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General Discussion / [Resolved] Visual Scripting?
« on: Nov 17, 12, 09:41:48 AM »
Hi, I was just wondering if the HE Developers were ever thinking about working on a Visual scripting system like Kismet (Udk) or Flow Graph(CryEngine) in the future ..?


Make sure that you give each texture a unique name while inside 3dxMax. If you leave it's name as "default-texture" while inside 3dsMax, then HeroEngine won't render it.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Lynda
« on: Nov 06, 11, 08:01:29 PM »
Good question BigDog (GS)!
And He-Raven --thats sounds good to go.

In my adventures with HSL, I have found that much has already been included in Clean Engine.
This was contrary to my initial belief of having to write scripts from the ground up.

You can look under your Organizer panel > ServeScripts/Prototypes, and Client Scripts/Prototypes.

This is a great Start for HSL analyzation.

Also, be cognizant of CTRL-H (to bring up your Script Editor) Then, while in the Script editor use CTRL- SHIFt- C  to query all client side listings.

Or, while in the script editor, CNTRL-SHIFT- S for sever side listings.

Also, you can move your mouse cursor over any game asset/node, and press SHIFT T for a general query of node ids and attached scripts.

Finally, you can also place your mouse cursor over any GUI element and press SHIFT- CNRL- T (i think) to bring up the GUI Analysis window, which queries all editable properties of that GUI element/node.


Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Good Music for Games
« on: Nov 04, 11, 09:52:46 AM »
Thats classic stuff there NightShadow. A little too classic and kiddy for the Game though. I want to reach out to an older audience with Omnisystem. So I think elevator music may fit the bill. Yall have any more cool pieces to share?

Game Dev and Gaming / Good Music for Games
« on: Nov 03, 11, 09:28:55 PM »
What do you guys think of this piece for a game?  (please listen to the whole thing for G's sake!)


Feel free to post your musical inspirations hear, as we could all inspire from them.
Let me know.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: OmniSystem Year 93
« on: Nov 03, 11, 08:55:43 PM »
yeah we are working on those transition textures and such +  all the finer details to make a world filled with goodness-in-gaming. In the end.. Its going to be wonderful!

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: 2-sided texture
« on: Oct 24, 11, 07:24:41 PM »
I needed this tip as well thank you very much for it. Is it in max 2009 as well? :D
Ah ..I see it!

Yeeeeeas I agree with He-Cooper.

Just yesterday, a very fine example was solved concerning this very topic, and it can be read through here.


I think we did a good job explaing things, so feel free to check it out!

Scripting & Programming / Re: CLI commands not working properly
« on: Oct 16, 11, 11:33:18 AM »
Okay, ;) that makes sense .
Thank you.

Hey there. I was using the CLI commands to delete certain nodes within my game. The nodes were those of the default GUI the comes with CleanGame. Well, of course when using the standard /DN <id> command deleted the nodes , they always came back after moving to another area.
This was expected , I mean with  /DN <id>(the foward slash prefix) is only a temporary client side interpreter. However, when I tryed to use either the | (pie prefix ) and or the \( backslash prefix) I kept getting an error stating that the nodes were not found. That being the case, I couldn't make the permanet changes to my GUI that I had intended.   :(

Also when even temporarily deleting the nodes from the default Clean Game GUI, I noticed that certain parents and children were un-identifiable and therefore impossible to remove. I used CNTRL-T which allows the developer to identify every node in real time,but for some odd reason, a few of the children on the default clean game GUI don't show up with an ID, and therefore seem unable to be removed.
Does anyone else have this issue? If so , How did yah fix it?

Scripting & Programming / Re: Command Calls
« on: Oct 15, 11, 11:47:23 AM »
Thank you, I will experiment with it- and it looks promising.

Is it possible to call Chat commands and or Consol commands directly from inside of a script?
For example ,if I have a trigger glomed with a script that called a Chat or consol command such as /HEGO or /DN. - Is is possible to call them from within a script? iI so How so.

The EULA appears to be what  Idea Fabrik had been explaining to everyone this whole time, ever since HeroCloud was offered from the beginning.
I don't see any significant changes from what was said to what is now on paper.
Of course you are required to put in in very complex legal script as thats the general rule these days. :D

(Like the Wiki)A good way to calm most people down or at least make them feel better is to take each paragraph and explain it in lamens terms so that everyone here will have a better understanding without a panic attack. (not that you have any time to do that ::) ) and I see you've already begun to do a few explainations, and thats all good and well.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Deleting Nodes
« on: Oct 10, 11, 07:21:13 AM »
Great news ,but merely recommending println() is pretty vague.. Print what the node Id?
So println (NodeId)?
Plus every time i try to use println on any thing I just come up with a script error that says cant use external funtions?

What seems to work is to say " /qn _GUIbutton " which brings up a list of all of my current buttons is the order that they were created, then the node id is identifed in the console and then  I just type that node id into the command line.

thus /qn _GUIButton  (quiry node of all gui buttons in the scene) brings up 10000345.
I then type /DN 10000345 (delete node)  thereby deleting the node.

 /Thanks <ScottZ>

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Deleting Nodes
« on: Oct 09, 11, 04:29:55 PM »
Given That the CLI command "/DN <node id> " is how we delete nodes via the console - my question is where do I get the Node id from On a GUI object?  I can't seem to find the Node id on my GUI Objects so when I am editing thier positions I get a glob of GUI objects.

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