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Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Lynda
« on: Nov 06, 11, 01:36:00 PM »
Good idea m8.


Sorry for asking, but I got few questions to me make sure I understand everything allright, with all this posts. I want to make it short and simple. I make a game with HeroCloud, (1)who is free? (2)We don't need to pay any extra costs? (3)And if game comes out HeroEngine takes 30% of revenues? (4)What happens if game never comes out (does we need to pay anything)? (5) Do we need to pay any costs to HeroEngine on beginning, or they just give us access to HeroCloud and storage place? (6) If game comes out, and its published on HeroCloud servers, do we need to pay any costs or that is in that 30%? (7) What period HeroEngine to make a game?

P.S.I am asking all this because English is not my main language.

Thank You and Kind regards

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