 12, 12:53:34 PM »
Use can use free stuff with motionbuilder and your kinect as well. No need paying them or truebones for software. Easy enough to use and plenty of youtube vids showing how to use it. I'll have a look through my refuse bin i call a computer and see if i cant find it again. Haven't used it in a while.

Edit: Brekel Kinect is what it is called.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Art importing/use issues
« on: Mar 05, 12, 10:12:32 PM »
Nothing that i would assume would cause this, although i could be wrong. I'm going to re-texture it and see if it makes any difference. Doesn't seem to happen till i put the animation in. if I leave it with nothing in one spot there are no issues.

Code: [Select]
20:43:08: HeStartup Call...
20:43:08: SYSTEM:System:Windows version: 6
20:43:08: SYSTEM:System:DEVICE: Using 24-Bit Depth Buffer.
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Game Scale set to: 10.00
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Initializing HeroBlade DLL
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:SelectionManager::Startup()
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:GUIControl::SetupScreen()
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:AudioManager()
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Audio plugin [FMOD] initialized successfully
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Physics Setup
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:DebugVisualizer Setup
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Shadow Setup
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Device DOES support D24S8 shadow mapping.
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Device: DOES support shadow volumes.
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Device: DOES support static shadow volumes.
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Device: DOES support rigid GPU shadow volumes.
20:43:09: SYSTEM:System:Device: DOES support deformable GPU shadow volumes.
20:43:09: System:HeroEngine Client DLL told version is:
20:43:12: SYSTEM:System:BaseApplication::initialize Service_Directory_Client 1331005390563 8
20:43:13: SYSTEM:System:BaseApplication::initialize Service_Directory_Client 1331005392133 8
20:43:16: SYSTEM:System:LR:setDefaultCacheSize
20:43:16: SYSTEM:System:LR:setDefaultCacheSize done
20:43:16: DreamManager connected
20:43:27: System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /heroenginekeybindings.ini
20:43:27: System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /gamekeybindings.ini
20:43:43: SYSTEM:System:  Activating Segment: demoland
20:43:43: SYSTEM:System:Reset the synchronized clock.
20:43:43: SYSTEM:System:ActivateAreaSpec 3758002374 assigning ID 1 instance 1
20:43:43: System:SetSkyDomeAsset 0 into Auto in Character Selection
20:43:43: SYSTEM:System:Just received an area.dat file '\world\livecontent\systemgenerated\3758002374\AREA.DAT'
20:43:43: SYSTEM:System:Character Selection (3758002374) activate
20:43:45: System:SCRIPT[_characterSelectionClassMethods]:Got updated names...
20:43:49: SYSTEM:System:SUA purging active area
20:43:49: SYSTEM:System:Character Selection (3758002374) PURGE
20:43:49: SYSTEM:System:Purging EnviroSchemes
20:43:49: SYSTEM:System:Released area 1
20:43:50: SYSTEM:System:LR:setDefaultCacheSize
20:43:50: SYSTEM:System:LR:setDefaultCacheSize done
20:43:51: SYSTEM:System:Reset the synchronized clock.
20:43:51: SYSTEM:System:ActivateAreaSpec 9223372055609790087 assigning ID 9223372055609790087 instance 1
20:43:51: System:SetSkyDomeAsset 0 into Auto in Fantasy Lowlands
20:43:51: SYSTEM:System:Just received an area.dat file '\world\areas\9223372055609790087\AREA.DAT'
20:43:53: SYSTEM:System:Fantasy Lowlands (9223372055609790087) activate
20:43:54: SYSTEM:System:Server command: create room [testareadrive]
20:43:56: System:SCRIPT[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:xp: 0
20:43:56: System:SCRIPT[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:last: 0
20:44:26: System:SCRIPT[E_ACCControllerClassMethods]:E_ACCControllerClassMethods line 984 (_onPostAnimUpdate) has determined I should be falling
20:44:28: !ERROR!System:Input [BasePosture] does not have enum handle [Alive]!
20:44:28: !ERROR!System:BehaviorBase: Attempt to set input [BasePosture] to [Alive] failed, enum not valid for this input (node=9223372055899009509).

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Art importing/use issues
« on: Mar 05, 12, 09:24:51 PM »
I managed to get the AAS figured out, thanks for the input guys.

As far as disappearing meshes it seems odd that there can/will be no animations trying to play as the character is idle... I can get it viewable and keep it at that camera orientation for hours and have no change, but the moment i change the camera angle it vanishes till i find a new on. I'm not a HE expert ofc but that just seems odd.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Art importing/use issues
« on: Mar 05, 12, 11:19:20 AM »
Hey Cooper, saving me again. I hope i don't make this a habit. ;)

Thank you for the animation answer. That being said I'm having a hard time describing my visual error.. dependant on the angle the model will disappear entirely or hmmm... semi translucent with a flashing/jittery look to it. almost as if it is not fully there but fading in and out on the planes of existence. Sorry about the horrible explanation... Flashing in and of of being fully viewable or partially there. No texture issues or checkerboard textures indicating repository/asset issues.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Art importing/use issues
« on: Mar 05, 12, 09:55:40 AM »
I was giving the 2 artists on the team a hand importing in a couple models to check for scale etc. We were using static assets to start out lightly before moving on to more complex types like dynamic.(for our concept we could get away with just static)

Anyways, the model imports fine. The issue that seems to happen is the model starts flashing intermittently in certain positions, in other positions it disappears completely. In the clean test area it seems fine as long as you stay around the beginning area tents. I loaded a fresh area with a flat terrain to make sure it wasn't something like shadows. It happens worse in the new area. Has anyone encountered this or know what's causing it?

EDIT: I suppose I should mention with the flashing it becomes transparent in parts (tried taking a screenshot but those reflexes aren't in their 12 year old state). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to where it flashes and what parts flash viewable and non.

Another thing, not really related to the first question, but better than another thread I suppose... Is there a way to stop animations in the aas or on key release? Atm i just have a static character with one animation, it starts game going forward and continues till I hit the backwards direction. Should say using mostly default systems. It should only be moving a short distance based on the animation.

Thanks for any insight :)

What about pop tarts in the ram slots?

If you have your pop tarts configured correctly, it shouldn't be a problem.

omg lol. you made my day with that comment. :)

Thanks alot HE-Cooper!... I feel somewhat stupid yet enlightened and now understand the relation a little more. Thank you for setting me straight. :)

AH, you caught the monkeytok heh. It was from a previous test and the folder where the issue is caused should be removed. So if there is an animation error it will stop character movement? Will be easy enough to fix if so, i was under the impression that animation had no effect on the actual movement though.

Thanks for a prompt reply as well HE-Cooper, good to be back on the engine. :)

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