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Shortly after getting involved involved with HeroEngine, my friends encouraged me to push forward on an idea I've had for years regarding a collaborative game studio. I put my other projects on hold and we formed a small team to put together an indiegogo campaign.

We've spent four months polishing our pitch and attracting attention, and I'm happy to announce that I pushed the 'go live' button this morning.

I'd appreciate the community's feedback on the idea. Please have a look when you have a chance.

Grimcat Studio Indiegogo Campaign

Perhaps this is my java/C# brain trying to force an incorrect paradigm onto HSL, but I've become a bit obsessed this evening trying to figure out how the clean engine implementation knows that a player character is an E_playerCharacter.

I know that the character classes are related through inheritance, but I assumed that at some point in the character creation and selection system, the player character was instantiated as a noderef of class E_playerCharater, and I'm just not finding it when searching the code. Perhaps my eyes have sped past the line of code a dozen times tonight without me seeing it, or just as likely, maybe I'm not understanding a core concept.

I very much enjoy exploring on my own, so a gentle push down the right flight of stairs is all I ask.

- Sage

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