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I recently implemented new characters. Currently when I create a new character to get the new style of the avatar I cannot move.  I have the ability to turn the avatar, not forward or reverse movement. I worked out all the errors and a stack I had after initial implementation.

All i get for any form of output atm is
Code: [Select]
System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /heroenginekeybindings.ini
System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /gamekeybindings.ini
System:SCRIPT[_characterSelectionClassMethods]:Got updated names...
System:SCRIPT[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:xp: 0
System:SCRIPT[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:last: 0

There are no more ScriptErrors either.

Im not sure what other information may be required and apologize if i missed a post on how to format posts of these nature, any help/insight would be appreciated.

Has anyone encountered this and have an idea of where to look?

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